Monday, October 04, 2010

Cameron - Its Over

I have never been so angry

Universal benefits work this way . The state takes your money away during your life ,when you are young and get virtually nothing back , and then, when you have children, they let you have that portion back .It is not free it was introduced in return for a tax break being withdrawn. I am in the position of having funded child benefit for everyone else but not getting it when it is my turn. If you have three children you receive £2392 pa in order to make this up you allow to earn let us say at least £3500. The top rate is due to come down to £42,000 appx at the budget .The average household income in the South is not far from this This is a betrayal of Conservatives , the hard working,the aspirational and worse still directed at those with children to worry about.All hope of progress is cut off . For main familiy bread winners between £40,000 and say £47,000 the effective marginal rate is ...well you work it out 90% ...100%? .This HEROD TAX is immoral poorly thought through and about as un-conservative as I can imagine.


hatfield girl said...

Child allowance and basic state pension should always be universal, not means-tested. Means testing produces benefit-seeking rat runners, not the allocation of resources to the poorest.

Weekend Yachtsman said...


What part of "there is no more money" do you not understand?

Did you really think "the rich" could cough up on the scale we need now?

Newmania said...

Fine I want my money back then, all those people whose child benefits I financed in my tax paying life can send me a cheque!
Its only my money returned and only redistributes from adults to children.

The fact there is no more money is not my fault

asquith said...

You're totally right. This is such a wank idea, seriously. I can't even be arsed to give my usual essay on why, except to say Hatfield Girl has got it.

hatfield girl said...

But there is some money, Yacht. Not all of our taxes are being used to pay the debt. We want it to go to the young and the old, regardless of the condition the recipients find themselves in, because those who don't need it can either not claim it, or have it clawed-back through taxes.

Some regard society as made up of this kind of exchange - a decent society,anyway.

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