Saturday, July 16, 2011


If Lewes stands for anything it should be standing up for the Daily Mail.The Guardian and its tribe are having an orgy of self congratulation at their defeat of Murdoch. The prominence of local left wing campaigner Nick Davies gives us a special interest
OK,they broke the law but they were not alone. In “What Price Privacy Now“, the information Commissioners reports on a ubiquitous trade in illegally obtained information. In the league table of offenders the Mirror is prominent. The News of The World was better than many.
Is i , in any case, a simple issue? Many MPs of ,still sore about expenses, are delighted to shut that window on the truth. Nixon would have liked a bit less pilfering and while there is a debate to be had I question whether a howling mob, justifiably enraged by the sick making treatment of the Dowler family, have much to add to it .

Lets not waste sympathy on the digger. His acolytes colluded in the corrupt relationship between the political power brokers and the media through the Blair and Brown period. Parliament was replaced by a media obsessed entourage of self delighted courtiers like Alistair Campbell. An end to that would be welcome and Cameron seems to be gasping the opportunity

On the other hand Polly Toynbee wants to neuter the Mail with some sort of supercharged PCC and who knows what Fascist legislation .Liberal Conspiracy the top leftwing blog , carried a post recommending we enforce political ”neutrality” on the printed media. In whose opinion? The same people that entrusted Polly Toynbee with editorship of social affairs at the BBC no doubt .
I fear an unholy alliance of would-be troughers, corrupt elitists, and freedom hating socialists turning the blood lust on all their enemies. Danger, Will Robinson; danger !

That’s why Lewesians of all shades of opinion must defend the Mail. Put it this was “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself” (Tom Paine .)

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