Friday, January 27, 2012

Take The High Road

They must be the world`s nastiest nation. I refer, of course, to the mean thin lipped Pictish hord we call Scotland. The union only happened because their hubristic South American Darien scheme flopped and we had to bail them out. Same with the Scottish banking fiasco and it is mostly Scottish, £197 billion exposure to toxic debt courtesy RBS whose bonkers acquisition of ABN ( personally applauded by Salmon) he is now saying is our problem.( We had a Scottish PM and Chancellor at the time who were busily piling up more debts for us as well as not watching the shop ). What`s the betting that the Pension black hole their years of stale socialism have left will also be ‘British’ not ‘Scottish’
Didn`t take them long ,after our generous union hand out to come down all tartan and "I `m greet m, " with a Jacobite army which got as far as Derby. Typical.
They complain about “English law in Scotland” whilst we put up with Scots Raj for ten years stuffed with Mac MPs treating us like mendicants at the desk of a fat moist lipped bank manager. They are prodigiously over represented in England whilst retaining Scotland for themselves ( *put in own West Lothian Rant to taste* )
They are drunker, more violent and vastly more racist than we are, and the only time they have not been busily starting fights is when we packed the off to profiteer around the world as the chief beneficiaries of Empire
They think of themselves romantic but their one poet is a novelty act of second rank which they don’t read .Their misty eyed Nationalism was a cranky hobby until the first barrel of black stuff turned up and no amount of Barnett Formula hand outs will lance their greedy boil illusory though it is .
No English voice is allowed in Scottish public life whilst we happily submit to Scots infesting even nook and cranny, even our own Scottish MP Norman Mac Baker is always at the fore when it comes to giving up English rights either in Europe or to his fellow Scots . Hadrian’s wall was the most fortified border in the Roman Empire , there is a reason for that !

They want referendum on Devo Max …,fine. I want a referendum where decide whether we want them at all, and if, we do, on what terms will continue to out up with the worlds nastiest Nation.

No Offence intended

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