Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Workman -It is not a pay cut. There was no career long contract and the problem is increased life expectancy. This is why the privates sector ,who pay for yours, lost theirs, aided albeit by Gordon Brown. That’s why defined benefit index linked and guaranteed pensions, have not been available at any price for years. The worth of your protected benefit has ballooned. Other pensions and working lives have had to be re calibrated. Your Unions and molly coddled position has insulated you leaving you ever further ahead .This offer will not change that only moderate your “Pay rise”
Teachers are not any workforce. The tax payer pays you and their children pay your pensions. Your demands represent a direct attack on our children’s future, much of which will be spent funding your historic windfall.
.The cost of public sector pensions is now around 40%, with contributions from teachers themselves amounting to a pathetic, just over 6 %.Our sons and daughters have been sold out by a weak government who are always ready to spend money that will be repaid by people too young to vote.
Parents and tax payers should be on strike, not teachers

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