Tuesday, November 08, 2011

George Moonbat

Quite a good article actually


Nick Drew said...


but this in the comments from 'martford' is also a relevant nuance (apostrophe and all)

for all it's sins the capital markets sector is a true meritocracy ... you cannot argue that the City is taking all the best brains (a very high proportion from outside the UK from France, Eastern Europe, India and Russia) with PhD's or the equivalent and subsequently they are being lost to other (more productive industries) and then argue they are just lucky ... the best and brightest in the City and wall Street are often focused on complex mathematical modelling for both trading and risk strategies ... many have consistently delivered massive profits to their firms

if you've ever met one of the uber-traders who really do consistently coin it with superb judgement and often considerable creativity - and they do exist - you'd know where the big bonuses have their origins

the mystery is, why they also extend to the chancers Moonbat is writing about, who just go: 'red?... or shall it be black?' and do very nicely on an average of half a big bonus

because from a management perspective it really ain't so hard to sort these goats - everyone can see which is which

Newmania said...

oo hallo Nick , missed that.The problem is that whole thing is elective.The best people go where the money is in the first place.(I am definitely not one of them)

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