Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boris Shows Sound Judgement.

The news that the ring leader of Garry Newlove’s killers, Adam Swellings, had only just been released from custody on bail dominates the Mail,and Sun today .It was hours later, that he ( and others ) kicked Mr Newlove to death. . Mrs Newlove`s remarks are magnificently focussed … .“The justice system does not do enough to protect decent hard working people." , she says , and ,“ Life should mean life, but the defendants would still be younger than her husband when they are released.”. ..
With 11 previous convictions, including assault, battery and restraining order breaches Swellings had been arrested a week earlier for punching a man who caught the gang damaging his car. How can the Police and the justice system have failed so utterly ? Well god forbid he should take responsibility but Brown`s hands are all over it .24 hour drinking , the creation of the no fault society and a justice system that cares nothing for the victim are his doing . Policemen never out of their cars ,a Home Office collapsed into tragic-comic inertia, and the maintenance of benefits slums are his campaign strategy.
I recall the bitter words of another bereaved women ...“'And I'm angry that Stephen is six feet under but the boys who stabbed him can laugh and drink. Their families can still have an interaction with them, but I'm never going to have that again with Stephen.” Doreen Lawrence ; as much a sufferer of social breakdown as Mrs. Newlove. She recently used her status to attack Boris Johnson, over his criticism of the Macpherson report . Boris was right though. The witch hunt at the time was part of a long process whereby the Met in particular has become more political than effective and the underpriveliged communites of London above all ,have suffered the consequences .
Boris has made crime central to his campaign. He is not a racist as everyone ,bar none, knows full well and he cares deeply about the debilitating fear of violence in the Streets . Ken`s campaign has consisted of getting his tax payer funded City Hall chums to accuse Boris of racism even going so far as to wheel out poor deluded Doreen Lawrence .This rubbish is wasting time when there are real problems like the tribes of drug crazed violence addicts that stalk the leperous orange night ? Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian does not get it ..

Today he commented on the Hilary and Obama race row .The provenance of phrases like”shuck and jive”, and the sub text of, “ It took a President to get it done ( ie not just Martin Luther King ) “ ,have been thrown into a simmering cauldron . Sadly he uses this interesting subject to drag us back to a boring one . Another reprise of the anti Boris ,Compass ,“racism” smear . He says the various sound bites are even worse in context which is an outright lie and repeats them !.

So Jonathan with 27 teenage deaths in London last year is this your contribution ….”ooo Sir Boris used a bad word when he was 6...sir sir !”, and you complain that no-one is interested ? His triumphant evidence that Boris is not fit to run London is that Boris once said to him …” You are full of shit “…… … “ How would that play in America ? “ he squeals like the privileged little creep he is .
Boris Johnson has shown sound judgement , in my opinion , which can only enhance his Mayoral CV .I would only add that after Freedland`s latest corrupt article he must be a little less full of it than he was.


Daisy said...

an interesting thing happened to me yesterday...i was outside getting a smoke (our state govenor just instituted no smoking indoors and you have to be 15 feet away from any entrance) and a police officer stopped to ask me if i was 15 feet from the door (i was a good 20 ft away)...i looked at him and said if that is all you have to do with your day, you are getting paid too much...

Newmania said...

Good god is that rfeally what they do daisy, they have just ruined our pubs by banning smoking here.

Do you know there us no evidence wahtsoever for the existence of any passive smoking risk. Pure bossiness

Daisy said...

yes i am aware of that be honest i get so tired of politicians USING and ABUSING laws for their own political gain...they end up taking freedoms is a choice...we had non smoking bars and restaurants is a choice to go to one that allows it or not...well at least it WAS a's all BS if you ask me...similar to the seat belt laws...
as adults we should be given the choice and then live with the results of that CHOICE...i so hate being TOLD what to do...doesn't bode well with me

Old BE said...

N it has nothing to do with whether there is a risk from passive smoking or not! I would say that passive smoking must have some consequences, but that isn't the point!

The point is that people were free to go into bars whose landlords had chosen to ban smoking, or to go into pubs full of thick smoke. They issues facing pub workers could have been resolved with the use of air-conditioning or some other system.

As Daisy say, it's all about removing freedom of choice.

Newmania said...

Hmmm very likely Ed ...this doesnot have anything to do with my post but you are probably right it is more interesting .I was thiking about a post on smoking actually

Old BE said...

I have one in mind too. Sorry to take your high-brow debate off topic Mr N. :-)

Newmania said...


Good article

Anonymous said...

Daisy said:

an interesting thing happened to me yesterday...i was outside getting a smoke (our state govenor just instituted no smoking indoors and you have to be 15 feet away from any entrance) and a police officer stopped to ask me if i was 15 feet from the door

The difference here, Daisy, is that we have to be about 39 inches away from doors and windows - and we have a 50% rule, it's illegal for us to smoke under any structure, say a covered walkway, with 50% or more of its sides covered.

There is another difference to0, if we spoke to a police officer as you did we'd probably be locked up for 36 hours or so.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Oh dea its worse than I thought Flo, I have gione on to deal with smoking as no-one was much interested in my Boris ( and thing s) post...por me poor me ....:)

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