Friday, October 19, 2007

Its Good To Be The King

I have usually taken the view that women are exploiting men who get treated like a Turkey at Christmas in Divorce . It does seem that way . Poor old Paul McCartney will have to struggle on with only £725 million and Thierry Henri will have to make do with only the four cars .
Oddly , the vision I have of the newly divorced woman flinging herself onto a bed covered in currency is not born out by the figures . A study earlier this year showed that a ditched chaps income rises on average by about 11% after divorce while the painted harlot of the piece plummets by 17%. The Fawcett Society also shows that women have on average 33% less savings than men . Finally the office of national Statistics shows that 40% of divorced women over 65 were poor enough to qualify for income support. Only 1% of married women were.

Bad news for my argument but on the other hand good news for my continued rule in the home .I am practicing thre use of this power now ,and attaching a moustache with the express intention of twirling it .

“ Ahem….Do my bidding worthless chattel or you will drink rain water and run through the night in the Winter snow Now lets set a few rules .For breakfast I will require …two rashers ….not the smoky kind ….. Not that runny marmalade …etc.”

Its good to be the king


Philipa said...

I wish you a long and happy marriage. My parents have been married over 55 years and my father has always been the King (as long as Mum say it's alright)

Newmania said...

Sounds good P , the figures were the main point though , quiet counter intuitive I thought

Philipa said...

It's no surprise to me - I know women who've divorced and not many come off in credit, most pay for their husbands debts. It seems to me that when things start to go wrong in a relationship some men run up debts like a punishment.

Anonymous said...

Good to be king - in your dreams!

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