Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The War of Jenkins R `s

My cousin was a policewoman and people were always saying to her 'aven`t you got anyhting better to do !!". She tells me she always said ."Not today sir ". Similiarly I have nothing better to do today that to coninue to criticise Compass. This magnificent snippet about one of its founders was bequeathed to me by Croydonian and you can see his distinctive sniggering style. A Gem.

One of the founder members is a chap called Marquand, and I'd forgotten his major footnote in history:

"He was the MP for Ashfield from 1966 to 1977, when he resigned his seat to work as Chief Advisor (from 1977 to 1978) to his mentor Roy Jenkins who had been appointed President of the European Commission.

Marquand became the subject of an oft-repeated put-down in the House of Commons, during Jenkins' farewell speech. Jenkins, who had difficulty pronouncing the letter r, had said "I leave this party without rancour", whereupon Dennis Skinner heckled "I thought you were taking Marquand with you".

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Marquand


Anonymous said...

This is the CV of Chuka Umanna who attacked Boris on behalf of Ken


Mermaid of Moorgate said...

You clever clogs! Loved the title of the post - Ear, R - you deserve a medal for best post title of the month!

In fact, the whole anecdote was spot-on. MWAH

Newmania said...

Oh praise ...come let me clutch thee ......mmmmmmmmmmattesons

Anonymous said...

Isn't Marquand the publisher, academic, political adviser to EU and Uk politicians, former MP, journalist and author on SOCIAL JUSTICE who lives in the ancient working class slum village of Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire? ;)

If so, he'll have ZERO experience of the every day lives of us great unwashed outside of his privledged academic and political bubble.

Is this also the David Marquand who is one of the directors of a private limited company called The Political Quarterly Publishing Company Ltd, which has a net worth of £quarter of million?

I'm sure that can't be true, because that would surely mean he'd be a
to boot.

And how SOCIALLY JUST woud that be???

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Oh, Newms -

Yet another classic post title. Truly you are the master of the clever quip.

Newmania said...


Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Newmania - And THAT quote was from Macbeth (re - the scottish play, I learned off by heart when I was 15, no wonder I was bullied)..
"come, let me clutch thee.. I see thee still... and yet I have thee not..."

How about: "Let us not to the blogging of like minds admit postscript errors?"

Newmania said...

Hi Flo .... you are quick off the mark aren`t you. Fortunastely the whole thing seems to have lost impact by being too ridiculous for the most part. I think there are afew things that Boris would rather not have said in retrospect . ....well isn`t that a hanging offence ? I do belive Goreon brown will make it so retrospectively . When Toyunbee starts to call him a One Party state you know you are in trouble and that was today

Newmania said...

Mermaid .... I don`t recognise that one which is a bit shameful I studied Shakespeare extensively and I`m still rather in love with him... (cough cough...not in that way ...cough).

I think my favourites are 12th Night , Othello , Much Ado...actually lots . When I`m old i will sit and listen to...

The moon shines bright. In such a night as this,
When the sweet wind did gently kiss the trees
And they did make no noise, in such a night
Troilus methinks mounted the Trojan walls
5 And sighed his soul toward the Grecian tents
Where Cressid lay that night.

In such a night
Did Thisbe fearfully o'ertrip the dew
And saw the lion's shadow ere himself
And ran dismayed away.

In such a night
Stood Dido with a willow in her hand
Upon the wild sea banks, and waft her love
To come again to Carthage.
In such a night
Medea gathered the enchanted herbs
That did renew old Æson…

....drinking something elevating but also exceedingly strong .

Anonymous said...

My Dear Newms -

The other week Samizdata had a "Desert Island Dinner Party" thread. I didn't participate at the time because, frankly, I couldn't be bothered.

All things considered, however, I think I'd very much like you to have been one of my guests. We disagree on much, but lawdy, how interesting the prandial discussion would be.

Anonymous said...

newmania said:

I think there are afew things that Boris would rather not have said in retrospect . ....well isn`t that a hanging offence ? I do belive Goreon brown will make it so retrospectively . When Toyunbee starts to call him a One Party .

Boris must think dialectically. Every negative carries within itself its own positive. In other words , Boris must do what he always does and tell truth.

He should say: Yes, I've said things from time to time which I mistook for artistic ironies, the poorly drafted nature of which returned to embarrass me in the cold light of day. I'm not going to try to excuse myself or wriggle out of that.

However, if that's a fault, and it most a assuredly is, I hope you may think; what a good fault to have, because it's this which makes me human rather than just another, spin addicted, politician

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Thats beautifully put Flo. God knows I`ve been there ..... I think ken mistakes the attitude of the Press for a campaign against him on this .What it really is , is that privately they all know its a shitty thing to do ..its telling teacher., and somewhere deep inside we all hate a tattle tale .

Anyway things look really promising . I suspect Boris has changed his views on a lot of things over twenty years . Haven`t we all

Newmania said...

Really Lud thanks...what is samizdata is it worth alook ? I find I often change my mind and ...Flo usually manages to batter me into a pulp when she has the inclination.

There are a few stable principles of course.

Newmania said...

Anon ....a dodgy brief on the make

Anonymous said...

N -

Samizdata is arguably the foremost blogs for libertarians. From all the things you've said in the past I doubt you'd find much there to agree with. But it's a diverse bunch, from various strands of libertarianism, mostly from the Right.

Newmania said...

Thanks I`ll put it on my blog roll and look in. I have heard the name before

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

"The other week Samizdata had a "Desert Island Dinner Party" thread"

This sounds like a boring club for old people. Why would you join Newmania? It's full of old boys brain-wanking with each other over port and fine stilton. You're STILL TOO YOUNG DAMMIT!!! DO NOT GIVE IN!!

Newmania said...

Unfair young maid ...sounds fun I `ll have a look...tsk tsk. I cannot in any case agree with your agist attitudes and I generally find I`m a bit older than the exciting new Libertarians.

Now don't make me come round to Moorgate and administer a corrective slap!

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

"Now don't make me come round to Moorgate and administer a corrective slap!"

Perhaps I want one, eh? eh?

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