Saturday, June 04, 2011

Waitrose v Tescos

The fact Waitrose pay their staff to grin sycophantically may explain the high prices they charge for the same old commodity in a desirable faux-recycled brown wrapper.
If you want a picture of one of the things that has gone wrong with this country you could do worse than compare the shoppers at Waitrose and Tescos . The Waitrosian is typically retired, tanned, relaxed, wears expensive, ( if gruesome ), clothes, lurid corduroys exquisitely tooled loafers ,shops for meals not weeks and will often be seen judging which wine will complete the evenings gormandizing." Ahhh this cheeky number reminds me of my last SKI holiday .."( Spend Kidz Inheritahce ).." they chuckle vampirically
At Tescos, over taxed ,overworked, stressed families hunt like starving coyotes for bogof-s, looking as if they have just been dug up, cheered only by their shared suffering , pausing to comfort weeping mothers stabbing hopelessly at their calculator and crossing out 'soap' if not " child's eye operation".Waitrose ...Pah !

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