Friday, January 15, 2010

Down With Freedom Of Speech

“The conviction of seven Muslim protestors for shouting nasty things at returning British soldiers was a grave and dangerous assault upon freedom of speechsays Rod Liddle ,quoting John Stuart Mill ,in a more banale moment … “ “We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavouring to stifle is a false opinion...".... .Mr. Eugenides (who I like ,and whose nom de plume I recently decoded ) ,agrees .Discussing Anjem Choudary, he wallows in the obscenities he will allow, “..I reserve the right to revel in the dead bodies of 9/11 and to dance, metaphorically at least, on the graves of the dead of Bali, Beslan or Belfast - or, for that matter, Belsen…..etc.” .His liberal de jour, is Oliver Wendell Holmes and, “a free trade in ideas -", whatever that means , so thats alright then .
There is a tiny problem with this ‘defend your right to say’… stuff . Its is a pathetic, infantilising self satisfied, bourgeois fantasy ,amounting to something like a feminine fascism .What many have forgotten, in the contemporary nursery we inhabit, is that words and actions are not unrelated for adults . Far from defending free speech, a difficult and nuanced quality at best , they are defending the right to shriek and chatter ..on the strict conditions that it is ignored . Consider the fatuous narcissism of Peter Tatchell`s support for Choudray . “ It matters not to Tatchell ,( says Liddle reverentially ), that these men would, if they found themselves in government, immediately chop his head off, or flay him to death. Freedom of speech is unconditional.” It would soon matter to the decapitated Tachell if anyone started listening you prat .Can they really not see what decadent nonsense they are spouting ?

This sort of event is like a fresh kill on the savannah , every hyena comes yipping along. Alan Johnson has been a strong supprter of Labour’s mass immigration policy which ,thanks to Neather ,we know ,was designed 'to rub the Right's nose in diversity ,and render their arguments out of date'. Also to provide Labour voters as the population hurtled to 70,000,000. The Electoral Commission has revealed, some 90 per cent of black people and three-quarters of Asians vote Labour.
So Alan Johnson boldy wags a finger at people who desecrate the rituals of bereaved families of dead British soldiers.Well I`m just all misty .... It is he and New Labour that work unceasingly to make English culture merely one amongst many, “Competing ideas”, in our own country .
One wheeze to this end was importing a Muslim community of whom Islam 4 UK are an unremarkable part. 26% of British Muslims are not patriotic, 20% have no loyalty at all ,and 10% supported the London bomb attacks. Islam for UK are not unrepresentative ,they are just a bit flamboyant . ( all refs available on request ) . Johnson is not keeping it real man , he iz fakin geez ...if you catch my drift
Mussolini was proud of the number of fist fights and knife fights he had personally fought and won . He considered fighting a redemptive and natural corollary to intellectual combat ( a lot like a Teddy Roosevelt ). There is ,lets admit it ,something honest about that. What is our "freedom" ? Its ..“Have a shout , write a letter , have your little vote ,all better now ? Good , then mummy will decide” … (Ireland ) .Free action , power and compromise within a shared culture , that is all the freedom there is .The intwerweb has invented a children’s crusade for virtual jibber jabber that only distracts .


Old BE said...

There is a big difference between expressing a genuinely held opinion and deliberately setting out to wind a crowd up. That is why we have the Public Order Act.

Nick Drew said...

well said Mr M

it all reminds me of Tony Benn's pacifism

and of course if the Russians invade, I will engage in civil disobedience, they wouldn't be able to rule the country without the support of the populace

I like Dara O'Briain's take on the Irish approach to the law: the black-and-white distinction legal / illegal is inadequate, what's needed is a confident enforcement of judgments on the more nuanced spectrum ...

dat's grand / don't push yer luck / now yer takin' the piss

Newmania said...

Did Benn really say that ?!!! I still chersih your Hattersley quote about single mothers

Nick Drew said...

the Benn twaddle is not a direct quotation but I saw him on the box several years ago venting exactly that sentiment

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