Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Ghost Of Leaders Past

John Kamfner pondered curiously on Brown’s road back today . Were the dour one to curl himself into the foetal position and cry, who could blame him, but Kamfner seemed to want to thread vertebrae into the gelatinous feartie ……
“Does he believe eradicating child poverty is his most important goal, then he has to tell voters it can be done only with an element of self sacrifice”,…..or ,“ Has he reluctantly come to the conclusion that redistribution has run its course, and that personal taxation must now be reduced , if so he must admit that”.
. Westminster educated and opulently housed John Kamfner would not be feeling the pinch himself of course . His suggestion that tax pounds are directly equated with child poverty is a lie , and in any case this poverty is relative and nationally conceived and has been worsened by Labour’s largess with other peoples hard earned‘….
Ignoring the moth eaten three hanky script there is an interesting point . A few weeks ago Rachel Sylvester the Blairite pundit mentioned a source who said of Brown, “Its not that Gordon is going backward or forwards , he is going sideways like a crab”. He looks the opposite of a leader.

To undrestand how he got here you have to understand Go
rdon’s baggage . The BBC documentary "The Blair Years " showed how Brown consistently argued that there were ‘limits to the market’. Health , education, University top up fees and so on were all Blairite reforms that emerged mangled into insipidity by Brown’s centralising instinct and power base . At an early point in his ‘reign’ , the Spectator recognised the crucial significance of Brown’s attitude to the Academies .This flagship Blair project has been reclaimed from consumers into the belly of the state . Make no mistake ,the right of the Labour Party were quietly routed .
Significantly Brown has cocooned himself away with a set of fawning acolytes . Balls of course ,the unspeakable “New friend” David Millimoron and a host of salaried advisers like Gila Sacks , who, at a cost of £1,000,000 , tickle his tummy and baste him in aromatic oils.
“Target a day” Brown had no intention of changing his views or approach and given the support of the Unions , required to shore up Labour’s tottering finances (£25million just before his coronation) you wonder if he had any choice . Irwin Seltzer pointed out that many in the Public sector are paid far above private equivalents and they know full well that choice will be the end of their closed shop. So by ideological inclination and also by political indebtedness Brown has found himself well to the left of where “electorally “ he needed to be.
True to form he dithered and hid in obscurity. More boggle -eyed alchemist than statesman, he tried to transmute political base metal into gold . A soupcon of Britishness ,a pinched policy or two acquired only a scarring reputation for dishonesty. I doubt the arch calculator was himself fooled by a brief credulouness about emaculate re-conception but the barrenness of his feeble tactics are now clear for all to see . If he is to have any chance of reclaiming momentum he has to make the lie about setting out his vision a reality , and it has to be a vision far closer to the centre ground .I wonder if he hears voices in the night ……voices like this one . Ghost to his Hamlet…..
“ The Labour Party should take heart . It is dominating the battle of ideas and will continue to do so as long as it remains New Labour. It is about our instincts , our ability to keep the core coalition together : those who need help to get on the first rung s of the ladder if opportunity and those who are already there but aspire to do better still. Ambition and compassion, the combination of those instincts remain the basis of New Labour’s three successive victories . They remains the basis of the fourth. “ ( Blair )
In fact only economic good luck ever gave the appearance of support for aspiration and in tougher times to get back that support Brown would have to go to right of where Blair was to where he would like to have been without Brown to hold him back( and as he made explicit in the above quoted speech) .This means breaking up the great state behemoths , the NHS , the educational system and reducing taxation on enterprise and work . I don’t think Brown has the guts , support or the brains to see this, and I expect him to creep on to obscurity .He would be better off going in either direction with some conviction than this craven and nothingness . He may well be to scared of the "Labour is best when its Labour "head bangers well.... 'Mr. Tony ' had an insight there... “You can’t please all the people all the time“.
That my New Year`s message to Gordon. Mr. Tony was right . If I wished you any good I would advise you to suck it up and makes some moves . As I do not , please carry on as you are …and I will enjoy your authority bleeding away ..until you are to weak to do anything but expire.
( Moo ha ha ha !)


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, agreed. It's a pity that the Goblin King will only finally fall on his face (sword?) when the economy is in a total mess, but as you can't change the latter you may as well look forward to the former.

Old BE said...

The good news for the Tories is that Brown will be very difficult to remove as head of Labour and so will march them into a huge loss at the next election. The bad news for the country (in the short term) is that Brown will be very difficult to remove as head of Labour etc...

Anonymous said...

As BBC online news suggests in its review of the year, there's a yawning gulf between lying, manipulating and plotting your way into power and sustaining it once it's in your grasping, bloodied paws.

Blair is screeching with laughter over his incense cauldron at the mess old green eyes has clawed his way into.

Is there any advice that will help Broon? I seriously doubt it. The key skills he 'exorcised' for a decade are limited in the extreme. He can no longer huddle, hyperventilating in his bunker like Darth Vader, plotting and sticking pins in the effigy of those whose shadow masks his psychological ineptitude for governance. His cover as Godly son of the manse is blown to smithereens.

And what else does he have?

All around him the nulab and oldlab plotters are casting lots for who his replacement will be. What divine justice that is. Broon's being cut off at the knees by the very dark arts he brought to nulabour.

With charismatic young men - and they all appear charismatic in comparison to Broon - vying for his job in nulab and opposition parties, evil old Broon, worn out by plotting, will only ever be yesterday's man.

If there was ever a living example of reap what you sow, it's our erstwhile PM Broon.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of getting old
It's getting me down my love
Like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown
This time I'm going down

No one's thinking of me
As I lay down on my side
Now the drugs don't work
They just make me worse
I can't stand to see my face again

And I know I'm on a losing streak
When I passed down my old street
And no one shows, and I know
That I'm not here again

Now the drugs don't work
They just make me worse
I can't stand to see my face again

Auntie Flo'

sorry, n, the 11.32a.m. anon was me too.

Newmania said...

I was just playing that on my guitar Flo .

Ed ( wit and raconteur ) the master of the pithy epigramatic bon mots. Hope all is well with you

Anonymous said...

they sit together, talking in their bloody crap language loudly. if one of them enters the room, he has to shake hand with every single one of them already sitting at the table EVERY DAY!!! A simple HELLO would be enough, for fuck sake!

They only eat chicken and pork. They don't eat beef or lamb ( i reckon these expensive meats were strictly for export only under the communist rule !!!)

they don't eat curry BECAUSE not many foreigners have ever wanted to go and live in their country !!

Anonymous said...

oh, and they religiously eat soup with brown bread before a main course every day without fail - just like watching those old bloody black and white WW 2 films !!

Newmania said...

Steve this is slightly mystifying ?

Anonymous said...

The main cause of child poverty is low wages and high house prices... sorry but thats all there is to it.. How will you solve that?

Anonymous said...

mutleythedog said...
The main cause of child poverty is low wages and high house prices... sorry but thats all there is to it.. How will you solve that?

Well, Mutt, you will know that Marx always whispered to Engels that poverty, like the obscenely would rich, would always be with them.

Phew! Thank God for that, replied Engels, mopping his brow, what would happen to my little Biz (which pays our lifestyles plus that servant you've got up the duff, Marxie)if there was no more unpaid labour for you and I to exploit?

You'd have to go out and do some work for the first time in your life and, after all of these years living off unpaid labour, I don't think you could hack it, mate. And what about all of the politicians we keep with the proceeds of exploited labour. Equlity's just not on, is it?

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