Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day Off

I was having a day off today Mrs N and I have some things to attend to but the land of blog follows you everwhere. Private Eye has a long piece about The Fake Peter Hitchens and Mrs. N`s Grazia featured The Wife Of The North.

The funniest thing was the tale of Peter Hichens though, including our very own "The Hitch" in cowering in his underpants behind the front door.He is a celebrity !


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogosphere, it was so quiet without you. Did Private Eye show a photo of the fake Peter H? I thought the whole story was so hilarious, it's definitely worth a TV sketch. Could they not re-enact it and post it on YouTube? I'm sure Mr H would oblige and pay a return visit, but if not, we could find another fake Mr H to take his place. Any offers?

Croydonian said...

The Hitch is less than impressed with how the Eye has told the tale.

Newmania said...

Welcome back to blogosphere, it was so quiet without you.

That is , in a way , so depressing Elee , its as if I`m starting to live in the computer. I , like you , am trying very hard to get abetter balance and i cannot spend the sort of time i have been dotting around.

C I thought he came over pretty well

Croydonian said...

I haven't seen the article yet.

There are times when I think my pub / blog balance is awry. Not naming names though.

Anonymous said...

I have the Eye, but didn't open its pages yet - saving it for bedtime. I had a day off as well today, trying to find a flat to live in after marriage collapse. Got offered loads of "hard to lets for single men." Fucking amazing, I have an enhanced disclosure - but if I was a woman or had one in tow it would count more.

Anonymous said...

Can you add the online link here, is it available?

Regarding your balance, why not take a break weekends too, I have to this weekend due to other commitments. Sometimes I am thankful because I feel the pressure is off and I really need to do other things, then I also miss it like mad, especially if a good story breaks that I want to write about.

In fact, I am inviting other bloggers to write a guest spot on my site at weekends, the Blogpower group I belong to, it's a weight off my shoulder and they enjoy the feedback they get from my readers.

Newmania said...

Firstly Blogger have taken away my ability to link and in any case i don`t know how to do it but i `ll tyopre it uo for the benefit of the can`t be bothereds .

I think my pub / blog balance is awry.

C -There is no question but that you are a deeply sick Puppy but you sem happy that way

Croydonian said...

N - It is a question of priorities, and I don't have a resident family to attend to.

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