Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fund Me Senseless Abe !

When a Property developer gives large anonymous contributions we are enititled to assume he was mixing business with political pleasure at the very least ,unless someone can show otherwise . At all events the fact Abraham`s £60 million scheme went through enabled him to give generously .We cannot go on confrotning each fresh evidence iof corruption like the double take brothers.It is more than serial coincidence

Ashes to Ashes

The truth behind all the Labour Party funding scandals ,and I include the £10 million modernisation bung recycled by the Unions, is what they would call systemic .
When it finally became clear that socialism had had its day Labour Part ditched it . After the Blackpool conference half (literally) the membership left and it ceased to be a Mass membership Party , it simply became a branch of the new Market consensus .It had been a political voice for Labour as against Capital, no more . Capital by its nature has more money but the Labour movermment mobilised numbers who together were able to compete sometimes via the Unions (,hence the anomaly of Union funding today). Ditching its past made the Party electable but it ditched its own source of grass roots support and became cut off from real people . It was also cut off from funding morphing into a Frankensteins monster stitched together from progressives , Public sector workers , Celtic and some Northern old Labour and Immigrants , welfare , etc. Working people are now lower middle class . They had the mass money and prefferred to keep it .This same social change made England naturally Conservative and Conservatives the Party of ordinary working people

It was exactly at this point that honours began to be sold for cash . A close association was formed with wealthy individuals in Russian style Ecclestone , Private Equity, it is pretty clear that the property developer Abrahams mixed business and political pleasure at least and this was of course , on Blair`s doorstep. Brown knows all about it . I would be more worried if he didn`t.He would have to be a congenital idiot. In short Labour cheated .
The Conservative Party was never a mass movement and always had to spice up the prospect of joining with dating agency activities . It retains a large number of middle sized contributors and the focus on Ashcroft is really a device to distract attention from Labour’s problems . That is why Cameron is happy for there to be a contribution limit but this must clearly include the Unions whose members may very well not be Labour voters and are no longer a political organisation themselves .

To be fair to Labour, I believe it was a heroic organisation for large parts of the 20th century . My family were all in Unions until about the 1960s and I cannot conceive of an England without an NHS in some form ,albeit with private provision and an enabling government role , for example .Its job is done though and the difficulty it now has attracting funds directly reflects its political bankruptcy. Ordinary people , who it claims to represent will not join it and they certainly will not give even a small amount of their own money to it .

That being the case should be watching its coffin lowered with the dignity I admit it historically earned , into the ground . Instead it cavorts like reanimated copse and has discovered the perfect cadaverous leader for the role

Resquiat in Pace Labour .Please


Anonymous said...

Janet Kidd Directorships:

Durham Green Developments Ltd
Acorn Business Park Durham Ltd
Foxlow Ltd
Park View Property Investments Ltd
Webfast Ltd

David Abrahams Directorships:

Acorn Commerciual Development Northumbria Ltd
Acorn Residential Estates Durham Ltd
Acorn Residential Estates North Tyne Ltd
Durham Green Developments Ltd
Park View Property Investments Ltd
Webfast Ltd

Ruddick Directorships:

Acorn Business Park Durham Ltd
Acorn Commerical Developments Northumbria Ltd
Acorn Residential Estates North Tyne Ltd
Durham Green Developments Ltd
Foxlow Ltd
Webfast Ltd

Newmania said...

Stinks doesn`t it anon

Mulligan said...


I agree entirely about the original aims of the Labour Party. My mother grew up in Hebburn Co Durham in the 1920's and was a staunch a Labour supporter as could be, we all had to stay up every election night and her disgusted reaction every time a Tory got in "how could they vote Tory in Slough?" was a joy to behold. If alive today she would be disgusted that the sort of people she hated with a passion now donate huge sums to the Labour Party. Unfortunately many other supporters don't realise what is going on or just hold their noses and go into complete denial that this current incarnation of Labour is far more corrupt and sleazy than any previous Tory government, without the gravitas, common sense or ability.

Anonymous said...


Foxlow Ltd


Janet Kidd
David Abrahams
Raymond Ruddick

Old BE said...

Labour went from being principled campaigners to corrupt turncoats as soon as they got a sniff of power. In 1945 they were ambitious but naive, by 1964 they were destructive champagners and by 1997 they just wanted their hands on the levers again.

Newmania said...

Thanks for that TB interesting.

Great declension Ed ..brutal

Anon who are you ? ]

Anonymous said...

Instead it cavorts like reanimated copse and has discovered the perfect cadaverous leader for the role

Brill, n! Though shame on you for not recognising my style :)

Apologies to Israel's Systematical Fraud.

La la la, oh Lord, oh Lord !
La la la la la oh Lord!

The system is a fraud
It all started from abroad
Where a bunch of guys
Get themselves together
And call themselves world leaders
Some of dem were imposters
Some of dem were traitors
And some were human slayers
While some came as slave makers
So they skip across the border
Up in Caladonia
So they skip across the border
In order to take over
Skip across the border
And then there came disaster
The system was designed
Like a cornmeal when it grinds
Where the so called leaders
Joined hands with their friends
Pointing towards your future
Oh Lord, la la la la,
Oh Lord La la,
Lord, oh Lord La la la

Auntie Flo' - home PC back now, yippeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Anon has another wee little scoop for you, n, but cannot be seen to post it here - even as an anon. Any suggestions re how it can be done?

Anon, Anon, Anon

Anonymous said...

PMQs. Last weeks. Someone has understandably been brainwashing Broon to avoid gestures of any kind. He appears to been taught to use the visualisation technique of imagining that his hands are nailed to the despatch box.

Broon duly did as instructed... at first... but as always, the wee man's obsessions began fidgeting and he could only keep up the PM Broon charade for so long.

Cruelly deprived of the invisible protective bunker he fashions for himself from his wild, obsessive/compulsive gestures and body language, Broon ch-ch-ch-ch-chan-chan-chanc-ch-ch-chancellored-chanc-chancellored and M-M-M-M-M-M-Mr-Mr-Mr-Mr Speakered to the point where even suicidal looking Darling and soporiphic Straw were pin rolling in sympathy.

Then the oddest thing, Broon gave birth to a new compulsive gesture before our very eyes. Those half digested hands, still nailed to the despatch box, suddenly rose up like the hands of a spectral pianist, their bloody fingertips still glued to the box. But then Broon could stand it nae more and the pianist's hands became those of a recently departed junior Customs and Revenue clerk, obsessively counting his severance pay.

All along the top of the despatch box, Broonie deposited and counted his piles of imaginary pennies, while smiling secretly to himself at the blissful comfort of those mounds of shiny copper coins. 'One for you, two for me, three for you, four for me...five piles for me, six piles for me...hehehehawhehaw!'

Until somewhere in the darkest reaches of this saddest of psyches wee Broonie heard Cameron calling him.

"..PM out of touch with reality..who tries to control everything but cannot run anything."

"I'm not going to accept any advice on competence...", screeched Broon. But it was all to no avail. Those manic hands of his had escaped now and down came Broon's two handed guillotine on his own clunking ego - SPLAT!

Bye-bye Mr Broon.

Newmania said...

I thought I did Flo but I wasn`t quite sure only because yiou usually put Flo in at the end

Newmania said...

Flo your 10.35 is just superb what an imagination ..loved it

Newmania said...

PS Flo , I don`t want to publish my email address just for the nuisance of ,...I don`t know what. Phillipa has my address though and I would be delighted to hear from you if you contact here and get mine .

I `ll ask her.

11:14 AM

Anonymous said...

Phillipa has my address...I `ll ask her. (n)

It's probably nothing really - and I shouldn't tell anyway - plus he'll know it could only be me. But he's riled me, n.

However, you're in the anti camp, n, so it may not be your thing.

Anon, Anon, Anon

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Broon must read your blog, n. Did you notice how sneakily he counted the Customs and Revenue clerk's and Body Snatcher Harman's severance pay during this weeks PMQs?

Out came the organ again too. No, not that organ - perish the thought - the one from the Hammer House Of Horror films that does the build up for all the most horrific stuff. The morph controlling medication must be pretty strong now as his horrible litle mitts got stuck on A minor for Bl**dy ages :)

There are going to REALLY BAD side effects for that, Broon, you know it. Next week's PMQs will be a hoot.

Auntie Flo'

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