Thursday, December 20, 2007

Girls Like Pink ...Fact

I keep reading that 99 % of scientists say that we are all in the oven at gas mark six and nothing short of making our own clothes out of turnips can possibly save us . You have to admit that sort of figure impresses you a bit . Then again science seems to prove so many things. , surveys and statistics even more These are some of the recent egg headed offerings

  1. That clever people listen to more heavy metal music ( Study at Warwick University)

  2. That tone deaf teachers are killing off singing and music in schools ( Alan Johnson announced £30,000,000 to throw at this desperate situation at the time )

  3. That disposable nappies are greener than reuseable ones ( Ooops after £30,000,000 over three years was spent making us feel guilty)

  4. That women ogle more than men( Dr. heather Rupp of the Kinsey Institute used eye tracking technology to prove the sisters were go doing it for themselves) , in fact they are also worse at the old elevator eyes routine , apparently . Tut tut

  5. That Britons are amongst the biggest whingers in the world .( A study of 14,000 showed us joint second in the world with Sweden but behind France, the Dutch were best, stoned probably )

  6. That teenagers experience symptoms close to clinical mania when they fall in love ( Hypo-mania was diagnosed by researchers at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Basel)

  7. Men find pictures of women more rewarding than visa versa ( Research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society monitoring triggered reward centres showed this )

  8. That men are better at cheating ( Dr. Kuemmerli in the Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences , shoed results from a long study setting the “Prisoners dilemma “ for men and women . Women trusted twice as often ….suckers !)…incidentally a ‘What Car’ survey showed that men get better deals on cars….. Can’t argue with that can you

  9. That left handers are more at risk of mental illness ( The gene LRRTM1 may be responsible for both lefty and loony)

  10. Bright blue eyes and academic achievement are linked

  11. That girls really do prefer pink( Prof Anya Hulbert speculated it was to help them find berries …..

  12. That oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer (keep that one quiet)
  13. That it is a scientific possibiolity to create a magic carpet

I begin to wonder about all this , it is all quite true but had I slipped the fact that Santa`s favourite Pizza is "Deep pan crisp and even " would anyone have noticed ? I was relieved , to see an answer on the environmental panic brigade at least. How many people studying Women’s Studies , agree with the statement ,'Wage levels are not unfair and reflect different work life commitments ". The answer will be none, but that position is probably close to the truth . How many environmental scientists think their discipline , which they took up because the believed it all anyway , has turned out to be a sham and a waste of time ….same number . None ……



Daisy said...

i have noticed that i do ogle quite a bit...i don't know why but i far as the whinging, did they rate the god those people can whinge! I don't know about the men and pictures...if you go to any woman's desk it is laden with pictures of their loved ones...additionally if you go to my site women are commenting on the snow angel and even coming back for more...pity about that throat cancer thing...i can think of one man who is going to be terribly disappointed this christmas...muahhhhh

Newmania said...

Brilliant daisy I enjoyed every word of that

Philipa said...

'Wage levels are not unfair and reflect different work life commitments

N - you don't have to be a feminist loony to know that's not true.

Hey I listened some fairly heavy metal/rock music at Uni, whaddya know?!

Ogle? I call it noticing.

Clinical mania? Definately, love is a madness.

But oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer? Oh well, there goes that fantasy. It had withered on the vine and has now finally died. No 'American Apple Pie' for moi.

Rant Alert:
I settled into an Asda Mega breakfast this morning to read Boris Johnsons column and was aghast, disappointed actually. I never thought I would have occasion to use that mans name again, in fact I looked forward to NOT EVER referring to him but bloody hell!! Peter Hitchens argument is balanced, fair and liberal compared to Boris's.

Well that's my grumpy bug moment for the day.

Newmania said...

Phillipa I am amazed , do you mean Boris`s article in the Telegraph i love it ? What on earth did you think was the matter with it fact i was overjoyed .

Are we talking about the same thing ?

Philipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philipa said...

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there..

Newmania said...

full of the rage of teenage males who never had a father

Aha ...I see it was that but you objected to.Well Phillipa I would certainly not wish to denigrate the efforts of single mothers in general , they are a highly differenrtiated grouops , not a grouop at all really . However it is rubbish , and if I may say so , arrogant, to assume , that the father adds nothing to the equation which you seem to suggest.
Boris says that young men have increasingly not had a father figure and this is 'one' of the causes of the socila alienation and he is , it seems to me , right . There isb indisputabkle evidebnce it is right which ihave recently trotted out for the umpteenth time .

I think Boris would probably say that tax regimes that actively promote single parenthood are foolish and I agree.

If you are saying the single parents are not the ones once on the little list then I agree and I remeber the excellent Polly Toynbee article you directde me to.

That does not mean that housing welfare and taxation have not contributed to socila wastelands one of the problems with which is the absence of adult employed men.

I did notice the political incorrectness of that remark ( and its inexactness) but overall it was a good article in my opinion and will be welcomed by LOndoners sick of perpetual fear


Philipa said...

It is difficult to see that fathers add anything to the equation as the family model that we seem so nostalgic for - the Victorian family, relied on the mother. The father, especially in posh families, was largely absent or not to be disturbed. A succesion of nannies and public school histories of the great and good rather proves my point. A general understanding of acceptable behaviour did more than the actual presence of a father.

Advantage Pip!

Philipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philipa said...

However N - I agree that: "housing welfare and taxation [and I would add loss of manufacturing/mining industries] have ... contributed to socila wastelands one of the problems with which is the absence of adult employed men."

But I think it important to make the distinction; widows and divorced/abandoned women are grouped in with those who have chosen to give birth as a lifestyle choice, a ticket to housing. Those widows and divorcees will still be worse off come pension time I think?

You had it right Paul when you said the key to controlling feckless human reproduction was housing. But Peter has it right when he says the formation of attitudes starts in the nursery. To maintain good values and morals we have to nurture them. Making it difficult to do good is not the answer.

This government sucks!!!!!

I think we basically agree and I rest my case. Thankyou. /endrant

Newmania said...

Those widows and divorcees will still be worse off come pension time I think?

That a good point although divoreees do do spectacularly well in this country compared to the rest of the world .

Anonymous said...

...we are all in the oven at gas mark six and nothing short of making our own clothes out of turnips can possibly save us.

LOL You clever wordsmith, you. That's absolutely brilliant.

PS A magic carpet? Really? Like Aladdin's? And the Might Boosh's? Gosh.

Newmania said...

..about the size of ten poun note vibrating at millions of times per second or something...not that magical.

When are these boffins going to give us the pleasure-bot and stop wasting time with their pointless nonsense

Anonymous said...

Of course you can't wrap you darling lickle babby-wabby's rear end in a cloth nappy without ironing it (the nappy) first -- or wait, maybe you could, which tilts the green comparison back away from disposables. Never trust statistics -- though how they managed to produce that particular travesty without the active intervention of disposable-nappy makers (or disposable nappy-makers) is hard to see.

Scipio said...

OK, so I do like rock music, and I certainly whinge. And I too have noticed women doing the old 'phwoar' thing (although I have never been ogled at by a women since I was about 17, as I was considerably more 'strapping' than I am now) - so that must be true too. I also agree that teenagers in love do exhibit certain signs of madness - but I would also say that it doesn't end in your early 20's! Love is a drug!

But I fail to see how Mrs Y's very occasional acquiescence to bring a smile to my face is going to give me throat cancer!

Newmania said...

Nicely done Adrian.... theres always another way of looking at the issue isn`t there.

All the best

Scipio said...

Yes there is, and sadly it isn't often that it is whilst on your back, lookng at the ceiling, with a grin like a Cheshire Cat!

Mrs Smallprint said...

It's true, I like pink and I have blue eyes. As for the crack about wages levels - it's Christmas so I'll let it pass....

Philipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Newmania said...

Very genorous Mrs. SP

lilith said...

I spotted a flaw immediately. There are no clever people at Warwick University.

Newmania said...

Well done Miss Lillith Marple

Ms Smack said...

What a fantastic list! I was tempted to pilfer it but instead I might just mention the oral sex thing.

I heard once that semen/sex actually released the pressure of a headache. So at least if you perform oral sex and get throat cancer, you won't have a headache, eh?

And, this is also assuming that alot of men's willies are long enough to irritate the throat, no? A greater deal are NOT this big, and gagging is never pretty.


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