Monday, October 16, 2006


Gordon Browns one man campaign to resuscitate the Union is I assume motivated by a disinterested desire for the old dispensation to continue…do you think ?. He has made a heart rending plea for families not to be split asunder citing the 800,000 Scots living in England .That would be the same Scots whose opinion was not sought when the ridiculous devolution settlement was voted on .

Putin has called the killing of Anna Polit Kovskaya “Disgustingly cruel” . That everyone in the world knows who was responsible makes his bleeding heart considerably more disgusting

( Woman in Burka - Does my bomb look big in this) FATNESS
We are going to die of fatness , well that’s if the bird flue , the dangerous dogs the global warming don’t get us first. If anyone wants to kill me can I request you passive smoke me to death . Better hurry though their about to outlaw smoking out side pubs in the West end. Well you know how residents of Soho value their peace , why else would you move there?

Thankyou Caroline Oakes for sending me the GLA`s crime bulletin. Top of the list is the finding of the Statistics Commission that public confidence in Police figures will only be restored if they are removed from the Home Offices control . Or to put it another way . Stop Lying !!

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