Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Drowning In Lies

Am I starting to become psychotically obsessed? It is a distinct possibility; or is that every time I turn around a new autumnal offering of freshly fallen Brown lies wimples tremulously in the wind and settles on me ,as if I were a babe in the wood ?

Alistair Darling, he if the eyebrows that waggle like mating catepillars, confidently asserts that there is nothing like the £3.5 billion claimed by Osborne for the IHT revolution. £650 million he knows, as a fact , is all the Piggy bank contains .
How does he know ? Nicholas McPherson , the permanent secretary, has been refusing access to the estimates he has of this windfall for months, on the basis that it would deny the government the, “ Opportunity to present its polices in a coherent fashion” and that it would “weaken the governments decision making “... . This may strike some of you as like denying a fish its right to Pole Vault but that , oh best beloved , was the story..

This noble posture was abandoned within minutes when the government ordered him to spit it out so they could use figures against the Conservatives in time for the Evening news. As we see , this is the new politics in which the politicisation of civil servants will not continue ..... grrrrrrrr.

One of the many areas of disgraceful incompetence we have “ enjoyed “ is the appalling state military accommodation has been allowed to fall into. Here, once again, we meet that increasingly commonplace beast, the ‘free floating number’ .With the political integrity, which has become this governments ‘leit motif’, Darling responded belatedly to outrage of our brave lads and lasses were living in badger sets He promised of £80 million of brand new shiny unaccounted-for money. It becomes like the wearying 69th refrain of “On The Good Ship Venus “, does it not ? Turns out, this £80 million is not for repairs but is in fact going into SLAM the pot for new accommodation for singles . Furthermore, the money was not new but was netted from the sale of Connaught barracks for development.

In fact family accommodation is owned by Annington a subsidiary of a Japanese Bank and the MOD keeps only 25% of the profits when they sell the homes which they do not recycle into upkeep. Darling posed in front of the irrelevant SLAM beds waffling about this, “ free floating number” , avoiding the dosser hovels they stuff heroes into , the family accommodation.

Every paper , looks askance at Brown’s bid to solve debt by further borrowing . behind the scenes he is keeping up the fight to keep £30 billion private finance initiative borrowing off the balance sheet and create increasingly elaborate fictions to save his 40% rule . We thought that when the treasury agreed to adopt international accountancy standards the news would be out but the Treasury are now sating these rules do not apply to them . Thus Darling continues to use the flattering old figures keeping the corpse tucked none to subtly under the carpet. It stinks .


Did I say every paper ? Sorry the Mirror is going with McAnn story...


My next post is going to be good news story. I `m just sick to my stomach of this endless miasma of half truths lies and cynical disrespect for the electorate . What the hell is going on brown

Like Wilson he could justifiably answer “ I `m going on”


Old BE said...

I sometimes wonder whether I am going mad, too. But my flatmate who is totally disengaged from political geekery is even more disgusted by what he sees on the news and in the papers.

He is a doctor and he says that the government is deliberately and systematically destroying the NHS.

Newmania said...

I think thats a bit of an extreme attitude considering all then money that has gone into it . Frankly as a Doctor ...he should be busy counting his ill gotten gains.

It has , however been wasted and dreadfully managed

Old BE said...

Where has that money gone N? Don't be fooled by Broon's billions.

Philipa said...

It's ok because Gordo is a politician. So commenting that his arguments are inconsistent, ok, highlighting the fact that he's full of crap, is allowed. If he were a columnist it would not be allowed, you would be accused of stalking.

This is true.

Actually, such accusations have entirely the opposite effect than the one you would suppose the alleged 'victim' was hoping for. In that they really piss you off and bring ones focus onto the accuser. But I think Mathew Parris explains why this happens - it seems journo's collect 'stalkers' like a badge of achievement. Bit like dim youths collect ASBO's i suppose. And if you're a journalist you're already practiced in the art of embellishment.

How very sad, and slightly sick, they are to do this.

Makes Gordon Brown look almost noble. Almost.

The NHS has been dreadfully managed, I agree N. He should be counting his ill gotton gains, and what's he doing sharing a flat on his money?? Is he waiting for the house price crash? Does he know something we don't?

I think you should stand for political office Ed. Honestly, I do. I'd deliver leaflets for you.

Old BE said...

This is the thing: he's a recently qualified GP and although he earns a bit more than me he says it's not much more (he knows how much I earn, I don't know how much he does...). He says that the figures you read about in the papers are nonsense and only a small number of practice managers get those kind of 6 figure sums.

Thanks Philipa ;-)

Philipa said...

Ok so here's the thing; I've just been visited by another company (gas and electric) that wants to force entry into my home, cut off my... supply I think it was, and basically say I owe them even more money for doing this, even though I have offered them payment.

I don't know whether I am coming or going. This is the third threat to put me away. I am drowning. And in this stupid country you try to talk to people, when you get through to a real person, and offer a solution and everyone is so damning, so jobsworth.

Everyone's so bloody jobsworth.

Oh and BTW, in case any of the people who know me get the impression that I was referring to PH in that sad gaggle of journo's who were relieved to hear about some poor fools death I highlighted in my last comment, I wasn't talking about him. He's above that.

Old BE said...

The gas and electricity companies are thugs. They have threatened to take me to court for £37 that I don't owe them. They admit that I don't owe them but they still send me the letters. If I had a lot of money I would happily try and take them to court back on my behalf and yours Philipa.

Philipa said...

Thanks Ed. It's hard not to let it get you down and to keep cheerful and guard against flashes of temper. Thanks for understanding.

Philipa said...

BTW: they say they want just short of £1000 from me. I don't see how I can possibly owe them that. Hams hall power station would be cheaper.

Will they let me blog in prison do you think? And will you look after my children Paul? Otherwise they'll be taken into care and I won't get them back.

Old BE said...

What's that for two years' gas and elec? Check your bills carefully (I'm sure you do) they deliberately estimate enormous usage then row back when you give them a reading. I use something like a third of the gas that they "estimate" for me.

Anonymous said...

You are not going mad, Newmania.

I feel exactly the same loathing for this lying, corrupt government as you do and at times wonder if I'm developing an unhealthy obsession too. However, read BBC's HYS and it's reassuringly clear that millions of us share this same 'obsession'.

The reason we doubt our own perceptions and judgements of the arch manipulators in the political bubble at times is that this is just what the labyrinthine political HEGEMONY that nulab has put in place is designed to do.

They're playing mind games with us, keeping us pliable by keeping us in a state of perpetual uncertainty and gratefulness to the nulab Godfathers who are systematically destroying our freedom. Much the same process as with political detainees and with good old Winston in 1984.

However, being deeply insecure cowards at heart, the Godfathers forget that, both in the Orwellian fiction and the real world, the truth always bubbles to the surface evetually, and there inspires and reinvigorates the irrepressable human spirit.

Auntie Flo'

Philipa said...

Well they say I haven't paid AT ALL this year but that includes the summer and even so can't possibly be that much. It's all estimated but they keep insisting, even though they've had a reading. They are really nasty with it too. I've phoned and they say I haven't, which I have!

This mess has been going on about a year or so - I'm in contention with the Abbey Nat bank. You see all government benefits (I have 2 children) are paid into bank accounts now and if you are on tight margins then a mistake can have disastrous effects. I made such a mistake and went into the bank straight away, but they still charged me £200 punitive charges which put me over my overdraft, which they then withdrew, they then took money from another account of mine, which put that over it's overdraft, and they then charged me £200 punitive charges there. This all happened on the same day without my foreknowledge. And they continued to apply punitive charges whilst I tried to sort this out. I've not been in good health in the last 18 months or so and get a bit lost with all this paperwork sometimes. The CAB are overstretched and it's down to me. So I opened another account to continue life whilst the situation with the other bank was sorted, as DD's were being affected by this situation and not being paid.

I understand that there may have been a set-up problem with the new account as it was a new branch and some companies had difficulty. But just to be bullish and demand payment like the Gas/Elec are doing is not constructive. I've offered payment from my new account by DD and they are demanding £450 CASH!

Like I've got that just lying around.

You need an accountant nowadays just to live a normal life. Things were so much better when you bought things in the high st. The coal man came round, you had money in your hand, you paid him. He was always nice and polite. (if only I had a chimney) Now you get jobsworth faceless attitude via electronic means.

Newmania said...

Thanks Flo.... you are such a good sort. You will enjoy the post i have just done on Compass the foe of Boris

Newmania said...

You need an accountant nowadays just to live a normal life.

I often feel that way P, its can get very stressful

Anonymous said...


A friend of mine has had the same problem with her electricity co. My business once had a similar problem with our elect supplier too.

Have you tried contacting Powerwatch? They tend ot be toothless but might come down on your side, in which case the elect co must justify their bills and actions.

Auntie Flo'

Philipa said...

A.Flo - thanks for that tip, I'll Google 'Powerwatch' :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor you, Philipa, I do hope Powerwatch can help.

The great thing about them is that the mere mention of their name will force the power company into retreat, make them double check your account and to stop estimating your bills. If Powerwatch write to the power company and put your case to them, they have to reply with chapter and verse and any action they threaten will be frozen, giving you time to sort out what's happened.

I wrote recorded delivery letters to our power company's manager giving documented chapter and verse of their error, yet never received a reply. Suddenly, a year down the line they announced my company was going to be sued for money we did not owe. I did a search on the the internet and found that the company were notorious for making such errors.

Eventually the bill was reduced by around 25%.

From the problem you describe with your bank too, I wonder if it might be an idea to try the CAB or a local advice or debt counselling centre. I've been a single parent and understand how hard it is to cope with unexpected charges when you're on a limited disposable income.

Another idea which might be worth considering is taking a short term house sharer or lodger. I believe the income from this of, say c
£250 a month is still tax free. Had to do this myself after my last divorce at the time of sky high interest and mortagage rates. I had to literally buy myself out of that marriage - to a dreadful con man who, among other other nefarious things, was a serial debtor. He'd taken out debts in our joint names which I alone paid off after our separation - though it was worth every penny to get him out of my life, I promise you.

I'm now solvent and doing well. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to work towards it - though that's not easy when you're unwell, I know. However, if the health problem is that you're depressed by a divorce or the pressures you're having to cope with, sorting all of this out will help resolve that too.

If the worst comes to the worst, you call always marry an old rich git :)

Best of luck with this. Let us know how you get on xxx

Auntie Flo'

Philipa said...

Thanks for your encouragement A.Flo - I feel armed with your advice.

I've been dealing with physical injury and when the pain is head just doesn't work so well - I can't find the right words and make mistakes. My Dr upped the strength of my painkillers yesterday so I hope to at least get some sleep. I'm sure that will help too.

Thanks again Flo :-)

lilith said...

Sorry Pippy, energy prices have gone mental. My gas and electricity come to over 1000 a year and I live in a small modern mid terrace with double glazing and only have the heating on when it is really cold. I have energy saving bulbs every where.

Newmania said...

Flo to the rescue . She is a wonder.

Hu Lillith and P

Anonymous said...

Thanks, n, but I'm no wonder, just used to work in an advice centre - though many years ago so my knowledge is way out of date.

Philipa, another group which might be able to help you is Parents Aid. I understand they are brilliant at advising and helping parents threatened with care orders.

PA also have a befriending and advocacy service which might be useful in helping you deal with your bank and the elect co. You can trust PA. The group was founded by parents who's children had been unfairly taken into care, so they are on the side of you and your children, not that of the authorities.

The CCCS, Consumer Credit Counselling Service has a free online debt remedy service which it might be worth having a look at. You input details of your problem and it comes up with a remedy for it. CCCS can also put you in contact with a free debt counsellor.

Best of luck

Auntie Flo'-

CityUnslicker said...

I miss my flat where they (said jobsworths) had bodged everything so my bills were 37p a quarter for leccy and about 7p for gas.

What a bargain, never could tell a prospective buyer just in case mind; just as the previous owner had kept schtum too.

happy days.

Anonymous said...

Another idea, Philipa, is to ask your MP for help. That's what s/he's paid a not inconsiderable salary, expenses, perks and golden pension credits for - not to mention her/his duty free fags and booze. S/he ought to be able to sort out the electricity co and your bank in a hurry.

It's worth a try

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...


I never used to have the heat on CU I was so poor

Philipa said...

Thanks so much for the very constructive help, much appreciated :-)

Philipa said...

Auntie Flo - I've Googled 'powerwatch' and this: ( seems the closest to a governing body but it doesn't look like the one you probably mean. Sorry to trouble you but do you happen to have a link??

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Philipa, it has changed to energywatch. google that name and watchdog and click the UK button or you'll get an overseas version

Auntie Flo'

Philipa said...

Many thanks Auntie Flo, I'll try again :-)

Newmania said...

Well don`t ,mind me will you ....

(Just kidding )

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