Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Polly Loves Milly

Well well , the boy Milliband is in the news isn’t he, The Telegraph have got an entire Court in waiting starting to gather ;Milburn for Chancellor they say . I wonder if the Labour Party have forgotten that Blair( Milliband was his Rooney remember ), was was not popular.He was cordially loathed by the Nation, and had he been around for the economic slow down his head would currently be sitting on a spike at the Tower of London. Back to Blair , don’t think so chaps , he left with all the timing of Indiana Jones grasping his hat before the boom imploded and the rock door crashed down.
A few days ago I raised a Gothic arch shaped eyebrow at La Toynbee placing both Millibands approvingly on the side of the progressives .Progressive is a word in flux right now but she made it clear she meant tax raisers. I wondered if this was wishful thinking from the Queen Bee of leftiness ,who has continued her favours ,or perhaps just a curtsey towards the new king... ( Little changed since Chaucer there )
“This fierse Arcite hath of his helm ydon,..

..Lokynge upward upon this Emelye;
And she agayn hym caste a freendlich ye
For wommen, as to speken in comune,
Thei folwen alle the favour of Fortune). “

( Knights tale )
She would not be alone in finding that slithering mazola man Millipede suddenly attractive. Liz Jones in the Mail on Sunday is , how shall we put it , explicit ..
“ Italian cloth jacket slung sexily over his athletic shoulders , his dark hair in a boyish crop..he has his very own brood of adopted children , the only green way to have a family nowadays ...he could be our own Brad Pitt....young ..dashing thrusting dashing ...etc.”
Of course La Toynbee was besotted with Brown when he was winning ( see Chaucer ) but perhaps there is a different reason for her willingness to consider the Blairy creep a “Progressive “ .These two heroes of social mobility are not exactly parvenus to the Patrician class . In the Winter of 1958 issue of Universities and New Left Review, Ralph Milliband ,in a symposium called “ Who Governs Britain”, noted with approval Phillip Toynbee's focus on the power elite in Britain. The daughter of the latter is supporting the son of the former then, and so the most incestuous power elite in the land continues to propagate itself.Its kinda beautiful when you think about it ,and, as is the fashion ,..I may cry.


Philipa said...

You read Liz Jones? I'm embrarassed to say I used to - waiting to see if she would leave her husband was like looking at a crash on the motorway, I don't normally pay any attention, feeling it's somehow wrong to stare at such private grief. But with Liz Jones I confess I was fascinated to see if such a ditsy yet well paid woman would actually find the sense to leave SUCH an obvious waste of space.

Now she's just boring.

Newmania said...

I do not Phillipa I read Private Eye and she appears in the order of the Brown Nose section as a top creep .

Give me some credit woman

Anonymous said...

Don't cry, newmania. As mother Julian said, when, the poor persecuted woman, had to brick herself into a cell as an anchorite against attack by the lying establishment and listen to the screams of the innocent faithful, burning in pits all around her:

"All will be well, moiy darlin' dears all manner of things will be well"

No Panglossian fool was mother J, she knew, just as wealthy Ralph Miliband's lucrative dialectical Marxist books claimed, that every lie and every liar hold's a contradiction and the seeds of it's own destruction at it's heart.

Well, those seeds are sprouting, newmania, and nothing will hold back that force of nature. Miliband's nemesis is at hand.

And guess what? Mother Julian survived, yet the apparatchiks of the power mad spin machine ranged against her didn't.

Anonymous said...

And in the meantime, what do your excellent mind and incisive analytical power make of this:

Did Samuel Miliband kill all of those White Russians or not? Who is spinning here?

Newmania said...

A tad gnomic in spots for me there Flo but I think I get the drift

Anonymous said...

Have to be deliberately gnomic for the time being, n. But have no fear, all will be well. Look at that esrstwhile cologne cloud of delight, Purnell, consigned to musty toenail dust. The task in hand re the David Millionaire just needs a wee bit more work, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Last comment on David Miliband's blog:

"Can't wait for you to get back. Missing you already"

Guido Fawkes

Excellent :)

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought it was an article about parrots and millet seed - which I can confirm they do love incidentally.... or is that budgies? Oh well....

Your friend Mr Milliband looks odd to me... very odd...

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