Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How Long Can a Headless Chicken Live ?

I bet you don’t know how long a chicken can live without its head, I `ll tell you later , but first I want to have a chat about the Liberal Majority Council of Islington. These two strands are combined by the fact of James Kempton our newish leader.

Let me give you some background .Islington had been solidly Labour for thirty years .It was poor area and the ruling labour Party did all they possibly could to keep it that way,making it what it is today,the benefits basket case borough of London.It is,now, also gentrified,in spots,and there you will find Left wing Polticos plotting to send their children to private school,or, in Emily Thornberry`s case,Grammar. There is still a natural Labour majority though ,bought and paid for by the tax payer and it took a woman of Margaret Hodge`s supreme stupidity to go too far.We had a Red Flag over the Town Hall and a bust of Lenin in the atrium.

Inefficiency and graft were up to the usual standard and finally Islington had had enough. It 1992 The Liberal Party swept away years and years of socialism and Islington became their proudest London possession under the impressive,I admit, Steve Hitchens. Largely as a result of the arrogant treatment of the Borough over car related stealth taxes (cpz`s) and fake Consultations ,it all went wrong for them at the last locals . Hitchens was personally cast out and the Liberal majority , is now,one

This is all old news and yet it is highly relevant to James Kempton’s , “I Claudius “, assumption of power. He was giving the Islington Association a little chat about eerrrm... him , his hopes, his dreams and all that banana oil .The Islington Association is so old that some of the members like Edward Heath, but I thought I `d pop along …..
So what did James have to say? Nothing much. He told us how he’d never had a proper job , at 38 he had just qualified as teacher with lifetime of bureaucratic form filling behind him. He went on about how he loved children.. And then we got down to the serious business
He sat there ,giggled girlishly, and said things like “Listening “ and ” Sharing in the real dilemmas”, .He worried about poverty …ahh diddums and he believed in education which gave him his chance..yawn.. He was proud of the education record ( its appalling but better than under Labour). He is keen on Key worker hand out houses, ,..lets see now… “Community “ …”Moving forward together” …blah blah blah..Oh yes this about sums it up for me

“ I do not on the one hand want a five year plan like a Communist State on the other hand I don’t want to go back to the eighties and Laissez Faire.”

To decode, he sees himself as midway between Stalin and Margaret Thatcher. Two points. Firstly Margaret Thatcher was popular PM in the word oldest democracy and Stalin was an opportunist Gangster who slaughtered 20,000, I don’t quite accept the implied equivalency. Secondly , it means nothing . Fib Dums all over .

He was most unimpressive ,and he is frightened. He is in situ only because in 1992 the Libs had to take any idiot around and then when they lost half the wards, he was the only one left standing. The good news , in a sense ,is that Labour are likely to take back power here soon ,and they do have a much better leader. I `ll be honest, their Councillors are also much better. Will Islington ever trust the Reds again , I think so and I think it may even be an improvement. At least ,an hour in this fool’s company told me one thing. There is no point here in voting anti Labour ie Liberal , we are better off building our Party and harassing them both from the treeline as ever.

On every substantive subject ( Ashton school, Archway ), he was “consulting “and “listening” and on the Social housing ,a fake negotiation between him and Ken Livingstone continues . I think we will end up with about 13000 over ten years which will be a disaster. It depends if Ken gets the powers he needs but I `m pretty sure he will.

requiescat in pace Islignton

So we are lead by the Prat in the Hat and he is scared witless of his own inadequacy. Great! lets get back to the Chicken

PS Mikes site

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The Chicken,
On the 10th of September 1945 in Fruita Colorado a young cockerel had his head chopped off and survived. Mike as he was known become a national celebrity as “Mike the Headless Chicken” Fed with an eye dropper he lived for two years until his tragic death in an eye dropper choking accident. In Fruita, they celebrate his passing with “Mike the headless chicken day”, every May

I don`t give the Liberals that Long and Mike was quite real


istanbultory said...

It’s always good to see Margaret Hodge being covered with a bit of bile and indignation. Hodge is one of the most viscious specimens of Nulabour’s sisterhood, a former rock-solid Tony loyalist who dumped her mentor when she saw which way the wind was blowing, i.e, gordo’s way. She is the ultimate opportunist. In October 1992 when the Evening Standard published a series of (accurate) reports alledging child sexual abuse at a string of Islington Council “care homes”, Hodge accused the Standard of "gutter journalism".
Less than 3 weeks later, she quit as council leader to take a post with consultants PriceWaterhouse. And from there to Parliament and in 2003 Hodge was actually appointed children's minister by His Tonyness. In fact, she is a minister to this day. It’s often been speculated that Hodge has “something” on Blair from the ‘80s. I tend to think that's probably right given Madge's serial screw-ups as a minister. Blair has continually promoted her since 1998. But for her years in Islington she would be in the Cabinet by now.
N, forgive the digression but that woman drives me to rage and fury more than any other Labour fuckhead....

Newmania said...

Well well IT , I didn`t think that anyone could tell me anyhting bad about La Hodge that I didn`t know . She also sued the local apare on one occassion which is the most harmless and honest paper you will ever see. Tey have been a ifferent , careful,animal ever since .I am well well aware of the dating agency for Paedophiles she ran and if Isay that was ot the worst thing her Coucil did that ,my give you some idea.

As I got the train to worl today I as thinkng exactly the same thing. How the hell is she still in politics

The early life story I thought I knew about Hodge was Greenham and super credible left wing credentials...are you sure about that ?

Istanbul Tory said...

No idea whether she really has “something” on Blair or not but Hodge is one of the early players in the Tony-Cherie political network. They all go way back. She must know where a few of Tony’s skeletons lie. think about it: when Tony was a convinced lefty in London Labour politics in the early '80s, who knows what the lunatic might have been advocating or putting forward...but I bet Madge has an idea or two.
See: Melanie Phillips

G Eagle Esq said...

Herr NeuMenschia

Gruss Gott

When I lived in Islington in the mid-1970's, I seem to recall that there was an [?] Islington Primary School [?Tyndal Primary School]

It was run by progressive socialists - it was so good at preventing its Children from learning how to read & count THAT even docile long-suffering Working Class parents had moved half the Children from the School AND the School was eventually closed after an Enquiry lasting months costing £600,000 +++ in legal costs

Meanwhile, die RegenCoaster is asking which Planets we want to rule

My preference would be Malacandra - Thulcandra has too many Silly Trendy Lefties for my Taste

but perhaps you should run an alternative Quiz :

What Planet do you think Cruella de Blair & her Husband should go to, when he (eventually) goes into retirement

Presumably, he would want to take Mrs Hodge & Mrs Dromey with him ... and (?) Hazel the Hamster - would a Non-Extraditon Planet be a bonus

Your obedient servant etc
und Tot Siens


PS Refresh my memery - what is Mr Hodge's line of business ???

Croydonian said...

The current spouse of La Hodge is a judge, her father was a millionaire steel trader.

Newmania said...

Yes I knew she was wealthy C but I did not know she was ever a Conservative. IT is right , there are some , not bad people locally in the Lab ranks actually but she was absolutely one of the worst

Newmania said...

hallo G eagle , you lived in Islignton did you well well . I have read those books , CS Lewis they are a great read aren`t they.

I think the planet Pain a little known sphere of torture that lurks in the asteroid belt would be appropos.

Mr. Eagle I don`t wish to be personal but given your highly distinctive way of expressing yourself did you by any chance participate in the throbbing drugs culrure of 1970s Islington ?

I merely enquire ?

No offence , I understand you perfectly

G Eagle Esq said...

NM "... did you by any chance participate in the throbbing drugs cul[T]ure of 1970s Islington ?"

Dear Herr MeuMenschia

No - it's the product of a Grammar School education in the days, before Shirley Williams (Heroine of the Grunwick Picket Line) took the earliest opportunity to destroy our finest state schools

No offence taken - I enjoy your Blog & Comments

I flatter myself that you & I agree on so many things and I apprehend you & I have a similar aspiration for Our Dear Leader, but perhaps with some difference

We both look forward to when this Man & his Young Lady can no longer do harm to the Beloved Country

My preference would be to send them to Narnia to meet the Great Lion - they are not the only Thulcandrans who need Aslan to sort them out

If they can find the Magic Wardrobe, perhaps it would be fun for us to join them

Your obedient servant etc

and Kind Regards


Philipa said...

Does Cherie carry an eye dropper?

Croydonian said...

I suppose we could have fun referring to Enver Hodge as a class traitor...

David Allen said...

re. Hodge's background: I believe she is actually an Oppenheim(er) and therefore very grand indeed. My favourite story about her is when she had a ward function at her home in Islington. Unfortunately, one of the proles who made it thru the door that night (presumably for the first and last time) sat doen rather heavily on a genuine Chippendale chair and reduced it to matchwood! My heart bleeds!
Newmania, you hint that you have the same problem there in Islington as we do in Haringey: ordinary Tory voters voting for the yellow bellies 'to keep Labour out' _ even when the FibDums are likely to be even worse. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get that message across _ people just think you are being nasty/ desperate and don't believe you! At least you have the advantage that people have seen them in power in Islington, but ther eis still the perception that they are the nice, compromise choice halfway between us and Labour.

newmania said...

We do have exactly that problem David and i love the story ..a gem

Unfortunately, one of the proles who made it thru the door that night (presumably for the first and last time) sat doen rather heavily on a genuine Chippendale chair and reduced it to matchwood! My heart bleeds!

That deserves wider coverage

magnificent young Allen

JT said...

Newmania, some tips for your Mayoral candidacy speech...

Ellee said...

Newmania, I think it's time you uprooted and moved to a more civilised neighbourhood.

istanbultory said...

David allen- that is a great story. N, does Hoxha stilll live in Richmond Crescent? I suspect she hasn't upped sticks to her constituency of Barking. No slumming it for Madge.

G Eagle Esq said...


I hope you will forgive my intruding on the Private Griefs of you Conservatives

Please explain Why Senor Hodge is called Enver ?

Your obedient servant etc


Croydonian said...

As in Enver Hoxha....Hodge and Hodge being pronounced in much the same way

Our day will come, including on /that/ side of the river.

G Eagle Esq said...

Dear Croydonian

Soon, we hope, soon

YOurs ever


Suz said...

You make me laugh. The bit about James Kempton is actually very acurate.

Suz said...

You make me laugh. The bit about James Kempton is actually very acurate.

David Allen said...

The Hodge Chippendale story was a diary piece in (I forget which) paper some 15 or 20 years ago. But it deserves exhumation every so often as she attracts a new generation of anti-fans.
Newmania calls me "young"! Given that I am only c.18 months younger than he is, I am surprised and flattered! (my thanks go to Miss Belle Colour and Miss Nivea Q10)

Newmania said...

You will find that 18 months vital when they are gone David.You are rather youthful looking though ( considering your dissolute and feckless lifestyle )

What does the picture in the attic look like ?

Newmania said...

Hallo Suz well since your falling out with the Libs I have rather come round to you. I never did get the end of the story ...?

G Eagle Esq said...

The Young NeuMenschia & the even Younger David A


You are Young - I think it was Einstein who muttered darkly under his breath that all motion (& age) is relative

As to my age, I am as old as my little finger and several years older than my teeth

Your obedient servant etc


Newmania said...

Looks like david is the gamine boy hereabouts , he will be so pleased

Anonymous said...

Theres so much disgusting stuff here - the ghastly Emily Thornberry embodies it all.

Duncan Connors said...

Well I guess the above illustrates that obsessive is as obsessive does, as I'm sure Forrest Gump would have said.

This is my take on the situation, I very much doubt you would agree with it, but then I don't share an obsession with speculating about James Kempton's private, public or any other position, apologies.



Newmania said...

Duncan go away and take your unseemly begging bowl with you. I can only imagine you have no idea what bumptious little prick you sound like and I suggest you learn quickly. Here is another clue . You are not funny and you elephantine attempt at an epigram will impress only the terminally cretinous. You need to improve your woefully inane writing ,true, but not here .Research something , make a sandwich , do some fucking thing;somewhere else!

capiche ?

I doubt it

Duncan Connors said...


You disappoint me more and more, a shame really.

Great use of an expansive vocabulary, by the way, I'm really very impressed!

Being see you,


newmania said...

Tragic isn`t it...

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