Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Picture of Mel (plus bits)

Women and gags , I `m going for the Loaded Audience.

This is pretty much a gratuitous picture of a very lovely and charming woman and I am filling up with a couple of things that have amused me . Mel is Boris Johnson`s PA and a delight both to look at and to listen to. Conservative women cannot be beaten.


Faux -mosexual -A word for men that pretend to be sensitive to get action .

Foxier-moron - A word for women promoted because they are pretty

Had a chat with Croydonian about a silly story:

Under-Statement Of The Day
The detective constable pursuing a serial defecator who has caused £60,000 worth of damage to trains over the past year by smearing excrement inside carriages on approximately different 30 occasions has described the culprit as "being exceptionally anti-social".

CROYDONIAN: In Ulster they would call it a dirty protest
NEWMANIA: In the Tate Modern they would call it "Genius"

The spirit of levity also overcame me in a discussion following the letter in the Telegraph comcerning a Constitutional Convention to discuss the "English"question.
I said this :

"Chris Whiteside has a refreshingly calm summary of the position on his excellent blog. He concludes:“Frankly, whether you call this "an English parliament" or "English votes for English laws" is a matter of semantics rather than substance. What I am clear about is that I want to see a fair and even-handed democratic solution for the UK and I want to see it without an increase in the number of politicians.” Worth reading as is everything he writes actually .

This is not quite the Iain dale position which to me is unduly nationalistic ( calls for a full seperate English parliament), a most un-English trait.
I prefer to leave the tit for tat mud slinging to the non-footballing , oil greedy , racist, Barnett Formula teat sucking , pictish horde sulking in their midge infested bogs. We must retain our sange froid, recognising the childish inferiority complex of a nation whose contribution to literature is third rate novelty act they cannot bear to read themselves. Burns night ?! Why not Pam Ayres night. Also the only game of rugby they ever won was by constantly lurking offside."......ahem.

In fact I wento to school with Chris Whiteside and would dearly like to see him in parliament. Have a look at his blog which includes the piece I refer to above . An erudite thinker and a Conservative to his fingertips .


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