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NHS Campaign . In practice it did the job.

Caroline hob nobs with an OBE.If he was also an Earl , would you call him an earlobe?( Hope to hear more from John Bowis a Conservative of great eminence)

Liberals at play (with your money , above right)

NHS Initiative
The Problems

A: Jonathan Thurgood is always worth listening to and he had problems with this campaign. He feels the NHS disaster has been brought about by the wrong health delivery system. He would support privatisation as an insurance scheme and felt it would be hypocritical to join the campaign when the Conservative Party is not offering a clear alternative .Well, we have to be a broad church and Jonathan’s rigorously intellectual approach must never be allowed to leave the party. The day we become the stupid party I will also have to leave (, and I `m quite stupid). I have a lot of sympathy for his views in general but I can’t quite agree with him on this. He does however have a wider point on the honesty of political discussion which is for another time and agree with. I did have my own criticisms which I have sent to the relevant people

B This campaignwould have benefitted from help with these problems:
1 Labour has not cut NHS spending
2 Conservatives are offering no clear solution
3 It is unclear that there is any agreement in the Conservative party itself
4 No sustained argument is offered and neither are any sources for obtaining back ground information
5 The iconography accuses Labour of cutting when in fact the (correct) accusation is mismangement and incompetence
The answers ( my own)
It isn’t our role now to set out our detailed policies. Devious Nu Lab would cost them at the taxpayers expense (by the treasury) spin them; and fling themn back at us. We are chiefly saying the Conservative Party loves the NHS and can be trusted with it. Labour’s management has been incompetent. We are developing ways to make it better and wish to draw attention to the fact it couldn’t be worse. The debate about privatisation flat mangement and patient empowerment is ongoing and rightly not resolved at this time. We can hardly be silent about problems until detailed policy is formulated. Above all we have to correct the entirely wrong impression that we are not commited to state service provision. How many people stopped simply to say they were eternally grateful to this loved British Institution? So am I!!!

In practice we had a good response especially from public sector workers within the NHS who have suffered Labour’s mal-administration first hand and the sort of discussion an activist might have did not turn up. I do still feel that the Association cannot be treated as sales people who learn their lines and smile. A thoroughly prepared argument and supporting information would have been a help to everyone’s confidence. It would not have been required on the street, so I was half right and half wrong …I think

JOHN BOWIS (MEP OBE) has promised me a piece on Europe and so has Jonathan Thurgood. Let battle commence.

In summary it was a highly intelligent campaign for us be to be involved in and sent a lot of good messages. I think the Association should be treated more as equal partners but then I would. I `m afraid you will hear this moan a fair bit .

WHERE IS ORIEL I saw her letter , but where is she ?

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