Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Public Sector

Ok I `ll bite .... It is fairly shocking that day or two after Lord Patten described BBC pay levels as, " of the most toxic reasons for the public’s lack of sympathy with the BBC", that they publish, on what is tax payer funded web site, a piece that virtually quotes TUC Press releases on the same subject.

Comparisons are difficult true but that misses the point entirely. The Public Sector have been better paid for years. The point is, that at a time when we are supposedly pulling in our spending belts the wealth creating side of the country is the one taking the hit while the Union protected tax eating side is the one having an easy ride. That is after rises of an additional 15% during the Blair/ Brown period. That cannot be right for the country.

The unions have been defending their better deals on the basis of grads for a long long time. Whether the reward given a teacher as compared to an executive in a competitive industry is really determined by possession of a degree is .... ahem.. questionable but it is not questionable that whilst more money has poured into the client state it has spawned ever bushier management structures (the private sector has flattened out .)

Not only do we now have 40% of graduates going into the dependent sector ( thats about 20% of the work force) but 50% of top grads as more and more supposed higher level jobs are divided up

If you include employers Pension contributions ( and this is from the ONS) the media Public Sector employee gets a full 30% more and if you put in the true cost *(including future treasury balances to the fund) the Premium is more like 50% overall.

The reason for the surplus is basically the Unions and lack of competitive consequences. Same as the tube drivers and it matters not if they have a degree or press a button and have a sandwich.

Lewes has a lot of public sector work and many will no doubt disagree . OK I value teachers and so on and lets talk about it .

Surely even those people can see that having the BBC`s 24 hour a day disinformation is absurd at such a time when their interest is so obvious . We cannot have Pavda news in a free country

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