Saturday, October 07, 2006

Islington Shooting

On Saturday Morning on Stroud Green Road, a 17 year old man and a 19 year old man were both shot in the legs. The type of wound is important for this is a so called “respect” crime. Oh drugs again we sigh, and yes these crimes are often related to drugs, but illegitimate business is not the primary motive. For many teenage men drug crime only adds a frisson and some pocket money.

Gang related incidents are proliferating across London. Last month an especially vicious killing occurred in the dull suburb of Norwood. Three rival gang “members” stoned 16 year old Stephan Perslaud to death like “a pack of animals “.The names of the gangs involved vividly evoke the mental landscape of the perpetrators.” Take Them Out” and “Till Death”.

Where does it come from? Lots of clever people have their ideas but part of the story is simply that it’s fashionable!

The idea of ending a life to be part of an “in crowd may be “deranged “but the inescapable Rap culture that pumps out of MTV and Ipods non-stop encourages precisely such insanity. I am scarcely up to date but a few years ago “NWA”,( don’t ask), were in the charts, with the following typical material, hardly any of which is fit for civilised consumption..

“F------ the Police,F---- that s----, cause I ain't the one, For a punk m------- f-------- with a badge and a gun…..” and so on

After a gangster film I do not suddenly decide to rob a bank, but the atmosphere of misogyny, homophobia and violence is all pervasive in youth culture. The governments housing policy encourages father free families and boys with little structure in their lives make this primitive imaginary world their own.

This week Boris Johnson has been in trouble with the politically correct, for, in his words, “dissing” Jamie Oliver He suggested that children can eat what they like. It is astonishing that by contrast brutal encouragements to kill and maim are allowed drip poison into young lives every minute of every day.


Anonymous said...

You are a genius

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous using rap as a scapegoat, i think the next lines to that NWA song were "'cause i ain't the one to be beaten on and then thrown in jail", i sincerely hope you don't support police brutality, wait a minute, didn't NWA also have a few anti-drugs songs, i think Express Yourself springs to mind, and nobody looks at 50 Cent and his "Gorilla Unit" soldiers and decides to go out and buy a gun, you're a stoopid

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