Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cannot Resist

I commented thus on Iain Dale and this blog is going to start sporadically limping along again ...( If anyone is intereseted)

Me On Brown`s Terror Statement

Lets face it ,domestic Policy has been run by Brown for years anyway . Who got rid of Frank Field , Brown did ( Thereby condemning benefits and housing to remain disastrously unreformed ) .Who fed the Public Sector like a bulbous prize marrow Good old Mr. B . He can get away with wearing any disguise in the Labour Party precisely because they know what clap trap this theatrical costume change is . He is an old style socialist and the rest of it is just spin.
It was interesting to see how inadequate he was when asked to do something without hiding and preparing like a hibernating bear for months . We were expecting something in the nature of a Prime minister and I was forcibly struck by the stark fact that the interregnum continues with or without Blair . Who did not think , “oh look there’s that spavined gimp Brown pretending to be in charge if the country” “…. then there was a shock of recognition …oh ummm I suppose technically he is .“
The instinct that we all have he should face some sort of electoral process is unlikely to trouble the incanting Labour Droogs hereabouts about for but for ordinary working men like me , a sinister clerk does not sidle from the shadows and thereby become Caesar . No he has to present his policies and become elected . The sensation was there for Major but because of the Party election and the lack of a broken promise to serve the full term it hardly occurred before the day or reckoning was upon us .
Until Brown stops pretending not to be one Gordon Brown , the lying taxing Stalinist weirdo of ten years warty standing and faces the polls, we have no leader . Even if he did , with Scotland clearly wishing to leave the little UK Party he has no mandate in England. In Southern England he has no votes at all. Perhaps we should accept him when the next Cockney is PM of Scotland . He is good at waiting .. So some eery butler who crept about serving up plates of quiet socialism while the young Master handled the media suddenly thrust out into the flashlights of the paparazzi. Disaster ensues. What else ?
It wasn’t that he was good or bad , he was simply not the Prime minister.
Having avoided any electoral accountability thus far we may a well wonder what traitorous gerrymandering he has in mind under the title “Constitutional reform”. When the BBC has quite finished its Coronation perhaps we might get back to the brute fact . Brown equals tax Scottish double votes and unreformed public sector money eaters . Same dank old Socialist cabbage water .
What he says is of no interest .He will say whatever he has to. The fact his Party trusts him is all you need to know .Look at what they said in the Deputy leadership contest. Consider their loyalty to Brown.
Not hard is it .Look forward to “Show Trial Consultations which will magically agree with what he wanted anyway . Look forward to an audacious attempt to rig the election All good men and women must come together to save the country from the plague of rule by a sightless etiolated night creature who hates the English the family the private sector and everything healthy when he is not .The monkey is gone , the Organ grinder is far more dangerous


Anonymous said...


You are an ignorant yank pretending to be British, posing as a Conservative Councillor for Islington, HAHA, best joke I have heard in a decade. You pull all your blog stories a day or two late from the BBC, Guardian etc. Internet sites and embellish them with a few swear words to give them some street value.

You spell traveller with one L. You spell jewellery with one L, and you have the audacity to lecture Brits on how to behave, whilst you fend off the grizzly bears from sticking their noses into your shack in the middle of the forest in the US, you are doing the same as the bears, and think that daubing excrement over the Internet is a clever, innovative way to go. You are out of touch with reality and you are out of your league. Please try to learn a LITTLE about the British way of life before you spout your venom across the Internet.

Toodle Pip,buffoon
Farewell to the Fruitbats
loop-loopety loop

Anonymous said...

The Hitch is seriously considering a move to somewhere like Somalia or the Sudan where a man can be a man and not pay too much attention to what some bipolar bisexual fuckwit thinks I should do with my day and my gold.

HERE -Let me help you pack your case. Oh, you have no baggage, just a stick and a handkerchief. Fair enough

Bye, adieu, wanker.

Newmania said...

Is this a machine ?

Anonymous said...

I am not a machine, but you have treated me like one and this is the result. Cause and effect

Old BE said...

Bonjour Mr Newmania.

That tosser above is obviously Chris Paul Labour of Love posting in an anonymong stlyee.

Brown must have shit himself with an actual statesman job to do - did I miss him when he was on telly? Or was he just not Bliar?

99% of the people in the pub have woken up to the illiberlalism of the smoking ban.

Newmania said...

Hi Ed...just the occassional foray I `m too busy grasping at filthy dosh for much more .

The smoking bann is so sad .The Pub is now just another place where you are ordered around . A tragedy

lilith said...

Hello you mad person! (I know you think you're normal, but you're not!)

We were in Cornwall too...aren't we brave?

We were thoroughly enjoying our trip, clinging onto the clifftop through wind and rain when...Wednesday happened. It was like a deep gloom swamped the nation, and we just couldn't keep our spirits up any longer..

Newmania said...

Hi Lillith , yea it was wet wasn`t it ....I still enjoyed it though. Don`t be gloomy , whats the point ?

lilith said...

You know why the weather is so bad? It is because, as a nation, we have too many personal freedoms.

I hope Gordon Brown will do something soon.

hatfield girl said...

You're right about the interregnum going on, N. Only a general elction can end it, and the rules for all democratic processes are now up for reconsideration.

Democratic centralism is one of those terms that make the eyes glaze over, like so many authoritarian and statist terminologies. The trouble is they aren't empty categories, or consigned to history; they're mechanisms and when operated they can still work. All these constitutional and institutional practices can be made to work, remember the amazement felt as the American Constitution ground its way to Nixon's impeachment. Unfortunately it's not the American constitution that's grinding along like the mills of God in England.

Anonymous said...

Mister (hahaha) Councillor,

I’m celebrating like all my birthdays and Christmasses have come at once. You, Taznewmanian Devil, the Loneliest stalker in the Universe, has had his platform snatched away from him by a judicial body. I am free of your sodden talons that you hook into everything you find. The hurricane took your magic carpet and whisked you away to lalla land where you can grovel and snarl and argue with your epiglottis to the best of your dire ability.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Councillor

I want to make an appointment at your Conservative Council offices. Would that be OK? Do not forget to show your ID at the door and I will show you mine

Because I am a Chinese Moslem, I do not type drunk. Alcohol and tobacco are out of bounds and they spoil the flavour of insults.

I might try typing drunk to study the effects. Slurp, slurp, glug glug, slurp, slurp.

requium in pace, iznewmania, you are the best writer on the Net.

I am sorry you have stopped writing. It was SO good coming here every day - now there is a big void in my life.

Cheers. The check is in the post

Hope you come back soon.

OH-MY-GOD. This is what drunk does. It turns text into grovelling sycophantic, repetitive rubbish

Anonymous said...


You seem to have a severe problem with recalling news events and you need vocab101 lesson.


The interval of time between the end of a sovereign\'s reign and the accession of a successor.

2. A period of temporary suspension of the usual functions of government or control.

3. A gap in continuity.

There was no gap in continuity. Brown was sworn in 6/27/2007 as Blair left office 6/27/2007 having served his period of notice.

lilith said...

Your anonymong is a bit odd Newmania..from his/her dates he/she is obviously American but why would they care about you?

Newmania said...

No idea Lillith ...odd is right though

James Higham said...

What's going on, my son? We held an obituary for you and you were in the most missed category at the Awards. Are you sort of back? Hope so. Saw you over at Croydonian.

flashgordonnz said...

It can't be C Paul! This guy (?) is too coherent...

I'm glad I didn't delete your "channel" from my rss reader!

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