Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Beg To Differ

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Oborne approved of Liberalising Public Sector supply, in Education, for example, and welfare reform. The Laws / Clegg /Orange Liberals were intitially keen to reclaim Liberalism for their Party. They were also,initially ,converted to fiscal conservatism

Perhaps Oborne was overly effusive , but then he is a collumnist. Polly Toynbee flip flopped far far more about Brown, but she said she reflected the way she and other people felt, which was her job. True, an entertainer and scribbler. Oborne is not a figure on the right in the way a Toynbee is ,supposedly ,a serious voice. He has more latitude and vastly less inconsistency
Like all Parties, as time has gone on, the raw facts of Lib Dem support (Public Sector Pinky and Skittish) have predominated . The same thing happened to New Labour, whose first three years I supported ,and voted for. That good start was followed by the the house arrest of Blair, and the disastorous period of overspending, in an over heated boom on unreformed public services. The Liberals have wobbled quicker, but the times are worse and their support is less steadfast. The Polls are killing them.
It was inevitable that a process of distancing would begin even in the best of circumstances, as it is, we approach a crisis point . Those old "Siren-voices…." are cooing "Spend spend spend " , the markets are dangerous and the Libs are shirking .
Osborne has to be bold and take the actions necessarry to reassurre the markets whilst increasing competitiveness. It could be that the country will prove ungovernable, with the help of the public sector union backed left, and its Greek sectional irreponsibility . I do not believe it .I think the country knows what we have to do .We will roll up olur sleeves and back a strong Chancellor willing to take the flak form the usual suspects.

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