Sunday, December 10, 2006

I like David Cameron

-and on the family he is getting it right:

As the subject of the Nulab assault on the family has cropped up I have diligently attempted to make a gestalt of the seething swarm of grievances that madden me between dusk and darkness. Somewhat unusually I find it difficult. It has been the soufflé that will not rise and I feel more that usually clumsy male and brutish . I do hope such qualities are still attractive.The reason a delicate trout tickling finger is required is that there are competing claims all of which one feels are self evidently super . The rights of women , the prevention of dire poverty the maintenance of the family and the protection of children. We tick all those boxes do we not , so where is the problem ?

Firstly the position of women in marriage . The operation of the divorce courts currently treats the man as under a duty amounting to strict Liability. Whatever the circumstances , be she the scarlet whore of Babylon , the man must lose . He must lose because the children are the state first responsibility. It cannot be doubted that if the explicitly political appointment of judges operated in the UK we would not be stuck with this and other Liberal anachronisms. Nu Lab as we know leaves the legal profession alone.(Tony Blair will I trust be needing the help of an excellent lawyer very soon.) . Part of the effect of this has been to increase to divorce rate but clearly this will be increasingly at the behest of women. The family there fore has be come lop sided . In any dispute the state stands as an alternative provider . In particular a provider of housing . The man is excess baggage . We can see how some of our good motives have lead to evil ends but where is the balance ?

The operation nationally of subsidised housing is well known ,of course ,to have driven a coach and horse through the web of familial connections that the working classes relied upon . It has been one of the most malign errors of political correctness that we have been denied respectability when telling the truth . Women do get pregnant in order to acquire points . Couples are prevented from acknowledging their connection by marginal tax benefits bribery The absent father has been a disaster for young white men in particular. Incidentally the poor white "underclass" perform very much worse than their immigrant opposite numbers . Briefly this is because immigrant s are often temporarily poor middleclass aspirants obliged to start at the bottom . This is not the same as being beaten into losing all self respect as the urban non-working class have been . The destruction of the family in this context has had dire consequences .Sure start has not even connected with it and its failure tells you much about the incomprehension NuLab has for real life.

Only 17 % of white working class boys gain 5 or more A to C grades at GCSE. This means they are unable to spell their own name in the degraded currency left from grade inflation. Britain has the worst level of family breakdown in Europe and around 1 in 3 British children will experience divorce or separation by the age of sixteen. Two out of five children are born to unmarried parents Make no mistake this is not a soft subject for daytime TV , this is a disease that grips the patient by the throat. It is like a sickness that attacks all the organs simultaneously . Education ,social behaviour ,drugs and crime . At the centre of it all is the family. The keystone removed the Arch must crumble and under the rubble children of ten and eleven are routinely involved in drugs crime . The single largest driving force behind this is the maintenance of a housing policy suitable for the austere need of the fifties into the new millennium. ,....and yet do we want mother and child on the street ? Where is the balance?

Perhaps the problem of the absent and derided father has been given enough air . What about the despised mother. Don your flak jackets and accompany me if you will to the Mummy war zone. Nearly half of all women in a sample of 2134 felt they were under an equal obligation to provide for the family as the man .Many of these despise the, "Housewife". On the other side significant percentage of non working mothers report their contempt for the selfishness of the worker mum and, feel that it is they who are failing in the most important role .How the Nu Labs lie . They claim , rightly , that time spent with mother and child together has increased since the sixties . When you factor in the "accessible time" measurement though the situation is very much worse .Accessible time is that time not spent cooking cleaning and working at home.What do we want then ? Get those uppity fillies back in the kitchen, and back into character? Should we have a law requiring women to be able to.." stuff a goose with one hand while whipping up a tarte fine aux pommes with the other, at the same time as having great sex with their adoring husbands". Many men will be scratching their heads in search of an objection , but lets be serious . Not in this life my friends.I need hardly add that the male has become a miserable primate picking his ears in solitary confusion. He is miserable .

A strange pottage , in all, of good , if bossy , intentions , we can all see something is going badly wrong but but to introduce sudden doctrinaire changes would only fall as foul of the law of unintended consequences as the Blair disaster. Now here comes the sting the tail ..wait for it ...any minute now . David Cameron is getting right!What , that callow matinee fraud ,...has newmania lost his solitary marble... ?Against considerable evidence to the contrary I would argue no. David cameron is listening to women . He has signalled this by fast tracking the Priti Patels and Joanne Cash`s into the loathed A list , he has spent much capital on the project . His language does not , like president Bushes`, include reference to Blair's "cojones" he does not require a "Clunking fist" You have to read he runes a little but then women are especially good at that. They have responded by backing over the Socialist Scot by 42% to 30%He is listening to suggestions that women require flexible working hours . His indifference to Big Business is a sign that their need will not come first. Most importantly he has suggested a scheme to convert Council rents into mortgages. He does not have to say how he values the countries institutions , remember he has come into the centre from the right ! Why do you think he and Boris get on so well !

Above all he has winked as much as he possible can at the party on taxes. He cannot be clearer . He wishes to simplify . As everyone knows that means reduce by the only electorally possible means . By this method he will help the poverty trap .The credit system ...let us not speak of it ! He is tied into distancing us from Europe , an essential prerequisite to doing anything at all .It all forms a picture Take the disaster of literacy he does not demand we return to the 194os as some Tories secretly wish he would . He persuaded the Education secretary to reintroduce synthetic phonics. He is interested in practical solutions

We are in early days and there is no pointing giving Nu Lab clothes to steal or policies to cost This is not a subject for big ideas and sweeping changes it is a subject for feeling our way to a new definition for the family . My reading is that David Cameron is doing just that . Some of us so hate the Labour Party that we cannot bare the reasonableness of his approach .I have begun to think we all need to grow up. David Cameron is a fine Leader , a caring man and a brave man. He is not an insider. The Party chose him because they needed him. David Davies agrees , so does Boris .The women of the country sense he has something and are saying so . What then of the men ?

Well , when the women are happy , rest assured , life becomes sweet indeed for those of us with real "cojones"


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Anonymous said...

Maybe you are on to something here. I agree with the reports conclusions.

Although I notice the complete disaster of drug addiction is noted but the remedy is ore of the same re tougher policy. This shows a paucity of ideas for real reform.

However, as much as Cameron appreals to women, which he undoubtedly does, he puts me off. Agreeing with Toynbee is a last straw. I may well vote UKIP and I live in a Tory marginal.

Why ape the left; they are just wrong. Why seek their approval when their bile shows them up for the monsters that they are?

newmania said...

The hints that taxes are going to be lowered are getting stronger all the time . I am desperate thatv true Conservatives do nmot defect . How cancameron take usinto blue water if we do not support him critically. I can`t say I don`t know what you mean but my nack position is he is better than Brown and you know it

Philipa said...

cityunslicker - he doesn't appeal to me yet.

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