Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Chimera of UKIP

I have been bashing a UKIP defector on Conservative Home . I seem to write better when I `m not thinking to hard and amongst the ad hominem abuse you will find my reasons for a Euro sceptic like me not to join UKIP. My foe was a certain MH who , if truth be told, seems not at all a bad chap and took it all in good spirit. I do worry about defectors , I know David Cameron is on the right electoral path and I think I trust him but when Conservatives like MH leave the party it is upsetting there’s no denying it. I will put MH`s profile below to show he is not a person the Conservative party should be taking lightly . Troubling , but in the end the system we have forces us to take grown up decisions . Otherwise I would simply start the Newmania party…….
Don’t think I haven’t thought of it.
This is exactly the area where I would like to see the shadow cabinet reassuring true Conservatives that in its heart this is still the Conservative Party. It isn’t a job for David Cameron.

Any way this is what I had to say ( oh MH had called me barely literate ….poor thing)

Barely literate eh? Well my punctuation is better than Shakespeare’s. I can be quite confident that like many, who profess to be attached to this countries heritage, you know nothing whatsoever about it, so I had better explain. He wrote plays. As to your own style, you manage a fair impression of a smug little bureaucrat and seem inordinately proud of your achievements in precisely this role. It takes a certain sort of person to describe what, he thinks, is his own vast importance to the world, like an Estuary English speaking estate agent, and you have not let me down. We can safely assume you are the modern incarnation of the bitter brilliantined oddities that were the typical anti marketers of 1975.
You are too young to remember, but the thrust of the Yes campaign, as described by its treasurer McAlpine, was, “to depict the anti-Marketeers as unreliable people - dangerous people who would lead you down the wrong path”. This tactic was greatly assisted by the right wing detritus that clung to the campaign as the only log floating nearby. It reminds me of the miscellany of wastrels attached to the anti -hunting and animal rights lobby .Often these people were embittered Tories who for very good reasons had been unable to gain the advancement their ego’s craved within the party.Do you know anyone like that MH ?
The rational, democratic and self interested argument against Europe, which I broadly support, has made great strides into the world of moderates since .This is what has saved the Conservative Party, not a drift in the other direction as wrongly perceived by political illiterates like MH. On the other hand, because Euro scepticism has won ground across a broad spectrum, the same rules apply today, to those who have actually become traitors. People like MH, who would rather let Brown-nose in than knuckle down to winning an election. Look at the party he is joining. Richard Suchorzewski(defeated UKIP leadership candidate) recently pulled the rock up to reveal business as usual
“Nothing however prepared me for the scurrilous behaviour, defamatory comments and downright dishonesty of some of Nigel Farage's & David Bannerman's staff, supporters and members of the Press Office staff, in which they clearly colluded. I was accused of having associations with the BNP – even when these scoundrels knew that my grandfather was murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp and my Great Grandfather was discovered hanged by them from a lamp post near his home by my 14 year old Father.” ………………………and much much more of which I trust you are aware. .
From what I can tell MH will fit right in, and this was clear from the moment he began to attack Justin Hinchliffe in the infantile way he did.Moving on from pointless fantasists l there is a real problem here both for the Conservative party and, ironically for UKIP. The types of people that become involved, not only undermine UKIP, which so badly needs respectability, but also the debate within the Conservative party. If you were go to the Bruges group, as I have done, you feel amongst friends with a valid point of view that you might have a slightly different take on. Other UKIPs remind me far too much of the doctrinal religionists of the Labour party or, at worst, of the BNP. They remove the ground on which a Christopher Booker stands the moment they open their mouths …..Salutations MH
The Europe case is sound but the baggage that comes with it is unattractive and in any case a world of electoral dreams The other problem is that this attitudinising will leave the Conservative party entirely in the hands of Liberals with any move towards UKIP policies, which are widely supported, appearing actually treacherous This is very bad indeed and entirely the fault of UKIP who have failed to maintain respectability and civility. I see there will be no end to this.
I am not the same sort of Conservative as Justin Hinchcliffe. He is on the other hand worth any number of self satisfied poseurs who have expressed, in effect, an intention to work on behalf of the Labour Party. As for Conservative home , if it is going to be renamed, “Conservative (and those who hate the Conservative Party) , Home” , then you can expect frank exchanges of opinions which , in Islington and Tottenham ,we are more than used to.

MH Profile :
My resume is that I was a Conservative Party member for 20 years. I was Chairman and then President of a safe Conservative seat from 2002-2006, where we were a Premier League association and had 1,300 members. We never lost an election in my time as Chairman, returned our MP with 13k majority and 53% of the vote in 2005 and gave £15k to other local marginal seats. To boot, I am also a serving councillor who took his seat from the LibDems after it had not been Conservative for 30 years.
Yes, I have resigned and joined UKIP because, like many people I know (and yes, some like me who work in the City and are in their 30s), despair of what Cameron is doing and refuse to participate in him turning the Conservative Party into a social democratic farce.

My Summary is this , with the prospect of a virtually Stalinist Labour Council hoving into view we should all get the things that divide us into proportion . We need every good man and woman to role their sleeves up put differences aside an get involved in the fight to stop the Brown years ever becoming a reality .Once the battle begins there are only two sides and those unable to pick one are “useful idiots “ for Labour .


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I hate to admit this...........but!

Interesting blog and good but different take on things.


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I think UKIP are f----d. (technical term)

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