Monday, November 14, 2011

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Interesting Matt , and interesting who your new best friends are. I work in Insurance primarily of construction and in the last two years have acquired a couple of large clients who revenues form this Solar Panel give-away have ballooned. The bonanza for those who cornered this market have been staggering so I have some idea of the power and money behind the lobby to keep the cash flowing.

Given what I know about the profits being pocketed and market distortion I would take a lot of convincing that this was wise use of borrowed tax payers money and my instinct says lose it.
This piece looks like something cobbled together by some lobbying Company on their behalf .Of the trivial issues jumbled together I can think of many many many more serious cuts and the only one that I have serious objections to is the planning reform. That is not a Green issue, the Green Party have no special interest in the countryside in fact they have been responsible for covering it with ugly wind farms.
But, the population swelling on a flood of immigration towards 70,000,000 homes must be built somewhere. The solution is to take control of the our border and stop it as was promised. The Green Party will not hear of it of course.One way to release funds would be to stop the crazy increase of International AID now accounting for about 7% of our deficit contributing nothing to demand in our Economy , set in a boom time and almost universally resented. The amount is some £12 billion . You want your luxury Green play things?. How about making some choices then and supporting the immediate reduction of International AID
No need to respond . I already know your policies and while I have nothing against Environmentalism its worst enemy is the Green Party.

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