Saturday, January 24, 2009

Martin Bright Purged by Talibrown

New Statesman magazine’s political editor Martin Bright is leaving the magazine. He had been political editor since October, 2005.This is the sad end of along story In September 2008 Martin Bright ended a post on his blog thusly . "As someone who has experienced at first hand the inept mafioso tactics of Brown’s political gangsters, I could not agree more"
The problem began after the channel 4’s Dispatches programme on Ken . To recap ,he criticised King K for his use of a clique of Trotskyists to run London, his obsession with Jews, his embracing of an ultra-reactionary Islamist cleric, corruption , and contempt for democratic accountability. Fair enough you would think and something Brown would have applauded in the past. This time it did not suit him.Brown had jammed on the hate-Ken brakes because he had to defeat Boris Johnson .It would stop momentum and it was going to be his last chance for a victory London being so comparatively dependent on state hand outs. This then , was an attack on Brown, and we all know what happens then .
Sure enough the Talibrown swung into action. A hate campaign was organised by Whelan, soon trade unions were drafted in threatening to withdraw their advertising unless Martin Bright was fired . Private Eye was on the case .“CHARLIE WHELAN, Gordon Brown’s former spin doctor, still acts as an enforcer for his old boss and at the British Press Awards was on his usual thuggish form. Late in the evening, when Whelan was a little tired and emotional,……..“I’m no fan of Livingstone, but Martin Bright should not be political editor after what he did,” he said. “I’m going to talk to Geoffrey… He can’t allow criticism of Gordon. If Geoffrey’s got any sense, he’ll listen.” (The owner of New Statesman was , Geoffrey Robinson. Robinson is also the Labour MP for Coventry North West and a New Labour insider. )
The Eye identified what has saved Bright’s bacon .Michael Danson .Danson now owned 50% of the rag and would not be ordered by Brown. However, the demands for Bright’s head did not abate .The Tribunes piece was deadly accurate as it turns out ...

RANCOUR in the ranks at the New Statesman where new editor Jason Cowley is adopting the old Fleet Street ways with his new broom and axing the magazine’s columnists in what one victim describes as a “bloody massacre”. Mr Cowley, late of briefly editing Granta, even tried to ditch the weekly column penned by political editor Martin Bright, who at one time was tipped for the top job. Mr Bright’s column, which is usually the only item appearing under his name, has apparently survived due to the fact that it is protected by contract. Watch that renewal date. Discord has been stirred further by Mr Cowley’s decision to delegate the dirty work to the acting editor for nine months, Sue Matthias, who is both popular among the staff and is considered to have improved the politically barren organ while in the editor’s chair. He is now known as Jason Cowardly"
Brown must have know that Bright was now his mortal enemy and he would not have such man in situ on what is after all a Labour propaganda rag which could not survive without soft funding.
Cowardly Cowley`s smarm at the end t must be recorded as an example of gelatinous mendacity
Editor Jason Cowley said..I
have only worked with Martin for three months, but I know the whole team at the New Statesman value the outstanding work he has done, and wish him the very best for the future. I hope he will continue to contribute to the magazine. "If Bright has the backbone I hope he has he will spit in their faces before he does that

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Philipa said...

Interestng post, Newms. Just goes to show that the london city nepotist village of journalists is just a bitch-fest of prejudice.

I think I might give blogging up for lent - I'm doing far too much.

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