Monday, November 21, 2011

Robin Hood

Illiberal Con Artists Post - I attack

That would be Seamus Milne, son of Alistair Milne Director General of the BBC, ex Communist and still defender of Stalin, who recently supported looting mobile phones, on the basis that the Banks had “Looted the country`s wealth “…that prattling public school parasite Seamus Milne ?
Even fatuous loon Milne , admitted that the City created huge profits and revenues to the Exchequer which you have no plans to replace in an article where he blamed banks for bond attacks ( Bonds are not much traded so its a disingenuous attempted to conflate to entirely different subjects ).
His answer was to have Nationalised Banks forced to invest in some Five Year Tractor Plan an idea Oswald Mosley was an enthusiastic proponent of .

ROBIN HOOD Stole from the State who had taxed its citizens into penury to finance their vainglorious international projects. The Poor were poor because the Sherriff of Nottingham kept increasing taxes which he could as an officer of what was the most centralised state in Europe
This is a bizarre name for a Tax which will similarly impoverish the English again in furtherance of some idiotic international dream sponsored by our enemies.

Impressed I am not

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