Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is this Justice ?

John Newman,(the older chap),is my father and until recently the leader of the Conservative group in St, Albans and Harpenden . The Liberal Councilor who chose to make a "citizens arrest"is someone that I hold in less than high esteem. As I have proved myself incapable of being civilised on the subject I`ll leave it at that

This is how the Herts Ad reported the trial :

A prominent local councilor was hauled before magistrates after he was shopped to police by a political rival for driving while disqualified John Newman, former Tory group leader on St Albans District Council, was spotted by LibDem councilor Melvyn Teare driving out of a car park after a council meeting while he was still under a six-month ban for speeding . Mr.Teare promptly jotted down the number plate and disappeared to report what he had seen to police.Councilor Newman, who is now an independent member of the district council, appeared at St Albans Magistrates' Court on Tuesday for what was originally planned to be a two-day trial John Newman, aged 70, entered a guilty plea to The court heard that after Teare tipped off the police, Councilor Newman was arrested at his home in Station Road. At the station he refused to admit that he had been at the council meeting until the minutes of the meeting were produced and he denied that he had been driving. When he was shown CCTV footage he said that he could not see it properly as he did not have his glasses and he would not identify himself in the video.

The court were told that... "Driving while disqualified is a very serious offence and we have also noted the level of prevarication."
Speaking after the hearing Councilor Newman said he was disappointed and added: "It doesn't do anything to enthuse you about justice. "


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was an utterly spiteful thing for this Lib Dem man to have done. How nice for him to be able to do down a rival, and no doubt pat himself on the back for being public-spirited. He is a busy-body twat and his motives stink.

Sadly, though, your father should not have been driving. It's as simple as that. I'm sure he was doing no harm, and I'm sure he was not a danger to himself or others - but that is beside the point. We do have to have respect for the law, even when it is administered by a combination of venal policemen and hypocritical councillors.

I myself got a ban recently, and nothing would have induced me to drive during it. But I emerged from the experience with a healthy respect for the humanity of the Magistrates' service - and an eternal hatred for the police.


newmania said...

Sadly, though, your father should not have been driving...allegedly!

My father was wrong ,Teare on the other hand was disgusting. Life isn`t always neat and tidy and you can only take one side.
We have all said exactly what you are saying though.....


Anonymous said...

Your Dad was certainly a silly arse for getting behind the wheel but why were three police officers sent to our house to arrest him (I here must plead guilty to being the silly arse that married him!). The first trial was set for last March, we dutifully turned up and the magistrate said he could not hear the case as he 'knew' John, so the next hearing is set for six months later, and then John gets penalised for 'prevaricating' for such a long period!!

Amelia said...

John is my Dad and he is a great one at that.

I was devasted when three policemen turned up at our house. Everything was going crazy, the dog was barking, Mum was upset and I was crying. I was only nine at the time. For being around my Dad for ten years now I can confidently announce that he is not dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Those of us who know Mr "3 strikes and you're out" Newman can only smile - and you are more than a little naive giving this embarrassing incident greater publicity!

Anonymous said...

Your readers might want to know why Mr Newman Senior sits on the Council not as a Conservative, but as an Independent.

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