Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Hell I Suffer

I was sorry to see the lads fail to beat South Africa but I could see that Martin Corry`s words were true “ Look , the white shirt and the red rose , they mean everything ".
Not to the scum selling is out for the sake of their warm bureaucratic sinecures. Cassilis informs me that there us a movement to install Tony Blair into the new Presidency of the EU. A pretty neat demonstration of how little your opinion matters any more. Londoners will be rule by a combination of Ken Livingstone , Gordon Brown and Tony Blair . I look to Milton to articulate my feelings about this :

Me miserable! which way shall I fly
Infinite wrath and infinite despair?
Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep,
Still threat’ning to devour me, opens wide,
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven

Friday, October 19, 2007

How Very Dare You ?!

I have just watched the Parliamentary Scrutiny Committee grilling Millipede, and it was fairly temple throbbing stuff.Some magnificent work was done by James Clappison ( Con )pinning the fluttering mothy DM on some misrepresentation of the solidity of red lines soi disant .
We are potentially liable to fines and forfeit the entire measure ,unless we opt in to an amendment, and this is clearly a ratchet from which we cannot escape.It will Europeanise our Criminal Justice System. The gay icon was lying through his bleached white teeth but he saw a way out !
Just at this tricky point of stammering mendacity Milliband chose to take a ironic reference to “ Peace in our time “ somewhat literally . The conversation went something like this

“Foreign Secretary you are being evasive and trying to hide cracks in this proposed Treaty… you wave it with a glib ‘Peace in our time’ ….”

“ Hang on are you suggesting that I am like Neville Chamberlain…….
“ I think you are being overly imaginative …”
“ No I am not , I take great office , you are in principle comparing the EU with Nazi Germany of the 30s…”
“ Eeer ..I think you are being a little overly sensitive …”
“ Well perhaps I am , perhaps with my family ( jewish) I do take this very seriously.For you to suggest that it is 30 September, 1938 and I am Neville Chamberlain giving a speech concerning the Munich Agreement , and that it will be remembered for its ironic value, is an outrage.."
"Oh come on can we get back to..."

" No it is a sesitivity I feel acutely. The Munich Agreement, you say this treaty is like , gave the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Hitler .Are claiming that next year Germany will invade Poland and Europe will be plunged into World War II. This was what you with bare faced effrontery .... insensitivity to my Semitic lineage …. etc.”

I may not understand every last Paragraph but I know one thing . Milliband is lying and we are heading further into the super state . Bill Cash said as much

Look Back In Anger

It is worth reading exactly what Labour wrote in the Manifesto about the old constitution, on which they were prepared to offer a referendum...

"The EU now has 25 members and will continue to expand. The new Constitutional Treaty ensures the new Europe can work effectively, and that Britain keeps control of key national interests like foreign policy, taxation, social security and defence. The Treaty sets out what the EU can do and what it cannot. It strengthens the voice of national parliaments and governments in EU affairs. It is a good treaty for Britain and for the new Europe.We will put it to the British people in a referendum and campaign whole-heartedly for a ‘Yes’ vote to keep Britain a leading nation in Europe.

Just take a look back at the manifesto, which promised a referendum, and in the coming weeks whenever you hear a politician claiming one is not needed as the red lines protect "key national interests like foreign policy, taxation, social security and defence" or that "It strengthens the voice of national parliaments and governments in EU affairs" recognise that these are hollow argument because so, they claimed, did the last treaty, where they promised the public a referendum

Quote from Labour 2005 Manifesto

How The EU Works

Brown has introduced 3000 new laws and rising . As Nick Clegg complained at times new laws are enacted so quickly the old ones haven`t even taken effect. He is unlikely to mention one of the real reasons though ;the EU. The following exmaple tells us a lot about the mysteriously fidgety shambles of our legislation

ID cards.

As you know, these are unpopular in the UK, and we haven't had them since WWII. The EU has decided that all EU citizens MUST have ID cards. therefore Britain will be forced to introduce them. The Labour government, realising the difficulty of forcing a FOREIGN ID card system on its own people against the wishes of the British people, decided that the best solution was to pre-empt the EU directive and come up with its own ID Card scheme crafted in its own image.
Many EU laws now forced onto us under Maastricht are effectively "covered-up" by the government pre-emptively introducing its own legislation on the same issues - which is a key reason why Labour have introduced so many new laws.

Cost of ID cards - Government say £5 billion, Others say £20 billion
Total Social Payment budget - About £90 billion
National debt - About £30 billion plus another £30 billion off balance sheet

Arts Funding Increased

Fact of the day- The average wage of a the man who paints the lines on the road is £53,000 pa ,....and that’s the average - Metro

Its Good To Be The King

I have usually taken the view that women are exploiting men who get treated like a Turkey at Christmas in Divorce . It does seem that way . Poor old Paul McCartney will have to struggle on with only £725 million and Thierry Henri will have to make do with only the four cars .
Oddly , the vision I have of the newly divorced woman flinging herself onto a bed covered in currency is not born out by the figures . A study earlier this year showed that a ditched chaps income rises on average by about 11% after divorce while the painted harlot of the piece plummets by 17%. The Fawcett Society also shows that women have on average 33% less savings than men . Finally the office of national Statistics shows that 40% of divorced women over 65 were poor enough to qualify for income support. Only 1% of married women were.

Bad news for my argument but on the other hand good news for my continued rule in the home .I am practicing thre use of this power now ,and attaching a moustache with the express intention of twirling it .

“ Ahem….Do my bidding worthless chattel or you will drink rain water and run through the night in the Winter snow Now lets set a few rules .For breakfast I will require …two rashers ….not the smoky kind ….. Not that runny marmalade …etc.”

Its good to be the king

Lisbon Made Simple

Over the coming weeks there will be much debate at an arcane and esoteric level about infinitesimally small distinctions of meaning and intent in the new European Constitution. This will make it appear that what happens in Lisbon is beyond the competence of the ordinary man . In fact they will quite deliberately do so. This is 99% the sheet of zee bull. Europe revolves around simple questions and if out representatives were not so deeply in love with deceit they would put the thing to us on a sheet of A 4 . All questions can be reduced to a sheet of A 4 if you leave out the lying embellishment and legal stuff. In life we are quite familiar with this . We make a deal and then give it to a solicitor to turn it into 30 pages of binding contract. The deal ,nonetheless ,is as agreed between principles .

This is the question. Do you , or do you not, wish to be ruled by foreigners ?

The vast majority would say no...not out of spite of xenophobia but because your nation is like an extension of family and requires loyalty and a web of familiarity to function." We" decide between us what "we" will do. Europe does not contain a "we"..or to put it in a more pretentious way A demos .
It is clear that a democracy or real Parliament would be meaningless without the dialogue carried on at instinctive level by our country, and it quite hard enough to retain this balance in such an organic Parliamentary system as ours .( Not that the EU even tries but that’s another point)
Were you to ask Joe Public if he wished to order the lives of Poles or Belgians he would scratch his head and say..“ None of my business”. You see simple

. Its easy to see why nationalism was so feared in the 20th century but that time is past. We can also see why some left wing elements prefer policies of one sort or another imposed on us from outside . I dislike it myself but the quality of the laws are not the point . France is a nice place , they might very well make lovely laws for us …I still , out of sentimental attachment, prefer that they are in no such position. I wish to choose . I certainly do not wish to be ordered around by someone to whom I owe nothing and have no “contract “with. The contract by which regime are exchanged without violence and war in a democracy.

WE entered this arrangement out of weakness in the 70s when the Continent was out-performing us . That is gone . We were not told about the Federal Dream and the surreptitious efforts to make that real , now we know . Europe dominated the world economy and was supposed to be a third block against Pact and the US. That is a distant and tiny little world now . The economic benefits are no longer there , which was the real reason Conservatives initially like the idea and the costs are huge . The Third way , like Norway or Switzerland is clear enough with bilateral arrangements being made with the EU block and freedom to deal with the rest of the world.

People with guilt on their hands act dumb . They say ..“What do you mean ,?Maastricht was more wide ranging change”… to which the majority will say ,“ Yes I am just starting to realise what you have done without consulting me and I want my say , the fact that each step is now small will not defer my say forever so of not now then when ? Well ..when !?”.

The villains are terrified . I read Polly`s rant in the Guardian.. She claims the Federal dream is dead but we know very well it is not from the pronouncements of the rest of Europe . Les Lignes rouges were in place when the referendum was promised in the first place and have not substantially changed . The treaty is a Constitution because the Treaty of Rome is a Constitution . It was impossible for it not to be as it allots competence to national and supranational governments . Amendments therefore are inevitably of Constitutional Character. £5000 per household membership costs, for which we get nothing good I can think of.

. There is , in reality , no defence of this Constitution without a defence of the whole project and that is the can of worms Gordon wishes to remain unopened .Brown does not have the character to break out of this cycle . He will continue to lie until we can quote his won words back at him,

” There is nothing you can say now , that I will ever believe “

No change for me there

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Naming Of A Politician

A passing tramp models the new Lib Dem Footwear of choice

Whats In A Name

What any politician needs are sound instincts , rhetorical abilities and, nowadays, a full head of hair . Above all though he needs a funny name and an unnamed Tory MP has come up with a doozy for Clegg. , someone said ...” .Nick Clegg is a screaming Euro fanatic man child , he’s half Dutch , he should be called Nick Clog "There you have it Nick Clog. It has all the elements. It sounds funny, it points out his weak ties with the country and rips straight into the reason why no Conservative and increasingly few Lib Dems should have anything to do with him. To the question at the heart of Europe ..” Do you want to be ruled by foreigners ?” His answer is yes.

Infamy infamy....

Notes : The predominance of the Murdoch Press has been well publicised recently in anticipation of the Lisbon charade of red lines and obfuscation. I have read articles attacking the monopoly of Murdoch, in the Guardian , the Independent and today the New Statesman . I haven’t looked at the Mirror but I expect it’s the same . Needles to say Private Eye continues its fun and games at the expense of the Dirty Digger. At what point this Press barrage directed at Murdoch starts to look ridiculous. Its not as if the Mail or the Telegraph on the side of International Capitalism.
It strikes me that this is smashing the window with the hammer provided, and getting out the emergency argument before the game begins. The Euro loons are scared to death, not at the additional loss of sovereignty, but that people will see how far we have gone . That is the real issue and always was. Not this Constitution but the whole misguided endeavour. Put it this way . They say Maastricht was more fundamental. I say that’s the main reason we need a referendum now .

Football Does Not Exist

Football: Now theres a subject where I feel European. Why the hell did we have to have an English manager? Sven , I recall, waltzed us through the qualifiers and we had to enter the Grand Prix with a British Leyland TR 7 . I missed it yesterday but last I heard the score was One Nil . I planned to sit twiddling my abdomen hair and relishing the victory over a cup of tea . When I got home Mrs. N said to me “Oh dear they lost 2:1 ...still its on now I suppose you will want to watch”
Jaw slack with disbelief I of course replied ,”No I f****** well do not . I `m quite miserable enough thanks . Quick talk about something else...Jesus ... etc.”

It didn`t Work Last Time

"I'll tell you, we're still fighting for this title, and he's still got to go to Middlesbrough and get something. I'll tell ya, honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it." Kevin Keegan, 1996.

"We're not giving up. We'll take it to the end. It's a tough place to go, Israel. Russia, the pressure's on again. They have to go and win. [I'll tell ya, honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it.]" Steve McClaren, 2007

deep deep sigh..............

My Wife Doesn’t Understand Me

Women do not get it do they. Years ago, a friend at little school, asked for an Arsenal shirt ( Hurrah !), for Christmas . His mother , on finding they had run out bought a Spurs ( yuk) nonsense instead. He was , of course , traumatised and remains emotionally disturbed to this day. His mother was uncomprehending .....” you meant a specific sort of shirt ..? Aren`t they the same ? “Women , know your place .....

Thick Blue Wavy Lines

Any way on with the Rugby ...Come On Engerland ! Confusion to Nick Clog and lets replace some thin red lines with a big fat stretch of sea. The Channel.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Devil V Polly Celebrity Fight

I was reading La Toynbee yesterday as she used all her witchy wiles to brand Euroscepticism as 'crazed'. As I read I thought ...lumme Devil`s Kitchen may explode if he sees this ..Well sure enough...


I shall indeed be commenting on Toynbee's fatuity."

Fight fight fight ....I shall be looking forward to Devil v Polly and suggest you popm into his blog soon. There may be ...language ( On Blog roll)

Great Excuses ..No. 94

Following yesterdays Priest, who pretended to be a gay sex pest to smoke out a Satanic plot; I give you the Dental approach...

'A dentist accused of fondling the breasts of 27 female patients is trying to keep his dental license by arguing that chest massages are an appropriate procedure in certain cases. Mark Anderson's lawyer says dental journals discuss the need to massage the pectoral muscles to treat a common jaw problem'-MSNBC.

All I Ask Is The Chance....


I have met Iain Dale twice .He’s a nice chap, perhaps slightly difficult to relax around, in that he is doing his job when you are just arseing around. He is something of a Jonah though, isn`t he. It is not one, but two car crash PR stunts he has been involved in .That Speech” ( Davis ) and the ill fated trip to Rwanda. Does this make him a little sensitive ?


On Blogger TV ,talking about the translators in Iraq he made the entirely irrelevant point that you go into politics( which I haven’t ) in order to help people. I `d say "shrill" was the mot juste .Well that’s one reason I suppose , but , this does not mean the suffering of the world are suddenly welcome at my front door and nor I expect at Dale Acres. I detected a residual defensiveness. I think ID was aghast at the bored contempt with which his own readers reacted to the Rwanderer debacle. With ‘that speech ‘now part of legend ..I feel a bit sorry for him.

Never Mind ….

Mathew Paris had a good article in the Spectator recently in which he pronounced himself a “ Epihenomenalist, meaning ,the tears cause the sadness not visa versa. He argues that the Party didn’t turn from David Davis because he made a rotten speech , they heard a rotten speech because they were turning away from him. This lets Dale off the hook and for finding this succour ..I claim my £5. By this means he explains the over praise of Cameron and the,odd suprise of the media on discovering Brown is boring.

Wit Cures All

I see Oscar Wilde has been voted the top wit in a survey to mark the opening of the digital TV channel. People who spoil Dinner by emoting about Africa, should reacquaint themselves with his sharp claws, usually to be found slicing into the tender flesh of the concerned classes. I offer this an instant corrective to earnestness

“One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.”

I `m afraid my poor heart gets the better of me on such occasions….

Clarkson’s Saving Grace

Another name on the list of wits was Jeremy Clarkson which rather dents our confidence in its provenance. I have always thought Jeremy Clarkson was Esther Ranthzen for fat men , and not PJ O ` Rourke . Well, if he is PJ O Rourke then Cliff is Elvis ,(and he isn’t) . He voted Liberal most if his life and is in fact a bog standard media tart…......sorry but he is; so stop crying . Having said that, he did smoke on air , a Pipe actually. A spokesperson for Action On Smoking For Health ( ASH) has demanded an apology from the BBC,Clarkson…can`t be all bad then.

A Joke

On the subject of wit and humour I laughed and laughed at the suggestion that the Management of Northern Rock should cost the tax Payer £13 billion and keep their jobs . …Just fancy ; its quite true .

Seconds Out

With the Lisbon Red Line fest coming up there is palpable feeling that tanks are drawing into position. Ruth Lea , and Gisela Stuart have attacked but on the other side Polly Toynbee sweetly implores “Don’t Let The Euro-crazie`s Drag Us Out Of The Club ".Breezing though it the main points I can summarise as follows
1 Murdoch Conspiracy
2 We wrote it .
3 Actually we get more sovereignty because we can pre-scrutinise and send back legislation
4 Qualified majority voting essential with 27 members
5 Can’t keep a 6 month Presidency
6 The Federal Dream is dead …?
7 If we vote it down we will be chucked out ..
8 Its technical and too complicated for a referendum
9 Thanks to Murdoch the very word Europe will get a no.

And positively ..we need it for the Environment , terror , crime , global warming , to stop the US in Iran..blah blah. As well as having to deal with EU single market without affecting it , like Norway or Switzerland .

Media Bias

It’s a bit confused and mostly argument by assertion , but I `ll just pick up one point , the supposed Murdoch media conspiracy. When I go into the shop to buy a Paper there is the Guardian and the Mirror and the New Statesman all of which I buy occasionally . If Murdoch dominates the Media its because his editors and in tune with the readers . If they weren’t ; he wouldn’t .With the BBC , I have no choice . The fact Polly relies on this patently weak scaffold suggests to me she is not telling the truth about her real motives . International Social Democracy mayhap ……..could be .

BBC Cracks Bias

Speaking of media bias, gosh what a lot of anti Liberal Jokes there were on the new “ News Quiz” presented by life long Liberal Sandi Toksvig… eerm not one just the usual Tory bashing . Not a single Brown joke yet on the Beeb despite the ample material he provides gleefully used by Private Eye.

Crack House

( BTW On Murdoch`s new Fox News they have a presenter called Greg Gutfield who said of
I’m-a-dinner-jacket’s visit ,“ So the foul smelling fruit bat Almadinejad spoke at that crack house known as Columbia University today.” …sounds impartial to me !)

Poll Dancing

Yes Conservatives have been Poll dancing for the last week but should we .Peter Kellner of U Gov said we saw .."The most violent earthquake of in public opinion in 25 years” in fact ,since the Falkland’s War. I have suspected for while, that we are in a new territory in which Poll results are untrustworthy rafts on a sea of volatility. When you see descriptions like “Black Tuesday”, you cannot help but notice the “scale” problem. With the long weeks of Lisbon squirming ahead there is at least a good chance of firming the lead into magnificent tumescence .

..and if the Lisbon ordeal doesn’t do him Cherie Blair`s Auto biography is coming out and its rumoured to paint a pretty appalling picture of Mac Broon…She`s baaaaaaack. Damn, I `ll have to buy it. It is said to include furious rows between B1 and B2..yummy

Finally Esther / Jeremy Clarkson( delete as applic)

Proof positive that anything is possible , Claire Short has found love again at 61 and with Mo Mowlam`s ex Jon Norton. It seems to have changed her a bit she said ..”
Life is beautiful- despite all the bad stuff. You know nature is beautiful and a lot of people are lovely

Sweet. I feel sorry Paul McCartney had to find out ”Money can’t buy me love “ the hard way, but I `m still with second placed wit and long time hero Spike Milligan

All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy."

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Vatican Sex Manual

Oh dear those Catholics do get themsleves into a pickle about sex don`t they

'The Vatican was last night at the centre of an unusually public s*x scandal after acknowledging it had suspended a senior official who was filmed apparently propositioning a young man in his office. Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, a capo ufficio, or section head, at the Vatican ministry responsible for the clergy, insisted yesterday he was not gay. He said he had posed as a homosexual to research a plot by satanists. A programme broadcast on October 1 by La7 - the only national channel not owned by Silvio Berlusconi or the state - included a sequence it said had been filmed secretly in a Vatican office. The six-minute sequence was said to have been captured by a young man who had come into contact with a Vatican official via an internet chatroom' - The Guardian

Because You`re Worth It ...

'England's rugby heroes are being urged to ruffle South Africa's feathers in the World Cup final - by messing up Percy Montgomery's precious hairstyle. Percy the Peacock's luxuriantly highlighted and coiffured barnet is his pride and joy. And the Springboks' deadly goal kicker HATES it being disturbed. He has scored the most points of any South African in history. Yet one of his hobbies - jewellery design - sounds decidedly girly. And his ex-coach says he may go into interior design when he hangs up his boots' - The Sun.

Time To Unite Against Europe

I have been reading Devilled Kitchen of late and while I feel he would be improved by a thrashing before being obliged to stand for the national anthem , he does know his stuff on the Great Satan( Brussels ). He does jolly well puncturing the gaseous presumption of others but like all anarchists has little to suggest positively
I have myself accompanied the very fragrant Arthurian legend to the Bruges group and made pow wow with U Kippers. There is a cigarette paper between them and the Euro sceptic Conservative Party nowadays .A little emphasis aside we are brothers, that should be united in defeating Brown`s plot to turn this green land into a foul gulag . I do not therefore see the point of UKIP which may well do much harm

Mr. Kitchen would no doubt say that Conservatives want to reform the EU but are , (amazingly) , conservative about actually leaving it .True enough.. In the 70s our economy was stuck and the European power houses were racing ahead , Suez had crushed the belief of the country and we felt we could not accept a role and America`s Athens . The war was still a fresh memory, people forget that a midway point between now and the Luftwaffe flying over London was 1976 the year the Pistols came out . The words, “ Ever closer union “, had a quite different resonance . None foresaw that a peace promoting customs Union, would become the United states of Europe . If this Constitution is waved though that’s is exactly what we will have.

It was economic insecurity that propelled us in and the threat of it has been wielded effectively at Conservatives who , reasonably , appreciate independence , but less so than their mortgages. I am always telling UKIP ultras that they should emphasise the problems and expense of the EU less, and concentrate on establishing the firm economic case for life outside. Less of the past and more of the future, in other words .

I am delighted, therefore, to see Ruth Lea doing just that through an organisation called “Global Vision. The argument must be that in return for regaining control over our country and getting back £5000 for every household . We will be as rich as Norway and Switzerland who struggle by with a raft of bilateral treaties, the so called third way.
The word has changed since the 70s we are now the Daddy, while their economies sink into deeper sclerosis every year. Conservatives only need reassurance and I am one of them.

The time has come for UKIP to rejoin the Party and make the case, they will be pushing an open door and one held by timidity not principle .The great advantage of this would be to expose Nick Cleggs weak Euro flank..

The Perfect European Nick Clegg

Son of Russian Banker and Dutch mother this fluent multi-linguist was educated at Westminster, Cambridge and then Brussels internship, posting the usual apple for teacher articles in the Guardian en route . He has , of course , never had a real job or a real English life in any sense at all .He is a gilded gypsy internationalist with weed- shallow roots in the loam of England . He and his Spanish wife Gonzlaez Durantez ( not Clegg) can pitch up anywhere . We, however , have become attached to the drizzly beauty of the place over the last 1000 years . What right has he got to tell us what “we” should do when he does not accept there is a “we” and certainly does not belong to it For him “Flag A ( spit ...) means as much as Flag B. Such a man knows nothing of this country for all his good intentions

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Posh Boy ?

So Farewell then Ming otherwise known as ,Nick Drew, have suggested the Liberals go further into gerontocracy by digging up Jeremy Thorpe, but sadly I think Cleggy is the boy. This will be a bit of a problem for our David . I have seen Clegg at a question time recording and he scrubs up well for a Liberal in a dull way.
He brings all the negative baggage Cameron does, he is a posh Westminster media princeling who has wastreled about in European sinecures and self congratulatory CV filling . He is stuck so far up the arse of the establishment only his feet can be seen. That’s his weakness; he’s a yes man and a creep , in fact he is David Milliband .He also has the classic achilles heel of Liberals ,opposing Trident, advocating the smoking ban and suggesting we dump America for the EU. On tax he is confused , he wishes to cut it , but typically for a liberals is unable to make hard choices about where.
A little quick to jump on Mings corpse as well. , if he accentuates his right wing modernising credentials he risks making the Liberals position entirely superfluous. His Liberalising domestic noises are somewhat undermined by his willingness to see democracy sold to Brussels. Not without admirable qualities but lacking definition , he has no discernible over arching philosophy.

Personally ,you might say posh boys are in vogue so why not another . I would say Cameron has succeeded despite the very great disadvantage of his background by his undeniable talent and bravery. If Clegg fails to match him , and he surely will , then he could be just the man to finish of this party for good . He risks appearing entirely ineffectual . On the the hand perhaps we can work with him.

The sayings of Clegg:


Mr Clegg, a moderniser, is one of the small group of economic liberals attempting to get the party to accept a more "credible" policy on tax and spend, as he tells us himself. The party, he says, needs to break some "taboos" on the NHS and make it more responsive to public needs.( Guardian 2005)


If legislation was a guarantee of greater public safety, this country would be the safest nation on earth. Since 1997, the Labour government has passed over 114,000 pages of legislation, and today's Queen's Speech offers us thousands of pages more.

The greatest burden of legislation has issued forth from the Home Office, which has produced a total of 59 bills since 1997. Undeterred by the fact that 10 years in office has led them to create over 3,000 new offences, today we learn that the Home Office is set to go into legislative overdrive once again with five more bills and the chance of another later in the year.......... More than 50 sections of the 2003 Criminal Justice Act haven't been put into effect, and yet John Reid is proposing new legislation to replace it altogether.....This is panic, push-button government at its worst. Labour uses legislation as a proxy for governing, …We also find ourselves with a country less free than before. The innocent will continue to be harassed by illiberal legislation - like identity cards and the DNA database - forced onto the statute book on little more than a ministerial whim.....


The public debate on immigration is changing. In part, this is because of a step change in the number of economic migrants coming to the UK since the mid-1990s, and a sharp increase in those coming from central and eastern Europe following the latest enlargement of the EU…it now consistently features in the top three issues that voters say are of greatest concern to them……The government estimates this number to be up to 600,000 individuals. Do the Conservatives ….That is why the Liberal Democrats will be debating a policy proposal, at our party conference in mid-September, that a route of earned legalisation should be made available to those who have lived here unauthorised for many years.

Our aim must be to refute the medievalism of Al-Qaeda’s perverted world view, while ensuring that members of our mainstream Muslim communities feel that our liberal values of tolerance and diversity are their values too. We must combine critical engagement with the many grievances held among mainstream Muslims, without necessarily accepting them, drawing a clear red line beyond which liberal respect for other views does not exten


always tempting to believe you can have your cake and eat it, remain everyone's friend, playing one off against the other, never needing to make a choice. If only.

The EU and America are not enemies. Doctrinaire anti-Americanism is pointless. Little can be achieved on the global stage without a working partnership between Europe and the US. Nor is the EU perfect. While Blair and Bush may have committed a monumental error of judgment in Iraq, the opposition from Chirac and Schröder smacked of political opportunism. But Europe and America are different, starkly so when Washington is run by a cabal of neoconservative ideologues. Sometimes, a choice between the two is unavoidable. And membership of the EU does imply minimal standards of solidarity with its other members, and commitment to the principles of multilateralism and negotiation upon which the EU is founded.

He has voted for the smoking ban and against Trident

Braveheart Broon Mocks English

Just off to support England ...what did you think ?

The RFU have confirmed Mac Broon of broon`s invite to the final. If he dares show his face can’t we get some alternative lyrics going ? He has no right to be there . He is not English and he detests rugby’s rural strongholds and lower middle England profile .

Swing low ,sweet Polls for Brown
Phoney Scots can run along home
Swing low sweet Polls for Brown
Phoney Scots can run along home

I looked over Gordon and what did I see
( Phoney Scots can run along home )
A fraud who` s trying to crucify me
(Phoney Scots can run along home )

Swing low .....etc.

There he stands the thieving jock
(Phoney Scots can run along home)
He`ll be cheering for the Boks
(Phoney Scots can run along home )

He slaps my back and steals my purse
Phoney Scots ....
The sight of him makes us play worse
Phoney Scots .....

The Pictish Horde once stole our sheep
( Phoney Scots ..
Now he turns up here to creep
( Phoney Scots

Thirty billion pounds in crates
( Phoney Scots
Bound for Gordon’s client State
( Phoney Scots

Swing low ,sweet Polls for Brown
Phoney Scots can run along home
Swing low sweet Polls for Brown
Phoney Scots can run along home

There must be more verses

Blind Justice

Once envisioned as pure alabaster Blind Jutice is now a lascivious whore asking for a good seeing to. Convenience , Political Correctness and Moral Cowardice are all turning up for the gang bang

At least it could cure her headache:

By The Copenhagen Post

Published 15.10.07 10:00

A team of Danish researchers has found that having sex helps relieve even the strongest of headaches

The next time your partner says: ‘Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache,’ you can show them the latest research results from a team of doctors at University Hospital’s sexology clinic that indicate sex actually helps relieve that painful pounding between the ears

Whether she thinks the pain in the arse is worth it is another matter

Burn Them With Ice

Frost bite . Ice can burn !

After a tremendous weekend of achievement there will be a temptation to gloat which I intend to give in to. The Labour Party have bravely run away at the first sniff of cordite smashing the Harriet Haraman-isation of yore . Iain Duncan Smith is reputed to have reacted to Burnham’s admission that marriage should be supported with one word “Shameless”. They have recanted their faith in Road tolls opting for mix and match local approach identical to the Conservatives . We know of course they currently stand like a guilty school girl in mummies big shoes with a sop to the IHT revolt. They have not begun to understand what it was all about though which was the principle that after tax I own what is mine not provisionally but eternally until I lose it or sell it .Nor are they likely to make much headway pointing at unearned property appreciation when people are sacrificing everything to be involved and it is mostly driven by immigration anyway.
Blairy beasts are creeping from the night to wards the camp fire and behind dangerously glittering eyes fatty Falconer has started muttering about the lack of a vision .
A vision , of course, is something you take to the electorate and hope to gain their mandate to enact . Not something you demonstarte whilst in power.

Les Bleus en Angleterre are soaring majestically aloft with a five point lead over the Labour Party and there is every reason to hope this will improve with the Lisbon summit to come where Flash Gordon will be obliged to dig furiously despite being in a deep deep mendacious hole on Europe . Brown’s plot to come back bloody and unbowed squealing “ red lines “, is prepared for . I fully expect Devil’s Kitchen to write his script in anticipation for the amusement of one and all.

On top of this as I may have mentioned England out beefed Les Bleus en France with a performance nothing like as stoic as some have suggested. In fact they threw the ball out whenever it seems advantageous to do so and I won`t have this Southern hemisphere whinging . What , I ask , do you call the 7th and 8th place pay off . Answer “The Bledisloe, cup”

Wilko and Cameron face similar problems now . Rewoodite cavaliers may be tempted t go haring off after the stragglers where they will be picked off by BBC snipers. The discipline of a balanced approach to the country may be abandoned in the thrill of it all . this would be fatal for the Conservative Party. I would suggest changing tack completely and diving into Labour territory with some serious thinking on the demographic time bomb of care for the elderly . England`s rugby players similarly risk losing focus and discipline. They have won so far by being more in the zone than their opponents and they will have to maintain superhuman levels of intensity to beat South Africa .

If there is one thing that defines a winner its how he reacts when victory is near but not won. Does he get the proverbial nose bleed in the penalty area and sky the ball of does he carefully pick his spot and administer the coup de grace with a deadly control. Keep to the middle ground Cameron. Maintain the intensity England .

Burn them with ice !

What Kind Of Dick Is He ?

The subject of Brown’s personality is entirely valid as this is the only thing that has changed from the hugely unpopular Blair regime. He has made it the issue . As he is a weird obsessive who eats Lizards and digests them in a pouch down the left hand side of his face , it was unwise of him. I was wondering who he was most like

Richard The Third ?

Now is the winter of our discontent
made glorious summer by this son (or sun) of York

(The speech reveals Richard's jealousy and ambition, as his brother, King Edward the Fourth rules the country successfully. Richard is an ugly hunchback, describing himself as "rudely stamp'd" and "deformed, unfinish'd", who cannot "strut before a wanton ambling nymph." He responds to the anguish of his condition with an outcast's credo: "I am determined to prove a villain / And hate the idle pleasures of these days.")

Richard Nixon?

“……years of campaigning and losing had worn Nixon down. In an impromptu concession speech the morning after the election, Nixon famously blamed the media for favoring his opponent. At a post election press conference, a bitter Nixon lashed out at reporters who, he said "are so delighted that I have lost." He added:
“ For 16 years, ever since the Hiss case, you've had a lot of—a lot of fun—that you've had an opportunity to attack me and I think I've given as good as I've taken.....But as I leave you I want you to know—just think how much you're going to be missing. You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference. [5]”

I wont` say which I think is more Brown-like but I will say ‘ For god`s sake guard the Princes”

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Free Education For All

Well at least Compass who I really must stop irritating ...snicker

So many slaps to hand out and so little time....


The red lines are worthless or , at the very least, subject to quiet legal challenge, which is , of course , the point . Even the Labour dominated scrutiny committee agrees . What more do you want ? The Union was sold off by Labour over devolution and now exists only as a shameless exercise in Gerrymandering anyway . The horse has bolted but you are right to see the way the division will finally come . Freedom within Europe says Salmon.... good luck with that !


The Treaty of Rome is necessarily a Constitution in that it sorts areas of competence between national supra national level. Amendments to it are therefore inevitably Constructional by nature. The renaming of the Constitution as a Treaty relies on collective amnesia regarding this fact for its effect and is a monstrous fraud . It’s a Constitution


You would like to see concrete examples of how we are losing our sovereignty ? Are you serious?!
Well what about the right to decide who may or may not come and live in this country “ henceforth referred to as the “car park”. What about the right to make our own laws ? Trade with whom we wish ? What about , as a small example , the right to govern the provision of services like Employers Liability…you thought FSA? Think again. Back to the big picture no-one disputes that between 70 and 80% of our laws now emanate from the EU. Remember the EU parliament is no such thing is does not develop or offer policy is rubber stamps the commission which is a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats . Do you want to me to list some ….it would be boring n but very easy. Why not just have a look at Devil’s Kitchen. 61 vetos will be lost by the Constitution including such peccadilloes as our own foreign Policy. Does no-one here care about this country at all , except as an illusion by which everyone tries to get everyone else to pay for them ?


There is a lot of humbug talked about the EU it is not a complex issue . Do we as the 5th largest economy in the world want to be ruled by foreigners or not is the only question? The foreign role of the EU is laughable , it has to ask the US to help sort out its own back yard provoking the usual bitter inferiority complex and carping . What about domestically ? Many would say …whats the problem , they make nice laws about rights and employees ..Well fine . Why not then, take no further part in the joke we casually refer to as democracy and hand that expensive pantomime over to Germany who will , I am sure , make some lovely laws for us . After all Germany is quite a nice country they may well do a great job.

Personally I have a sentimental attachment to the idea of having some say in the future of my own country but with such estimable goodies to be had , no wonder so many people couldn’t give a toss.


As far as a warped debate is concerned there is perhaps no subject about which the BBC has been so resolutely biased and paternalist in its arrogant attitude to its paymasters . It began when Jack De Manio ..( you will not know him) was expelled from the Today programme for his anti EEC views ( confirmed by then pre senile Hattersley. This bias pertains directly to Brown’s current and self inflicted travails ,(he allowed others to believe he was not a Euro-phile but now we see he is )

Evidence of BBC bias

In the Summer of 2004 the Centre fro Policy Studies published a damming report about the coverage given by the BBC to Blair’s announcement that he was minded to have a referendum on the Constitution( AKA the end of the country).The author s established that during the European elections of 1999 in 250 hours of main national news coverage by the BBC not a single Labour Euro sceptic had appeared on air !! Incredible .


I happened to be reading the Guardian the other day and I noticed this telling remark from Michael White . Describing Brown he said…

“ Now he sounds relentlessly defensive as he manoeuvres to see off the referendum which the usual suspects , Tories , media and Union Slow Learners , demand “

Union slow learners ….lovely . I think the progressives are forgetting who pays for their careers
and the media is considerably more pro EU than the people largely due to the unflagging efforts of the state broadcaster . A majority are against the Constitution by whatever means . Obviously it is a different matter to other laws as it is signing away the right of all future electorates to vote on policies effecting their country.


Why , by the way do you always say that FPTP allows a quarter of the electorate to dictate . The Conservatives are on 43% to Labour `s 36 today (ICM).In an English parliament this would equate to something approaching 60% of the popular vote in England in which more voted Conservative than Labour in the last election.43 % would give only a single figure majority to the Conservatives due to the boundary system and Scottish small constituencies . For a good majority they would need say 45% .
Thats an awful lot more than a quarter so you are profoundly misrepresenting the PR case. Its 45% not 25% . Simple

ICM today report that a majority of labour voters as well as others want nothing to do with signing the country away. The Angels in Marble …they may save us yet . Brown is lying and I believe the timing of the next EU round may have decided him in his electorus interruptus


PS Having just watched the politics show I see the BBC is beyond reform . Twenty minute on Party funding with no mention of the Unions , cash for Honours or Cameron’s offer of a £50,000 cap per donation. Ten minutes on care referring to funds as “Government Money“ not ‘tax payers money’ throughout .David ..where -did - my -brain -go Lammy for afters . Does this count as a Party political broadcast by the Labour Party and if not why not ?

Grrrrrrr….pay attention at the back

Engerland , Engerland ...

For some reason I seem to have come over all English Nationalist over on the Compass Left Site . I feel a bit mean actually , Eleanor seems quite nice…..still , you have to bash those sweaties

Hey Newmania from London

I'm seriously worried about you, is your medication overdue.
If your not talking a load of old ihts. Your going off on one about the scots.
Are you Kelvin Mckenzie in disguise?

Seriously, I wouldn't sink to your lower levels by insulting anyone down south.
Intollerant scots and gentler English people Eh! Your living in the land of make believe.
I will actually be visiting London soon,
is it just the Queen we bow to or all our great benefactors in London? Please no more regurgitated bile about how we sponge off you. We all pay our taxes
and work for minimum wage. Things are different in London from elsewhere in Britain. So don't kid yourself.


I "sink" therfore I am. ...

Can we have our £30 billion back then ? Can we have free further education then ? Can we have free care for the elderly then ? Can we have free prescriptions as well ?
Can we have the same right to determine the future of our country as you do ? Is that too much to ask ?
Can we have more than one man in the cabinet from the South of England where all the money comes from and most of the people (Hutton)?
The connection between the Nationalist movement in Scotland and a tribal notion of the country is often ignored but very much there. Are you really confident that , Like London , the indigenous people could be out-numbered in the course of ten years with so little trouble. I doubt it .
Its easy to be superior in an all white homogenous cohesive country. We need no lectures about tolerance from the Scots .

It is quite clear that the two countries want nothing to do with one another and the opinion of the English has swung dramatically behind an English Parliament over the last few years . The idea that we should support Scottish sportsmen has died confronted with the unrelenting bile poured on the English for as long as I can remember. Britain exists , in peoples minds the way the Empire did n the 60s for old buffers on Park benches . When Scotland went our of the world cup England cheered for the first time .

Its over . Cordial relations will not be resumed until the a a fair dispensation is re-established . There is absolutely no argument for the current inequity except that it benefit’s the Labour Party. Yet again , we are log jammed by a Party concerned with nothing but keeping power by any means . Remember it was the Conservative party that tried to defend the union , 200 rebelled at the time. The Labour Party did not care about the consequences but acted to save its sorry hide.

How we laugh at Gordon Brown’s newly acquired Union Jack Underpants. Phoney , empty , dishonest and finished . His flirtations with PR are , by the way , motivated by the impending Celtic crisis for the left. You are not much interested in Constitutional issues here are you but you may rest assured that Mr. Brown is ….Britain this ..Britain that ….what a clown.

Come On England ! Wilkinson , Tait , Worsley Sheridan heroes all !!

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