Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Labour is Killing off Tories (?)...and more

I suppose in a global sense it isn’t unusual to directly assault the health of your opponents but we haven’t seen much of it here since…was it 1745? Good old Labour has taken us back in time by removing our hospitals.
For ten years they have presided over a mis-management disaster in the NHS and now, in a desperate attempt to set their trust houses in order, accounting procedures applicable to trusts have been changed to force a reckoning. Closures are inevitable but some closures are more inevitable than others.
Let’s take a look at Sussex for example:
Hospitals under threat in Sussex:

Worthing (Con) -
Mid Sussex (Con) -
Chichester (Con) -
Eastbourne (Con) -
Hastings (Lab) -

So 4 hospitals in Conservative held seats under threat to the 1 in a Labour seat. Not surprisingly, the Brighton hospital (where there are 3 marginal Labour seats) is completely safe.(The only good thing is that the downgrading of Crawley hospital a couple of years ago will lose Laura Moffatt her seat at the next election)

As Labour have also made it difficult to apply for information under the freedom of information act by instituting a fee they are attacking the truth on all sides. If you are lucky enough to live they won’t tell you what is going on anyway. I cannot tell you all how very much I admire them.

Britain is clearly yearning for its opportunity to vote Brown -nose out of office but in the meantime people are voting with their feet. Such is the gleeful exodus from Nu-Lab desolation zones that inevitably Conservative areas fill up with people. This is why the boundary commission were due to award us about 40 seats. Somewhat calamitous for the enemy, this, as they were already relying on a highly questionable Scottish dispensation which in effect doubles their heartland’s votes. Not only that but taxes on average are sucked out of the South and pumped into the North and Celtic fringe via the Barnett formula in the case of Scotland. The boundary commission is crucial, and as with all important constitutional issues Labour are cheating. They have cooked up an absurd dispute concerning Ed Ball and his wife and this fiction will delay proceedings for very long time. They may even get past the next election. Surely there must be some Labour MP`s, looking at the lengths they have to go to hoodwink the electorate, asking themselves, what is the point of us then? Don’t ask me

Surely not, what state would dream of criminalizing most of the population. Well America did it. To Nu Lab it was the right idea they just weren’t sneaky enough. You have to do it stealthily (you know like the taxes), by the time the final jigsaw piece slots in you we almost like the picture. There is a proposal that Beer wine and spirits should carry government health warnings. That how it started with smoking and from a health point of view they may have a better case with booze. From health warnings, to a ban on advertising. From a ban on advertising, to a limited scheme say in Northern Ireland regulating drinking. From there to a ban in certain premises and so on until there is a ban in public streets and pubs. This has just happened to smokers in the West End. Eventually they will allow you to drink only in your own house under the supervision of three Social Workers who will cluck to each other and take your children away. You think I`m fantasising. That is exactly what anglers said when they watched the hunting ban from afar “But we are too many!” they thought Now they face an uncertain future of Government interference.
The fight to save our right to get hammered starts here and we will need to fight to keep this vital part of our lives. I wonder when we will hear the first mention of passive drinking.

Manacur Olsen has a good description of a Monarchy. A stationary bandit. Indeed the aristocracies of the West are often derived from nomadic Warrior elite who preyed on agrarian peoples before settling down. Their problem was that if they actually starved their prey to death they would cut of their own revenue .They lived in an increasingly symbiotic parasitical relationship with the country.
Thus our monarchy evolved into the democracy we know today. Unfortunately with the great expansion of the state of the 20th century we have pretty much gone back to where we started. Socialist derived ideas seemed to imply that the state actually created wealth .It does not. Next time Gordon Brown takes credit for the economic good fortune of the last ten years bear in mind he didn’t make, do, or sell a damn thing. We did it, the agonised parasite-state’s host. The state is now so large that it has become more like a faux country of its own .Parts of it compete with other parts to suck in resources and the notion of having to keep the poor wealth producer alive is forgotten . We are often wrong to ascribe innocent motives to the spread of control. The beast we fed until it ate the whole freezer is simply shouting. FEED ME. SEYMOUR FEED ME! Sometimes I could swear I hear a speed camera whisper just that.

YUM YUM, LIB-DUM SLEAZE (Is that a Chinese dish?)
Lib-Dum Sleaze, shame on you. I really shouldn’t laugh but I think this is about the best Liberal scandal since Jeremy Thorpe took the all time record by plotting to kill his gay lover. They accepted £2,400,000 from Scottish crook Michael Brown currently residing in a cosy cell. Oh please Mr. Electoral Commissioner, make them give the money back. You will notice by the way that this seriously dodgy scam is ignored by the BBC. The relatively minor Hamilton business was a six month soap opera so thanks Corporation for showing us whose side you are on. It is entirely possible that the Libs will have to come up with £30 each, but don’t celebrate too soon. As hardly any of them do anything economically productive we will have to bail them out as usual.

Behold the use of the regional body to confuse and frustrate the electorates wish for accountable government. As I have many times described the parlous state of Islington I shall not rehearse the story again . Suffice to say we are the capitals second most crowded local authority and if collapsing schools ,riots and social disintegration are anything to go by we need no more Social housing at all . James Kempton himself said Ken`s London plan turn our Borough into a 21st century Slum. Now we see this headline
“ Council Boss Claims Victory in Homes Battle with Mayor “
What is their great victory , what dragon have bold Sir Kempton ( and his partner Tim) slain . Instead of 1160 new homes per year we are getting 900 new homes per year. This apparently is crucial and will turn Islington into a paradise ( not a slum …?). Er could I have a word please ?

1 It was Newmania not Kempton who conducted a press campaign against Ken Livingstone and to which he replied . At the time James was promising a Council House bonanza in the Tribune and at the same time assuring the Gazette readership he was doing the reverse . I have the letters .
2This wonderful victory is only reducing a higher target that was floated back to what Ken had always wanted in the first place Isn’t it a good trick . Ken is happy, he gets his Houses ( and his votes) . Prescott is happy as his Town and Country Planning act cannot even be detected bearing down on us . James is happy because he looks a hero ;so everyone’s happy . Did I forget someone . Oh yes the people of Islington . We are not happy .We have been lumbered with the Socila problems we did not want in the first place We having had our democratic right to object removed . Ouch.

Why do silly old men try to update themselves with what they think is contemporary slang . According to Salman Rushdie veils “suck” . Is he trying to impress his pretty young purchase whats-her -name . We can hardly tell him to act his age or he will be obliged to offer her a warm Werthers Original to suck on instead of the…..current arrangement . David Blunkett is , of course the reigning champion of cringe and I heard him use the words “Street cred “and “take him out “ on Andrew Marr`s Sunday programme .He doesn’t even have a ridiculously young lady to impress any more .Did you notice? He has mentioned it just a bit .
By the was Salman Rushdie is a seriously overrated author and a coward by his own admission . He was one of the self regarding group of Liberals that talked about themselves as if they were in a Gulag during Margaret Thatcher’s glorious years of achievement . He has been on my little list ever since. Same with Harold Pinter . He ,at least, was a good writer . I may have to go and see the Caretaker which I noticed is being revived..

The opportunities to gloat just keep coming don’t them. The poor dears are stuck with a single issue Green Party woman who just won’t compromise. She has voted against a plan to force all new developments in the Borough to have 20’% renewable energy. We are not told why (by the gazette), but my guess is she will vote for nothing that isn’t a full, return to the days of the horse and cart. Faced with the reality of their posturing what do the Libs find? They don’t like it. Well done Councillor Katie Dawson. You are a silly obsessive pseudo religionist but you at least mean what you say.

Emily Thornberry is a woman who clearly eats more than your average African village before her morning coffee. She lives in mouth-watering Georgian Splendour in Barnsbury and sends her children to Grammar school. With her life of conspicuous consumption you might think she would shy away from lecturing the rest of us. Not a bit of it. She is on about taxing 4 x4 gas guzzlers at £1800, greening buses and tells us to get on our bikes. She has bought a Toyotas Prius .This says more about her than Newmania ever can.
Does it not occur to her that her lifestyle of privilege and spending is entirely at odds with her supposed anxiety for the environment? How does she imagine all the consumer delights she wears and uses are made?
She claims she uses bicycle to get around. All I can say is anyone who can stay that fat and exercise regularly should be in a circus not a Parliament. She is of course lying. If she cycled 10 feet the bike would collapse as would her cardio vascular system.

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