Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Letter Another Rejection

As Hatfield Girl noticed, the Sussex Express ran a headline this week in which a local artists claimed that poncy Londoners were destroying the Town`s identity. I deliberately misunderstood him, slightly and wrote in as below. He said he would not take a commission to paint someone`s cat as it would compromise his integrity by the way, which crops up.This is largely old ground so do feel free to move along .

"The Newman(ia) family arrived, just in time to see the fireworks, so I assume we are amongst those accused of rotting the town’s fabric by Peter Messer. For us that would entirely defeat the point of coming here from London.

When I used to walk to the Tube in Islington, I passed five recent murder sites and the “radical” Finsbury Park Mosque, where a cache of arms was found . Crime was unrelenting ,no one met your eye, and the fear of a knives and guns was omnipresent . The nearby Andover estate was featured on television as an exemplar of a social wasteland .Across Islington 50% were in social housing 70% of whom claimed benefits with results that could fill a year’s Daily Mail editorials.

In many Boroughs of London over 50 % of the school children speak English, at best, as a second language, and in some, like Tower Hamlets, the proportion is 75%. The rate of change is such, that births to mothers born outside the UK are up to 74% in the Borough of Newham, with ten Boroughs above 50%.

There was no community, for all the disingenuous Liberal Council blithered on about it. There were rich people who sent their children to private school ,and welfare dependents whose children attended ‘pre - prison‘. Low to middling folk, who need to use state education, had no choice but to leave. Misguided welfare and housing policies were part of the problem. Deluded multiculturalism ,supported by people whose kids would not attend schools failing to cope with eight languages, was another .

So, I suspect we value the social coherence and continuity of Lewes as much as anyone and the first thing I did was to join the local Conservative party who I see as defending exactly that.
I would like to stress that new people and change at a sustainable rate, are to be welcomed as we have been here. Without immigration there would be no Newman family ,we are mixed race, and who knows , perhaps Mr. Messer may end up taking commissions, after all ,we have two lovely cats …."


Electro-Kevin said...

Misguided welfare.

I think it's deliberately targetted actually - the frontal assault against people who strive to better themselves. Are the government sponsored chav classes an accidental product or are they the unwitting agents of socialists who delight in making the lives of conservatively minded people misery ?

Newmania said...

I must say kev the way a dependency clas ghas been sustained does begin to make to you wonder . After all , without that class and the public sector proffesionals that live from it where would the Labour Constituency be

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right gentlemen - there were never any socialist parties in feudal societies. The sooner we return the better!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful letter, N, despite its grim subject matter. I hope the nimby (LD-voting?) artist hangs his head in shame!
p.s. I have just backed you up on the tarts' thread over at Ellee (not too painful I hope!)

Newmania said...

Oh Puleeeeeze David !!!

Electro-Kevin said...

I think anon was being tongue in cheek there.


That's always the answer when the welfare state is challenged - the alternative is always 'kids up chimneys and riding pit ponies.'

You know we don't mean that anon. :-)

Newmania said...

I missed anon there EK, I see . Its mater of balance isn`t it

Newmania said...

...sorry..as I say its a matter of balance and its been badly handled

Anonymous said...

'kids up chimneys and riding pit ponies.'

its a matter of balance

Absolutely - you don't want kids riding the pit ponies - they bang their heads and fall off. And today's chimneys are two small for all the over nourished kids of today.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for "two" rather than "too" - I blame State Education, wouldn't have happened in Wackford Squeers day.

Newmania said...

Yup education is a disaster, welfare is still 80% throwing money away for nothing , tax credits have failed and immigration is out of control. Everything is going to the dogs . Gone to the dogs
I want to help children. I just dion1t thi throwing money at the porblem will help . It hasn`t so far.

Anonymous said...

20% of welfare provision through the State surely this is too much. Shouldn't we bring back the bridewell and rely on eleemosynary assistance instead - remember they made the Empire and then the welfare state destroyed it from 1918 onwards

Anonymous said...

Must say I quite like Cameron's workfare proposals - constant values updated to modern times. Nice to see that the old "workhouse" principal still has some mileage in it.

Will be nice to see the Old Etonians back in charge!

Newmania said...

All welfare provision is through the state dummy which roughly equates to the amount we pay income tax .Old Etoninans ?Do you want me to go through the family connections of the Labour Party and thats aside from its incestuous Scottish establishment so loathed North of the border.See previous posts , Labour are far worse at valuing blood over talent ,as you would expect.

You feel perhaps that the electorate goes to work in order that their income is confisctated and distributed to charities by whatwever canting hypocrite us able to collect enough gaping beaks ?Oh alright then
You win anon , my slippers are on and await the cheque !!!

Well !

Where is it

I am owed it !

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