Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Public Sector Employment

Like this and this from John Redwood who I have not popped in to see for a while . I am beginning to wonder if Cameron and co. care about me and people like me at all . Let`s not forget that the Public Sector inc reased their earnings by 15% above average for the previous ten years as well. All they have done since they got in is hit us again and again and again.
I sometimes just wish I `d emigrated years ago.


david cameron's forehead said...

Where to?

I don't think I'd emigrate, I used to want to live in Montana but then I decided I'd stay in England but somewhere nicer. I'd move to some village in Shropshire that had a proper old-school pub. Or I might live in Bournemouth for 6 months, then come back.

Newmania said...

Australia .

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