Friday, January 11, 2008

Local News

Try this on for wierd , I went to meet an old friend for a drink in what is my closest pub and the barmaid was one 'Angela Bruce '.
I`m not a great watcher of TV drama but I immediately recognised her " Umm... do I know you from somewhere I said " ...she said she was an actress and that was it . She was pretty slippy with providing lagers as well so seems a bit of a sort. Odd though she is still doing all sorts of things so I wonder why she does it , she is a strong performer actually and gave me a big beamy smile when we left. Do you think I could . You might know her from Angels or Red Dwarf
Meanwhile I have managed to gte my first letter in the local Paper. I am hoping to develop these themes of anti Norman Bakerlite.
Busy Mr. Baker may have all sorts of interesting ideas about the EU`s stipulations for waste,(Letter 1.4.08), but it will be news to many, that unelected foreign bureaucrats have any say on the vexed question of local incinerators at all. It will puzzle yet more, that an MP who advertises his concerns about transparency graft and local decision making, should blindly support an internationalist project awash with waste, and contemptuous both of our country and democratic accountability, as his Party does.
Contradictions abound. His much mocked parallel career in investigative journalism has earned our MP the reputation of being Lewes`s Miss Marple, but as a member of the left wing Beveridge group he supports exactly the dinosaur sized state which makes the abuse of taxpayers money he reveals ,inevitable .Furthermore, confusing our friendship with the US with handing over our country’s right to decide anything at all ,as he did, strikes me as ..what was the word he used about UKIP ..“unhinged”.
There may be a place for such picturesque “radicalism”, animal rights obsession and bizarre conspiracy theories. A sixth form debating society in about 1979 would be my suggestion but others, no doubt , find his eccentricities more appealing .Perhaps they would bear in mind that the best way to ensure we continue to be bullied by the most authoritarian regime since the war is to vote for Norman Baker."

Pick A Princess


PR on PR

I have been attempting to convince Cicero Songs of the error of his ways and in the course of a prolonged bout of finger wagging had . a thought ( bum bum baaaa!) What would a PR vote on PR tell us . This is what I think :

"Finally think about what an administration is .When we decide what to do, some prefer one plan some another. Both would prefer any plan to a mish mash of cobbled bargains such as PR encourages. A PR vote on PR would yield a huge majority against ...PR .We should therefore have a tiny bit of it or none acording to its own principles . Some limited reform of the House of Lords might be justified on this basis but no more . That would roughly be the wishes of the people which you do not, ( Liberals ) apparently , care about ,despite the faux principles hastily flung up like a shanty town shed ."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early Day Motions Newmania Style

Looks like David Cameron’s notions of getting the idle back to work are going down pretty well. Odd isn’t it how the un-sayable suddenly becomes sayable again. I wonder how far we can take this...
Drugs – We seem to have given up, the Police say its pointless you cannot stop people doing something they want to do. IN CHINA in one day they rounded up 20,000 dealers and users and shot them( in a stadium). Result- No drugs problem
Prisons- We are overcrowded and our response is to let offenders out again to wreak havoc on the innocent – IN ANCIENT ROME- They left the prisoners in room and told the man his families wealth would be confiscated unless he saved them the cost of keeping him, by committing suicide with the handy sharp object provided . Win win
In SICILY there was a long term Mafia problem – Not when Mussolini got hold of it ,rounded them all up , and shot them. The problem was reintroduced by the WW2 Allies who used refinanced the crime families to assist in their push up from Africa .
Petty Crime – Hey its just part of the joys of urban life , more chance of getting rid of rats ..or is it -Before the famous “Rumble In The Jungle “, fight in Zaire , the government was concerned that the criminal element might embarrass the country. They rounded them all up and shot every tenth one with a warning that if there was one squeak ,they would be back. The idea was based on the punishment meted out to "failing" legions in by Rome, and from which the word 'decimate', comes

China are the champs though are they not, population problem , solved . You only get one child , now thats real green policy. If you think about it though that means that in a few years they will have tiny working population supporting a massive aging 'pig in the demographic pipe'.

It may not be all beer and skittles for the slitty eyed devils yet and contrary to rumour Mussolini did not get the trains to run on time

Why Are We Useless Why Are we Useless Why oh Why Oh Why ...

Auntie Flo has been busy telling me over the last few months what a disaster the Heathrow expansion was and I have been , mildly, suspicious of a hidden green agenda . I was impressed to see her points vindicated by Iain Martin in the DT today. It is the sheer incompetence of the development he rails against.. The CBI are against it , the airlines say it is in the wrong place . It takes up land needed for houses, if anything, or space if not , and it effects the lives of millions of Londoners with noise . Finally it poses a massive security problem as so many planes will now fly right over London.
The right thing to do would be what they did in Hong Kong .Build an artificial Island in the Estuary. This and the complementary rail links were built in six years for $20, billion
but this is the bit that impresses me ....That is the same cost as cross rail.
Looking at the our blithering ineptitude with prestige projects I have been chatting and checking with others on the disaster that is Wembley. Have a look at the comparisons below and then tell me why it is not a national scandal. Getting it wrong , as we obviously have with Heathrow is far more costly .As for the Olympics, the fact that Ken signed a blank cheque for Londoners is something Boris might well wish to mention . Love his article in the DT today by the way,do look ! Go Boris
Bukit Jalil Natianal Stadium in Malaysia , built for the Commonwealth games
Capacity 100,000
Cost £87 million
Finished 3 months early
Millenium Stadim Cardiff
Capacity 74,500
Cost £130 million
Finished on target
Sapporo Dome Japan, has a pitch that floats on a bed of air and they take it outside
Capacity 53,845
Cost £250 million
Finished 4 months early
Cowboys Stadium Texas (under construction)
Capacity 80,000
Cost £300 million (could “spiral” to £500 million)
On target
Wembley Stadium London
Capacity 90,000
Cost £798 million
Finished 3 years late
(And they already owned the land )

This is what comes of a governing class that know nothing getting things done in the real world .

Poll Dancing

Dewey Defeats Truman"..oops

Opinion Polls were also famously wrong over Major and I wonder if they are any better now . There seems little reason to think so.Chris Morris in Brass Eye did a spoof vox pop when he asked for people’s opinions about "Soul Reversal" Despite the transparent gibberish of the question punters gaily opinined this way and that, some for , some against.

So that is one problem with Polls, it is exceedingly difficult to isolate doorstep opinion or indeed unravel conflicting views on , say , tax and services .People may be far more serious in the quiet confessional of the voting booth and Major’s triumph was a good proof of that.

The received wisdom is that you can blow of the froth and underneath its the economy stupid, I `m not so sure .The perception people have of the economy is a very different thing to the reality .Most people are little better off than ten years ago but the endless repetition of 'growth', and the memory of the preceding and utterly different periods prior to the late 80s still ensure relative calm is something small c Conservatives value. Niall Ferguson’s` Cash Nexus demolishes any easy linkage between good times and votes in reality.

Surely they use sophisticated methods now though you say...They do , but they can only look back to test them. Immigration stats are based on interviewing one man and his dog and asking ‘what he reckons’. They extrapolate with extreme sophistication from past trends ( it would hardly be future trends) and adjust on base figures . This is why they are hopeless at spotting accelerations and were badly out. For all their cunning Pollsters do not foresee the future, they adjust the past.

After Hilary Clinton’s come back we might recall when we discuss Polls endlessly for the next two years , that they are an act of faith for the political nerd right from the off, and may well mean very little . I expect President Dewey wished it were otherwise .

How Boring Am I ?

Thoughts On Fair Votes
Con Home are raising a good subject but it does tend to get bogged down by politics students lecturing the world with their freshly learnt soft science .This is impressive : If Labour and the Conservatives had the same vote share [at the 2005 General Election] Labour would still have won 111 more seats. If the Conservatives had the same lead over Labour as Labour did over the Conservatives, Labour would still have had 57 more seats. Only a Conservative lead of 6.4% would have resulted in equality of seats and the Conservatives would have required a lead of 11.8% before gaining an overall majority."
Nit Alex Hilton
The nit Alex Hilton AKA Recess Monkey took time off form his busy career of grovelling up the centre left `s inside trouser leg to opine disingenuously about all Party consensus on voting reform , ie PR.( He recently described all Conservatives as the moral equivalent of child torturers and paedophiles and is a prat ) . Amongst his Mephistophelean smarm there was this comment : Forgive me if I am wrong but I detect a distinctive opposition to proportional representation from Conservatives yet have never put my finger on why that is so‘. I answered and I admit it is long and tedious .
Answering The Parasite Alex Hilton
PR Empowers The Political Class
Well I doubt his low reptilian cunning is inadequate to that task but lets pretend .It is because it breaks the MP community link, because it hands power to an elitist coterie in the centre and brokers between fragmented groups . Because it infantilises Politics by allowing people to avoid the balancing process in their own minds and vote in single issues , not coherent manifestos. This paradoxically , further empowers the poltical class and therefore benefit’s the Liberal elite across both Parties . Thus cross Party communitarian issues like capital punishment , the EU and immigration will slide further down the agenda while indistinguishable progressive groupings throw hankeys at each other. As if it was not bad enough already !

Democracy Is More Than The Rules
Democracy is not a matter of voting systems and this is what students of politics so often misunderstand . There are perfectly good systems in Kenya and in Northern Ireland .It is about the way the voter and the system interact and the cultural inherited knowledge of it ,often unconscious . Many discussions of systems are redundant for this reason .Hilton calls this “ favouring the ideologically incorrect if it works “.Not so. It is just a more subtle ideology than he will be used to
Labour Britain and PR
It has been predicted for a long time , first by Michael Portillo I believe ,that Gordon Brown will offer the Lib Dems PR rather than hand over power to the Conservative if he is beaten by the loss of Scotland or the loss of unfair seats. In other words , he will break open the constitution which if he was not abusing it would be working quite well, rather than face its consequences. I am somehow reminded of a Banana republic by our Supreme leader and not for he first time . He has no more belief in PR than anyone else which is quite obviously less democratic than FPTP. This is exactly why he has to be beaten whatever it takes

Labour Cynicism
This is why the Labour Party have discovered a sudden interest in PR it has the same integrity as their Damascene conversion to British Nationalism. The injustice is that they have benefited from the break up of the UK as the unionist vote dwindles to the North for the last forty years . Oh how Brown would love it if he could present this audacious theft of our rights as a cross Party agreement to selflessly re-frame the constitution. The Conservative may do such thing but that will be the of it for me and I will not be alone The way for small parties to thrive in FPTP is to become bigger , they have natural advantage of being to blame for nothing which the Liberals exploit ruthlessly .
On Majoritarian Voting
Comparative Comments ( David Soskice is the source /New Statesman)
Majoritarian systems in the 20th century elected centre left Governments only one quarter of the time. PR has had an almost equal bias to the centre left ,( I doubt this is news to Mr. Hilton ) the way.Majoritarian systems will have two Parties competing for the centre vote This section will also tend to be a middling income of infinitely varying sorts . They may be tempted to prefer the right side of the equation because while they may well funded public services they are equally happy , if not more, with private income . So if the right Party favours income groups above them it can only do so by allowing them more retained income . If the left prefer the bottom fifth , 60% of whose income is the states then they will get nothing and yet pay. Essentially Blair convinced the middle group that he imposed their needs on his Party which would naturally veer left once in power .
How Blair Won
He said they could be safe from his ideological wing and feel good about themselves ,according to certain paradigms carefully cultivated by the BBC and its cultural fifth column .He lied but that we know . Incidentally this is one reason the “leader “ is becoming more important as time passes. He is the broker between the swing voter and the Party. We can see the crucial importance of the new middle class Public Sector elite to Labour then ,and their determination to expand it. We can also see how they are always seeking to present give ways as universal in nature like tax credits ( Tax credit catastrophe almost cannot be unsaid )
Majoritarian Voting Corretcs The Endemic Imbalance In Systems Where Non Taxpayers Vote
So majoritarian two party voting provides a protection against “first cheat “ syndrome for the middling .. The bottom fifth say will vote for other peoples money , whatever they think of the process. A middling group will differ for combinations of ideological and self interested motives . A Higher group seek cultural and political power may seek to exploit the compulsory paid for vote to predate on the middling especially those at the margins.Its buying power with other people’s money .

You might say majoritarianism provides some balance to the natural imbalance caused by non-contributors having an equal vote in a mixed democracy.. When allied to the “political class “ bias mentioned above , it is an authoritarian system to be loathed and feared by Conservatives . Look at things in this way and you will see that the gulf between the elite of the left ad the labour voter (35% of which say the BNP is the second choice) , is so large and quite different the spectrum of Conservatives. That dishonest alliance would be ‘politics’ under PR

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Marina Pepper One Last Time

Marina Pepper now and back in the day....time is so cruel

Some gems in Private Eyes Rotten Boroughs section today These are my favourites :

Lifetime award for contribution to my personal gaiety : Goes to the sadlly deposed Marina Pepper from our very own Lewes . The green loon , page three girl of yore, and white witch was on typically fruity form discussing the meagre advantages of global warming“ I wear no under wear beneath my short cotton skirt “...mmmmmm. Its getting hot in here !
Quotes of the Year -Plymouth Tory Councillor Andy Fox during a discussion about a parking place
“ Fuck Off you slag!”
Labour Councillor Doreen Jones spying two Green objectors to a proposed new pipeline at Cilfrew S Wales –“ Here comes twit and twat “
Special prize for Tory bigot of the year goes to Ted Pateman of South Cambridge –“There are all sorts of wogs here – I don’t differentiate between them, but treat them all as if they were English”...almost as if they were English eh,...thats nice .
( Pateman 79 had to resign)
Of course Councillors will never quite have the √©lan of show people . After my long boring excavation of women’s issues rightly ignored by Phillipa its about time we listened to an expert ...
Celine Dion telling us about the way a man and a woman are
“ I had an image once about what a man is and what is a woman. The man is the tree .He’s big he’s beautiful, he moves the leaves , makes the shadow , and we like to hug him.. the root of the tree is the woman. Without roots we won’t survive . We feed him , make him look good , preserve him, but it takes two together to make the tree healthy.. The man can take the spotlight but only with the woman behind him. For me , it’s the tree of life .”.......
You could probably get a degree studying the psychology of that. I don’t know though, it was in Pseuds corner ,but is there something in that for all its obvious chortlesome qualities ?

How Quotas Work

One of the things that strikes you about the political scene at the moment is the sheer unimpressive ness of the Labour rabble .I know it sounds like the usual partisan guff but I am serious,for once . Don’t tell anyone but I am really not all that impressed with the latest Hain funding scandal, it looks to me more like cock up than conspiracy, but cock ups are in many ways worse than cupdity. If he can`t run his campaign......

Looking that the forthcoming and exciting Hull ,“primary” for fat man Prezza`s seat, you can see why that should be. The candidates for this lifetime sinecure include ,as reported , Prezzas corrupt son David , Karl Turner , and other weighty players . I had no idea thought that ,of the shortlist of six, that must be chosen by the end of February ,three must be women and one must be from an ethnic minority. All the white males are left with two chairs when the music stops .

This improves the chances of George McNamara , nephew of former Hull North MP Kevin McNamara .He can claim Asian ancestry you see. It makes Della Georgeson a cert. What with the quotas and the incestuous nature Labour its amazing they are not even worse than they are and they are already a pitiful collection.

The Conservative Party have rather different problems .There is the climate of personal sanctity required by the PC mob which scares any personality away . More seriously perhaps ,since the post Major, Nolan clear out , interpretations of outside interest , have become witch hunts. and able people with complex commitments are unwilling to be subjected to the disruption to their personal lives and business. We are left with the smooth professionals and all the remote inadequacy that entails. Just as the Standards board have done locally, we are well on our way to ruling out anyone who actually knows anything about anything.
I think it is dangerous to give so much power no expression in parliament anyway . We cannot return to he 19th century conception of representing “interests” but a children’s play with toy people is no replacement for government either.

PS Della Gergson is currently working as secretary to Prescott in Westminster. File under “How Quotas Work”

Why Can't Women Make Their Minds Up ?

What do women want ? As a man this is a question you spend your life not working this out. You follow clues , you take them literally and then metaphorically, but the shy fawn , “what she wants “, skits away in the dappled shadows of the wood . And then ..and then; there is that terrible suspicion that should you ever locate the mercurial creature it will metamorphosise in your hands into a gorgeously plumed bird, and fly off as you stare hopelessly at a receding speck against the sun. ..where was I ..oh yes....

Women not only cannot decide, but they seems to want impossible combinations of rewards . Men, who can lick their own eyebrows are likely to remain popular then . But seriously ,consider the evidence.
Women still overwhelmingly want to get married. In 2005 only 12 out of every 1000 singletons tied the knot . A record low ,and yet 75% of co-habiting people say that they want the rice and cake .Then why don`t they do it ? I `ll tell you why not . Women.
OK I have no evidence but men in these matters grunt with the looming sexuality of a young Marlon Brando and go along . Its the women who can’t decide. Children now ,career later , IVF soon , more career, ,thawing out an embryo from the arctic perma-frost embryo at 60, its endless . There are now more first time mothers between 34 and 34 than between25 and 29. Men wait disconsolately outside the bathroom of life, for them to make their minds up.
Today the fatherhood institute says that fathers feel their role is undervalued .75% of men feel the mother`s role with a child is valued more than theirs. About the same proportion of women way that the father is equally good with the children . They “say” that . I say they speak with forked tongue, and in practice the courts don’t give the notion the time of day. You see what this is about don’t you , ask women if men should do as much house work, and they say yes . Ask them, seriously, if the father should have the children and the house, and they say ,“mais non monsieur “, its confuses us terribly .
What about sexual morality? 40,244 abortions were carried out on girls aged between 15 and 19 last year. 3990 of the on girls under the age of consent . You look at the role models for teenage girls, and is it any surprise . Jordan , a “Glamour model “and slut , Posh spice , a talent less oik .Women’s rights are pretty academic when a baby at the hip is as much of a prestige item around some schools as a Chloe handbag. Suggest to women, however, that they have a particular need to be careful; about their “virtue”, in that quaint phrase, and whammo , an Amazonian spear buries itself in your spine. The low rape conviction rate is shocking yes, but short of making men guilty by association with a penis, the only cure is for women to be careful. ….ouch…. not another one !
Women still want to cuddle babies and yet they also want to follow work friendly Spartan regimes like Claire ( I don’t understand why anybody needs to touch a baby) ,Verity’s, which suggest a boot camp approach” YEooo are ceerying ,leeike a little baby . Deeoo you miss your mommy !”. And then when Claire Verity turns up to give a talk at Earls court what do the women do ,protest .
Ah yes ,those precious wee packets of theoretical joy .Professor Alison Booth conducted a study about whether the patter of tiny feet delivered the happiness goods and found misery. Between the ages of three and five women with babies were less happy than those without them , ok they pick up later but that when the kid has gone to school…sigh
There have been a number of reports out recently that are suggesting women are fed up because men don’t do enough house work. Cambridge University studied 30,000 , finding that an EU women in full, time work does an average of a 68 hour week that’s 13 more than the man, and this is because they still do the bulk of household chores. So presumably what women want is for men to do the ironing and washing up. Oh no! Women create a culture of ‘just so’ around the whole footling business that stretches it ad nauseum and makes it impossible for men to “Do it well enough “ . So who excludes men from the domestic environment ? Women. If men were allowed to attack it the way they would anything else , it would get done .
Women insist they are better at multi tasking and nurturing than men . They will not admit that men are sometimes better at strategy and problem solving . They smashed glass ceilings in the eighties and then decided that they did not want to be Shirley Conran`s Super Woman any more. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper this Partly explains why the pay gap is actually increasing ( ONS). The few women left in offices report conditions returning to the 1970s with middle aged men chasing around the junior , female staff .Then what do women who are conspicuously successful and older do ? Spend more ever on plastic surgery new boobs and fake lips. Women of 82 are opting for nip and tucks according to Poll of surgeons recently . It may just be me but I am rather partial to an older woman but she has to have some style for gods sake . That’s what ages gives you !
41% of children in day care for more than 20 hours a week are insecure while only 26 % of toddlers are for by their mothers are ( British medical journal).. Types of feminism then are irrefutably damaging children, even if the nanny can teach them to swear in Polish. Sadly the only sort of household that can provide that nest is declining. Couples have slumped from 81% to 70% since 1974 in all, but this is due to one specific trend. The single earner household was 42 % of all households and is now 22%. (1) Increasingly the unit is either two salaries or none .
Here is the problem though. Resistance to the one income family, where that income is a woman`s, is unchanged . The wives of men without jobs ,are no more likely to be in work now than they were 30 years ago. This taboo is reinforced by women as much as men. Oooo they are so contradictory , did I mention that?
Women are also highly averse to marrying beneath themselves in earning potential or IQ .They increasingly dominate Universities but cannot see that as they go up some men must come down , and they will have to do. It is a gloomy fact that 40% of female graduates born in 1970 are likely to enter their 40s childless . Furthermore women want men clever than them or at least on a par. A recent study( Quoted by Boris ) showed that if a man’s IQ rises by 16 his mating chances improve 35%. If a women’s does her chances of getting hitched decline by the same amount.
So here’s your problem women. You are out performing men educationally , increasingly flexible hours for men and are around the corner so you can have you man do the dusting and watch Eastenders and bring up baby,. You out drink men you can have as much sex as you like , then you can come home and beat him at chess. You should be happy but you are not ….. As alternative comedians say, “Huh?” “What’s all that about ? “ With the most important election in a generation soon to be upon us and the most influential constituency being women let us hope Mr. Cameron is able to understand them . I don’t and it sometimes seems to me …nor do they.
1-( Richard Berthoud Of the Institute for Economic Research for the Rowntree Foundation)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clarkson, Arse or Phoney ? You Decide

I have always doubted that Jeremy Clarkson was what he claimed to be . Apparently he recycles his rubbish ( read his boooks ) and was bullied at school .I am certain he is not a Conservative but instead is in bed with the men in beards of the Liberal camp . Oh no scratch that perfectly politically incorrect exterior and you have a fat man`s Esther Ranthzen not a PJ O Rourke . So I am pleased to see him looking like an arse

"'TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has lost money after publishing his bank details in his newspaper column. The Top Gear host revealed his account numbers after rubbishing the furore over the loss of 25 million people's personal details on two computer discs. He wanted to prove the story was a fuss about nothing. But Clarkson admitted he was "wrong" after he discovered a reader had used the details to create a £500 direct debit to the charity Diabetes UK' - The BBC Website.

I expect the grainy black and white pictures of him furtively mounting a bicycle to be in the papers any day

I Went Out There A Chorus Girl ....

..and came back a star....

Do procced to Mr. Dales Blog where you will find the world`s most fascninating subject dealt with along these lines ...."Newmania has finally provoked me to doing a post on him. He reckons that I have never been seen in the same room as Tara Hamilton-Miller. In short he thinks I am her."

I don`t have a hit counter actually and only the vaguest interest. No its all about the Do Ray Me Me Me Me ME ME MEEEEEEE !! ...for me . Busy with filthy commerce today and I`d better curb the stalking .

Another Letter Another Rejection

As Hatfield Girl noticed, the Sussex Express ran a headline this week in which a local artists claimed that poncy Londoners were destroying the Town`s identity. I deliberately misunderstood him, slightly and wrote in as below. He said he would not take a commission to paint someone`s cat as it would compromise his integrity by the way, which crops up.This is largely old ground so do feel free to move along .

"The Newman(ia) family arrived, just in time to see the fireworks, so I assume we are amongst those accused of rotting the town’s fabric by Peter Messer. For us that would entirely defeat the point of coming here from London.

When I used to walk to the Tube in Islington, I passed five recent murder sites and the “radical” Finsbury Park Mosque, where a cache of arms was found . Crime was unrelenting ,no one met your eye, and the fear of a knives and guns was omnipresent . The nearby Andover estate was featured on television as an exemplar of a social wasteland .Across Islington 50% were in social housing 70% of whom claimed benefits with results that could fill a year’s Daily Mail editorials.

In many Boroughs of London over 50 % of the school children speak English, at best, as a second language, and in some, like Tower Hamlets, the proportion is 75%. The rate of change is such, that births to mothers born outside the UK are up to 74% in the Borough of Newham, with ten Boroughs above 50%.

There was no community, for all the disingenuous Liberal Council blithered on about it. There were rich people who sent their children to private school ,and welfare dependents whose children attended ‘pre - prison‘. Low to middling folk, who need to use state education, had no choice but to leave. Misguided welfare and housing policies were part of the problem. Deluded multiculturalism ,supported by people whose kids would not attend schools failing to cope with eight languages, was another .

So, I suspect we value the social coherence and continuity of Lewes as much as anyone and the first thing I did was to join the local Conservative party who I see as defending exactly that.
I would like to stress that new people and change at a sustainable rate, are to be welcomed as we have been here. Without immigration there would be no Newman family ,we are mixed race, and who knows , perhaps Mr. Messer may end up taking commissions, after all ,we have two lovely cats …."

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dale Is Hamilton-Miller

I`ve said it before I `ll say it again. Tara Hamilton-Miller is Iain Dale . Perhaps you are not a New Statesman reader. Infuriatingly it is infinitely better than the Spectator which is a very stuffy old institution but if you are , Tara’s intriguing gossipy column is a highlight In case there was any remaining doubt about her/his identity consider this tantalising tit bit on gorgeous Nadine Dorries the inspirational and utterly shaggable blonde Tory heroine .
Tara`s Top Tory`s
Nadine Dorries -
Though best known for her cult blog, Dorries , one of Westminster’s hardest working MP`s , is cutting down on posting her thoughts for 2008, to focus on various bills close to her heart. Highlight for some in 2007 was her showdown in the members tearoom with employment Minister , Caroline Flint . A witness claims Flint fled like a “bad -cat loser” before any Elnet duel kicked off. This one is never dull

The Evidence

1 It sounds like Iain dale
2 Caroline Flint when to the same university as Iain Dale and he debated against her .I would guess he resents that she ( a bimbo clothes-horse) is a cabinet minister, and he is not, so he would love this story
3 She is not best known for her blog except to bloggers she is well known for her recent stand on abortion in which she claimed that figures produced by the government were misleading .
4 Who but Iain dale would know what her plans for her blog were this year ?
5 How much would it appeal, to Iain Dale`s sense of humour to invent the 'nom de plume ', Tara Hamilton-Miller ? A lot
6 Who else who could do such a good Tory gossip column ? Seriously
Tara Hamilton-Miller and Dale are one and the same . I rest my case , and he may as well abandon the Scarlet Pimpernel routine now


Compose Your Own Insult For Gordon Brown
Simple but in a very deep way satisfying . Pure..... and with an appropriate Scottish accent !

Good Will Triumph Over Evil

Goody; Boris has errupted into life with a super new web site ,not that I ever doubted him. What a wonderful thing it would be for London to get some relief from the scourge of Livingstone and what a tremendous help to David Cameron.I have a vision , it is of Boris armed with the largest individual electoral mandate in the country ushering in a new golden age . It will be as if Yellow maned Aslan had finally slain the Snow ken ( er queen.. ok its a reach )Bells will joyously ring out the end of miserable bendy bus shaped class warfare and the City will call out to the country to unite behind David Cameron with new hopeful way forward for the country....why not ? Go Boris

Selling To The Weak

Forgetfulness. A gift of God bestowed upon debtors in compensation for their destitution of conscience. Author: Ambrose Bierce

'The Church of England has launched a campaign to advise people in debt. It includes a post-Christmas "debt check", with ten points which act as warning signs that people may be spending more than they can afford' - The BBC Website. The marketing phrase 'The lord Jesus Christ can help you consolidate all your debts into one easy monthly repayment' is surely just around the corner.It appears jesus died not only to pay for our sins but to help out with our new TV as well.

What a guy !

Gay Taxi Drivers...

Don`t get many do you and heres why...
. 'Gay men navigate in a similar fashion to women, according to research that offers fresh evidence for a heavy biological influence over sexual orientation. Homosexual men and heterosexual women share a poor sense of direction compared with heterosexual men, and are more likely to rely on landmarks, scientists have found' - The Times.
If I ever do meet a gay taxi driver I expect to hear something like this
" Bloody foreigners come over here and ..they`re all bloody gorgeous ..makes me sick...( moan moan)... oh dear, any idea where we are ? " There were 11 out gays at the last Olympics out of about 15,000 competitors by the way.(Prospect)

Sorry Gays , just teasing

Boaden Beats Her Own World Record

Well you can`t teach an old dog new tricks and the BBC is a very mangy old mutt indeed. Perhaps the most irritating flea on the back of the aforesaid canine is Helen Boaden.. Auntie’s director of news quite clearly detests the Conservative Party and seeks to discredit them by her warped presentation at every turn.
Over the weekend Conservative ideas to clean out the Augean Stables Labour have made out of welfare were blushingly unveiled. In particular the national joke called ‘incapacity benefit or in the vernacular ... ‘lying’. Now you might think the first person to express an opinion might be ...oo I don`t know .... David Cameron? Ah yes but that is because you are not a trained journalist entrusted with the tax payers money and vested with a responsibility to produce impartial coverage.
With her infinitively superior sagacity Ms Boaden swerved such tired conventions and went straight to the opinion of Peter Hain who of course called it “ ‘Unfunded , plagiarised and ..”so on.. How a plan to get people of benefits can be unfunded is something of a mystery although the allegation of plagiarising is not. After Labour’s pantomimic prat-fall over Inheritance tax , they are clearly getting their retaliation in first .You could scarcely hear the Conservative ideas above the babble of complaining charity representatives, funded , no doubt, by the government . I sat hardly able to believe my ears that so soon after the disgraceful BBC hatchet job on John Redwood, Boaden was once again performing like a coiffured circus poodle for the benefit of her kindly master Mr. Brown.
The last time she did this she was obliged to apologise thanks to the efforts if Iain Dale to expose the corrupted standards of the Beeb but even then , she tried to wriggle out of it .She issued a partial apology but denied a suggestion by Dale that the coverage had begin with the words “ The Labour Party has today criticised ..” by giving a list of examples to demolish his flimsy case.. Technically she had a point but in reality she did not . Private Eye reported that the examples she picked DID contain Labour Party criticism in the first twenty seconds and quoted each in full. Th fact that she was prepared to slither along with an "economical " verion of the truth shows better than the original crime how little she can be trusted

I believe she has beaten her own world record for getting Labour Party criticism into a Conservative announcement. C0ngratulations Helen . I cannot say how much I admire you I only want to knowwhat you have been promised. Access , like Andrew Marr ? News , or is ot good old fashioned money in the form of some sinecure like so many other Beeb grovellers.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Local MP Is Still National

Our aging crusty MP is a character about whom I am slightly conflicted. He has done some tremendous work exposing the way New Labour burn our money , on the other hand , he has all the silliness of the usual Liberal in an especially virulent form. The local Paper operate a sort of fanzine for him and I suspect there is a strong personal relationship. Anyway some members of UKIP claimed that a controversial incinerator was down to the Euro -fiends .He replied that the EU only made requirement about moving from landfill . I was struck by the fact that in a year of the issue being kicked around, only UKIP brought up the fact it was not a free descision at all. I did not , therefore , feel his conceited description of them as ‘unhinged’ should go unanswered. So this is my latest effort to get into the Express …thus far they have have been immune to my charms …bastards

'I am not a member of the UK Independence Party but I found myself underlining Norman Baker’s description of them as ”unhinged “ and writing the word “irony”. Whilst he may have all sorts of interesting ideas about what the EU`s stipulations require from us on waste, it will be news to many that we live in a world where unelected foreign bureaucrats have any say in our choices at all. It will puzzle yet more that an MP so conspicuously concerned with transparency graft and local decision making should be a member of Party devoted to completing a corrupt internationalist project to eradicate independent states ,and accountability .
These contradictions are all too typical of Mr. Baker, whose much mocked parallel career in investigative journalism has earned him the name Lewes`s Miss Marple . As a member if the left wing Beveridge group he is a supporter of high tax policies. He nonetheless skips around unearthing the arrogant disregard for the taxpayers money inevitable in the dinosaur scale big state he recommends .He is not alone in having concerns about our grandiose commitments abroad but to confuse our friendship with the US with handing over our right decide upon our foreign policy at all, as the EU would like , is ..what was the word ..“unhinged” .
There is no doubt a place for such ”radicalism” as there is anti hunt campaigning and the bizarre conspiracy theories which have upset poor Professor Kelly`s relatives .Personally I would say it was a either a sixth form debating society of the late 70s or a pub.
Lewes is not , as he would like to pretend , an unimportant place with no need to concern itself with the in-coherence of his position. It is a swing seat and therefore in the front line in the battle to remove the tired authoritarian Scottish raj of Gordon Brown . We are heading towards a general election where two views of our future are before us .It is far from clear to me that a vote for our charmingly eccentric incumbent is not a vote wasted or worse still a vote for the status quo. Quite why anyone calling themselves Liberal would want to do that is another contradiction Lewesians might like to ponder. '

...but then UKIP votes have exactly the same effect.

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