Sunday, October 08, 2006

Introducing The Hypocrite !

There are some things that cannot be changed. They are shall we say `immutable` laws.

1Every time I open a wine box I squirt its contents on my trousers

2 Any England team in any sport will under perform on the big day

3 That our local Labour MP Emily Thornberry will ,and indeed has, wangled a place for her children at a Grammar school.

Why do we even bother to express surprise at this hypocrisy .What was Dianne Abbots excuse over in Hackney , that her children were `black` and would therefore be at a double disadvantage ? As it happens the only white person in my family is me and colour is not a factor when we consider whether we can stay here in the long term. Dianne Abbots `posh public school bolt hole is not an option.
This is just one of the many ways Labour and Liberal Council’s have contrived to squeeze the middling sorts out of Islington but the most telling. The schools are awful, inexcusably awful and it’s about time someone said so. Nine years ago Tony Blair was saying `Education, education, education ` what bitter joke. You can get an A level by spelling your own name but not an education
Look around you and what do you see? Barnsbury practically building a moat around its super gentrified Georgian area and by contrast rioting in the estates over the Summer. Does little Sebastian go to school with his neighbours , not likely ? Islington is the most socially divided Borough in London and the Coucil`s endless wittering about `community` is becoming difficult to listen to . I begin to doubt they care at all.
They will win again though , we rage we campaign we argue but with 50% Social housing and 70% of those on benefits voting in Islington will always have a highly unusual pattern. In end what can we do but join the mass exodus from London’s inner cities.


JT said...

Earlier this year I wrote to Jeremy Corbyn, Islington's other Labour MP, about the 'coffins on wheels' ("Snatch" landrovers) that British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are having to go around in.

This followed Richard North's writing about the matter here

I still haven't had a reply. Does he not care...?

ps. good blog, Newman

newmania said...

Thanks. I have a new respect for real bloggers though. Oh well can only get better

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