Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I would like to show what a well rounded a normal human being I am . Well if someone who has done nothing but politics his whole life can manage it surely I can ( Hi Dave !He often drops in you know)). By way of light relief then here are some vile bits of doggerel I scribbled in the Park. All my own work as is the painting of Finsbury Park. No one else on the planet we call “Earth” would want to claim it.

1 Throwing Cocoa at Kingsley Amis

Like many great writers

I worry all night
About whether or not I can really write
I worry that I only doggerelise
And that chopping up lines will not disguise , the emptiness
And I lose all hope
Still it’s a living eh Wendy Cope

2 I`ve gone blank

I`ve tried Blank verse
Its even worse

Sadly there may well be more to come


Amelia Newman said...


You did a great painting, too bad it wasn't one of me!

I have just one question where is my picture?????

Philipa said...

Wow love the picture.

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