Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sweet and Sour

Marriage is under attack notably from its old enemy the Church of England. They have just backed proposals to give un- married couple the same rights a Married couples. I like being married. I like it so much I’ve done it twice already. If don’t get my head out of the computer a third may be closer than I would like .
Anne Atkins fairly points out that Church marriage is a very inessential parvenu to the Christian faith, but nonetheless I `m going t use good old fashioned Tory argument here. It works.
Co-habiting couple are five times more likely to split up than married ones and once they become parents six and a half times more likely to than their married equivalents. So if it works, especially for children .Why exactly do we have to undermine it an every turn? Is it because it’s logical?
How are we know what’s logical? Do we really think we know everything there is to know about a problem?
It might be logical to take the shortcut over the field and not bother with the meandering but well-trodden path . Off the moderniser skips and is soon in the clutches of a hidden swamp . New does not equal better. I hope our party does not forget that, in its rush to be media friendly. Lets keep marriage, and support it when the homosexualist (Auburn Waugh’s word …how I miss him), Church of England; has not

Madonna has been told she will get no special treatment from the British Authorities. LIES. If that were the case she might as well give up now. Well done Mathew Parris on Sunday for pointing out the national scandals that are the adoption agencies. This appalling bureaucracy frustrates would be adopters for years with it petty rules of race, life style and other subjectively judged hurdles. The result is children in Foster homes where conditions are noticeably worse than prisons. Somebody needs to take them on .I have rather high hopes that Madonna might just be the one to do it. She’s a game bird.
No one cares though because it’s the Jews ,that’s right Ken Livingstone’s favourites The report of an all party parliamentary enquiry noted a sharp increase in attacks and deplored that fewer than one in ten anti semitic incidents are brought to court . Why is the left so forgiving to anti-Semitism? Could it that at one time there were six Jews in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet? We must offer the Jewish communities our support as we would to any law abiding embattled minority. They contribute so much and deserve to be accorded more respect in this country.


I can see the justice in this. It is less clear why we should be taxed by Ken Livingstone simply to get to work. We are in the count down to the extension out to the West of the congestion charge .King ken has been as underhand as ever. He is deliberately slowing his 4000 new traffic lights up to the date. This at least is what the Conservative Group in the London assembly claim and I can quite believe it,

Good old Daily Mail now why was it was Ken hated them? Oh yes because they supported the Nazis in the 30s.This absurdly a -historical point is a lie .It is entirely clear he hates them because they tell everyone what a fraud Ken Livingstone is. He is, after all, able to forgive the PLO who actually fought on Hitler’s side. They are also telling the truth on Speed cameras. First was the indisputable evidence they do not cut down accidents, then the warning of a massive extension using new super camera technology, finally the truth that it’s all about revenue… Tremendous Work


I have never seen X factor before and it was as awful as you would you expect from the dying main stream media .Look at the Gazette nowadays “ Wearing her undies turns me on “ and lots of shock that the prostitutes they advertise on their back page are moving either to or from Upper street . I hope the clients able to catch them. If they catch something else they are in luck; Archway STD Clinic is one of the few in London not performing dreadfully. (Stats out today).
Any way X factor: Afloat though one was on a high tide of tiresome drivel beneath it all was the luminous glow of real talent. Leona Lewis sung “I`ll be there” the old Jackson Five Number and took on Michael when he had the sweetest voice there has ever been. I remember Mariah Carey trying and failing on the same test. This girl is different, when she sang …” Don’t you know baby yeah yeah” she soared away and won my heart forever. … she really is special.
Houston we have a problem, she isn’t black. She is however “blacking up “to play Marianne Pearl in the new film about the beheaded journalist’s widow. Now you might think there were plenty of black actresses who could play the part. You would be dead right. None of them are “intimately acquainted “with Brad Pitt however, whose production company bank rolls the film. Some things never change do they?


“Don’t you want Gordon Browne to lead the Labour Party…... I do !” Oh yes I enjoyed that . People always say how talented Tony Blair is but not only is David Cameron making him look a fool but I remember William Hague did the same thing . I literally punched the air . Thank you and goodnight Mr. Blair , your time is over.


Philipa said...

"They have just backed proposals to give un- married couple the same rights a Married couples"

In what way?? details please, hearsay is not good enough!

Philipa said...

Report to my blog immediatly please (just pick a post) with details or I'll.... hmn what is 'cut your balls off' in Latin??

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