Sunday, October 22, 2006

Presidents Reception

What a fantastic evening it was. I met my hero Boris Johnson and his lovely assistant Mel and was highly gratified at the attention the great man bestowed on me . Oh yes I `m very `umble in the presence of quality. Thanks to Margaret for organising the whole thing and encouraging to see so many Islington Conservatives about .

The words of the dedication are : "To dear Newmania , with thanks for all your brilliant blogging contributions . Best Wishes Boris Johnson"

The man is without equal .


Steven_L said...

Have you died your hair? It looks suspiciously darker than your profile pic.

Still no start date from Camden Council yet, looking like a mid-november start, then you can buy me that drink.

Anonymous said...

No I haven`t. it is still , I `m afraid as absolutely everyone tells me all the time .

On the other hand I have little shame about such things and I may do if I feel like it.

Look forward to that .

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