Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Witch Cooper

Evette meets local opposition

Madame Yvette Cooper is the sadistic fiend Herr Brown has chosen for the desecration of England so as to house hordes if immigrants and destroy the sense of community he finds so disgusting. It also forms a specific attack on the South an area he loathes as refusing thus far to accept that he is the Supreme leader of the Nation.
As we well know the instruments of torture whereby local opinion can be ignored are being out in place by the Leader and his harpy acolyte only needs to giggle to send shivers down the spine of any recalcitrant Council.
Most of these 3,000,000 houses will be dumped on Green or brown field sites where there is no infrastructure but also no connection the town they ruin. 750,000 according to Government lies will be Greenfield and a raft of so called “ECO Towns “ which means New Towns of the 60s and 70s with all their soul destroying vacancy. This is largely to accommodate new arrivals and a full million will be housing immigrants not here yet. Labour`s plan to ethnically cleanse the independent South are also behind Madame Coopers chilling simper.. Without anyone having agreed it , before your eyes, the nature of the country is about to change and there is little sign that the lessons of the past have been learned. If the serial incompetence and misunderstanding of the private sector this government has shown is to be a guide we are due for ugliness not seen since the Blitz and not much improved by the low grade vertical slums of the 60s

This section of the Prospect interview I have just perused with clammy terror is sums it up:

“What happens if a local authority decides they just don1t want to play ball “

(This after a lot of guff about local empowerment)

Madame CooperIt is true that there are big differences between the political Parties here. The greatest opposition has come from the Conservative controlled authorities . the Conservative SE regional assembly has even argued for cuts in the level of house building which I think is bonkers ..... but ( here there is a trilling laugh that slides down your spine like an ice cube )....It is ultimately in the interests of all councils to work with the planning frame work, because other wise they end up having proposals they turn down overturned on appeal – and its not sensible to build communities ( titter titter) on an ad hoc appeal basis “

Given that all he authorities will be Conservative or at least not Labour this amounts to a bureaucratic declaration of war with the Bitch of the North preparing to leave stalk the land like an avenging demon .

Vive La Resistance


Old BE said...

Well Herbert Morrison "built us out of London", now ++New Labour will build us out of the South-East too. It's all part of the plan.

The councils only have to hang on till May 2010.

Newmania said...

Thats a good point isn`t it Ed.

Old BE said...

Labour only care about maintaining their own power - they couldn't give a damn about what direction they have to face in order to achieve it.

Norman Baker Watch said...

She has to be the most loathsome Nulabour Hag ever

Daisy said...

she does sound bad...but don't rule out hillary clinton on the hag list...and may god have mercy on us all should she get the presidency

Anonymous said...

Stoopid Cooper, aka Little Miss Nasty, how I detest that woman.

Come to Harlow, Ms Cooper, and explain why we're FLOODING AGAIN here as we repeatedly do now because the government refuses to spend any of the £28 million it made out of one part of the wreckless over-development here on urgently needed drainage infrastucture for the 10,000 people on one of the new estates.

A few months ago, Harlow's flood victims were assured that our repeated flooding was sorted. The developers, it was claimed, had fixed their SuD, or (Sustainable Urban Drainage system - an experimental, flood retention, balancing 'pond' which sits as menacingly as Boscastle on the hill above our homes.

'Sustainable', 'balance' Pond', what misonomas. This ever full, ever filtering, flood shifting, buck passing, reservoir fed by a 10-12' wide, 2-3' deep river of stinking, sometimes grey, sometimes yellowish, water from a 10,000 person estate is anything but sustainable or balanced.

Floodwater and waste water pumps from this reservoir into surrounding fields before filtering downhill into our fields and streams and pumping out of the, loaded with silt, onto our roads, flooding our streets and blocking our gullies and drains and turning our gullies into reverse pumps.

If that's not enough for you, Ms Cooper, come and see the main sewer below that estate which has been flooding and spewing raw sewage into our stream for years - for which no one will take responsiblity.

Come and stand with me on flood watch at 2am one morning, Ms Cooper, watching the flood water rise up my car port to within a foot of my front door - I'm one of the fortunate ones, my house has not been flooded internally - yet.

Or perhaps you would like to visit one of the Harlow families who's homes and possessions have been destroyed by stinking flood water?

Auntie Flo'

Old BE said...

Flo - I'm sorry to disappoint you but they don't care.

They do just enough to secure the votes of the people who can't think for themselves. They need do no more to stay in office.

Newmania said...

NORMAN Baker watch .....that is a good one ,I have been eyeing him wioth a view to abusive letrtes in the local Pres since I got to Lewes.

Top Marks whoever you are for that

Newmania said...

Flo.... you are superb on this topic and I just loved that comment .

Quite so and flooding is a severe problem here as well

Anonymous said...

There are far too many houses in the South especially, they are not being built to accommodate anyone - but to provide investments as our pension system does not work.

Newmania said...

Mut its interesting you draw that connection because that is the great problem. If they solve the housing crisis they start the pension crisis times two

tory boys never grow up said...

So what would you do to address the problem - even if you stop migration (which would have all sorts of other undesirable consequences) there are still an awful lot of houses to be found. Of course you could try a bit of social engineering or you could force people to live miles away from where there is work. Of course problems like flooding and infrastructure need to be addressed - but lets do nothing now and leave it to market forces in a few years time, and then it will all be fine. As thsy say fail to plan, plan to fail.

I also find it interesting that when the North was booming during the Industrial Revolution and much of its (considerably more beautiful)countryside was being destroyed for the benefit of many Tory party grandees (look how many made their wealth in this period) this was for the economic benefit of the nation. But now the roles are reversed it is the Tories which are the first to bleat!

Tories appear to be retreating from being a Unionist to a South East England Party, after a short flirtation with English Nationlism.

How long before you declare UDI for Lewes - that haven of Pope burning tolerance (although you have my permission to replace him with your current MP whenever you want). Make sure that you exclude Charleston however - too much Keynsianism and liberal thinking for your taste I suspect.

PS I've met Yvette Cooper and she is one of the few genuinely nice politicians I know (yes, even Labour has some unpleasant ones) - not sure about her choice in men however.

Mulligan said...

Where did you get that picture of the awful Cooper? She looks much less nauseating than usual but I can't quite put my finger on why.

Old BE said...

I couldn't give a monkey's if she was nice to speak to over a glass of taxpayer funded chablis. She wants to concrete over the South-East against the will of the locally elected councils, "for the greater good".

The problem is not a lack of housing, it's a lack of industry outside the South-East, which is a result of centralisation.

Let counties, cities and boroughs run their own affairs and attract business to their areas. Oh yes, and stop the population from exploding.

Newmania said...

So what would you do to address the problem –

I would not start from here the indigenous population growth is a rate of 1.3 ie it is imploding and this is largely because it is impossible to afford to have children and get a house . The length of the generation contributes to this figure but it does include those paid to reproduce on benefits which gives you some idea of what we have done to Mr. and Mrs. Average. Clearly the market would correct given a chance. It cannot when the Labour government insist of flooding the country with EU and World migrants
Otherwise I do to accept there is such a problem. Look on right move and see how many flats you can get for £100,000 in London. Two of you can afford it . I would not stop migration only sensibly control it back to say 1997 levels which are about 25 % of the current level . Migration out which is also a rising flood would gradually correct as much as is feasible .Partly it is not "solvable " people cannot get thuings just because they would like them.

Building a load of slums will not help there is already a lot of housing noone wants to live in and it is typical of the socialists not to understand this. There is painless solution people will have to move or cut their cloth. The real reasons for the “crisis “ is the availability of mortgages and the chance to own property. Its a good thing although one ,of course, the Labour Party does not like.
Vast amounts of housing are still held by Welfare recipients who have to be got back into work and arranging their own accommodation . The privatisation of the welfare ghettos will be a long but ultimately magnificent achievement and is part of the Wisconsin miracle.

Your trip down memory lane to the Victorian period is really irrelevant at this point no doubt you would prefer the industrial revolution had not happened but fortunately for the Labour Party it did. I should say that I believe the labour Party of this period was indeed a heroic organisation representing as it did working people. Now it represents nonworking people Celts immigrants and Guardian readers who avoid the consequences of their hypocritical bleeding heart opinions and keep their children in selective education so as to avoid the atomised hell holes they have created . I also do not accept that the North is better than the South, of course. The Lakes may have a jaded picture postcard prettiness but otherwise it’s a miserable raining cold place. However, it is England and whilst it has occurred to me that when the Scots fuck off it would be nice to draws the line under Yorkshire I am not serious. The North and the South are integral parts of the 1000 years tradition in which mutual amusement dates back to Chaucer . The North will soon rediscover its native belligerent independence when released form the state bondage inflicted upon it by subsidised and state industry as well as misguided welfare and housing policy.

The Scotish problem was cause by the Scots and the cynical manouvering of the Labour Party to retain its 69 seats voting on England butwith no legitimacy( including Wales)

Lewes is a haven of perfect Englishness and the hot house weed Liberals that are in it are like pets that can be tolerated in a community at peace with itself. They do make nice soups and jumpers as well as good school teachers for infants with their playful antics and innocent bewildered expressions


If she`s such a nice person why is she determined to turn this beautiful country into a dump. She comes over as a cow and she has face for radio

Travis and Ed are fine people TB...follow there example and you may not be lost to humanity

Charleston waassat?

Newmania said...

Of course , if the tax rates or ordinary people not to mention stamp duty were relieved that would help. Did you know that if Public spending were at 1997 levels income tax could be abolished completely .

We could all afford whatever we liked then .

Old BE said...

Not only that N, but if spending had been kept at 97 levels the economy would have grown as fast as Canada and Australia and we would be wringing our hands as to what to do with the surpluses.

Anonymous said...

Ed said...
Flo - I'm sorry to disappoint you but they don't care.

You're right, Ed, they don't care. They do, however, pay attention, when we in Harlow protest about the damaging effects of their over-development and infrastructural incompetence and neglect.

What used to be the Socialist Reublic of Harlow is no longer even a safe nulab seat. Our nulab MP's majority in 2005 was slashed by brilliant Robert Halfon (Conservative) to under a 100 seats and we are now one of nulab's most vulnerable marginals.

So, I feel it's important to take every opportunity to point out the damage that nulab have done to my town as well as our country.

Auntie Flo'

Old BE said...

I agree Flo. They do care that their seats are on the line, so it is worth campaigning on every issue.

I an in awe of your sterling work on the EU referendum.

tory boys never grow up said...

You've been at the Harvey's again - but thanks for reinforcing my political soul after the wobbles of the last few weeks.

Population growth (indigenous or otherwise) isn't the important thing in determining the need for housing - you need to look at the rate of household formation. The indigenous population getting older and people being single/divorced longer are all factors as well. While there might be something to be said for a tax which penalises older people for staying in their family homes after the children are left - I am not sure that this is something which you could sell to the blue-rinse brigade, and I supect Dave would be against other forms of social engineering with the same objectives.

The reality is if you look at the figures - whatever way you cut it you will still need more houses even for the indigenous population.

I agree with the need to protect the countryside - I spend most weekends walking in it (usually in the South East, but the Lakes and the Dales would be my first preference) and the honest truth is that you actually see very few people. But if you want to preserve the countryside you will need some planning - if you haven't noticed there is something of an emphasis on brownfield sites.

Re Yvette - only making the point (again) that you can disagree with some one without demonising them. BTW Ed - you should know that Chablis is very 80s so we wouldn't be seen dead drinking it - did have some some pink Champagne last weekend however.

You can find out about Charleston at the attached link - only 7 miles from Lewes - climb the Downs and turn left - probably past a few vineyards (if you're keen on vinegar).

Old BE said...

Emphasis on brownfield - in the Thames Gateway?

I notice you don't address the "regional" issues here - why is there so much migration from the North to the South?

Newmania said...

I must admit I was rather supportive of IHT but the anger about taxation is at such a pitch you can`t talk about where it should fall anymore.

You need some more houses but not the planned vandalism Labour want it is more the towns than the country side I am just as concerned about . More houses will be built on Greenfield sights than ever before although not as a proportion ( but then there are so many more houses )

If the SE was a country it would be the most crowded country barring city states in the world and Britain is close to the top. ITS TOO CROWDED...what do you want ..."You see few people "....oh keen analysis .

You need a few curranty facts in your opinion pudding

Yes I remember the calm debates about practical ways out of the hole successive socialist Governments had got us into when Margaret Thatcher ( So admired by Gordon Brown) started to make corrections. The demonistaion of her and in fact the whole of the right is the daily diet of the BBC , the Liberal conspiracy which is almost always couched in the most childish emotional terms.

This government will , get the same for their attack on the wage earner, the South and the country. They deserve it and especially Brown who has no right whatsoever to be there at all.

There are a few on the Labour Party I like. Frank Field , Gisella Stuart...quite a few others actually ( Charlie Falconer...don`t ask I cannot explain) but the insiders are some of the vilest political figures I can recall.

Milliband. How would you demonise someone like that ?

pink Champagne last weekend however.

Well now you have ruined the Pub I suppose we might as well all sit on bourgeois decking sipping Baby Cham and Snowballs or whatever horror you cheesy wotsit socialites dream up .Another triumph for the working man`s Party.( Although I would certainly not chuck Flint out of bed for eating crackers )

British wine was much better during the medieval warm period of course. We need a bit more carbon in the atmosphere :)

Newmania said...


Flo does not just talk the talk she walks the walk and is a tremendous example . Flo is quite Liberal actually and thats the spectrum I want to see finding common ground .From the Cleggs across to the UKIPS all those who detest this overbearing authoritarian dishonest year zero barbarian Government

tory boys never grow up said...


Read the original post - only a quarter of the new houses are on greenfield sites.

Reason why there has been migration from the North to South is largely because of differnt rates of economic growth - for which Mrs T's scorched earth policy is largely to blame. The good news is that migration has slowed down from the bad old days - but additional houses will still be required in the South East (and elsewhere). The reality - political knockabout aside - is that unless you want a centrally planned economy - then it is not possible to get regions to all grow at the same rate (and it isn't even possible in centrally planned economies - look at the old Soviet Union and Moscow) - to some extent you have to follow markets and provide the infrastructure where the market needs it (not sure why a Tory needs to be told this however?)

Usually politcians are (rightly)castigated for not being forward looking - this is one case where the opposite is happening.

Old BE said...

The reason we have the problem is because we DO have a centrally planned economy. Cities and dare-I-say-it regions have no flexibility to react to their own problems which is why the North-East's economy is so heavily state sector. The solution is to devolve much of the spending and tax decisions to cities and counties.

If anyone is in favour of centralist planning it is Cooper/Brown/Balls!

tory boys never grow up said...


Balls! Migration to the South was much more in Mrs T's days - in fact a certain Mr Tebbutt encouraged it.

Newmania said...

The Unionised and Nationalised industries of the North were run into the ground by the Labour movement up to the Callaghan period. 15 percent inflation , unburied bodies and Scargill telling us he runs the country . the suddenness of the adjustment was their doing

They could not go on being subsidised forever and it was the fault of the left, which , to be fair , and Tory boy will have forgotten , was at that time a really socialist Party which , as the Labour Party now accepts . GOT IT WRONG and as the Labour party now also accepts THATCHER GOT IT RIGHT.

Can you concieve of a Callaghan Government popping its head up now . Course not thats because the allocation of blame has been tacity accepted to be with the economic illiterates of the 60s and 70s on the left.. Well that at least is the Labour Party`s view ..they say

I have to admit I `m unconvinced about the role of the state in dishing out growth. The Labour Party have held it back by financing fake companies with silly grants.

I chiefly resent that ths "Housing crisis " in that there is one is cause largely by absurdly high levels of immigration.

gotta go

Old BE said...

Which bit is Balls? When did I say it was more now than before? Eh?

Mulligan said...

I think my opinion of this current sorry bunch is that I've started to warm to Prescott, Blair and even Dennis Skinner (disagree with everything he says but at least he is a proper (if very stroppy) Socialist).

Cooper deserves all the criticism she gets for her arrogance during interviews but most of all for her pathetic HIP implementation and allowing Kelly to cop all the flak whilst she took the promotion (only because of marriage). Don't even get me started on Smith, Blears, Hewitt, Thornberry (god I have no clue about the question I've just been asked so I'll just smile), Jowell, Hodge or the useless deputy leader.

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