Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will Hutton( Curates Egg)

Ten ideas , some good , some bad IMHO


asquith said...

Given that we own so much of the banking sector, & the circumstances under which this came to be, reforming them is perectly sensible. When I realised Brown would just throw my money at them I transferred from Shat West to the Co-Op.

It made me feel as if I was doing something good, a clean cut that thousands of other people also made. I wish there could be even more. Consumer action will make businesses of all kind realise that they are who & what they are because we buy from them, no one makes us.

Not sure about £50,000 but I do agree that scrapping the Child Trust Fund was wrong. For some reason the Lib Dems had it as a policy.

I thought compared to what the last government did it was quite liberal. People would get a lump sum to spend wisely or squander. Schools could have suggested to anyone who cared what to do with the legacy. If they don't care it's their own problem that they squander it. A properly liberal way of doing things that I think the coalition was wrong to abolish.

That & child benefit were so wrong it actually makes it hard to credit the good they've done. But I'd settle for restoring the old policy rather than " citizen entitlement".

asquith said...

"compared to what the last government did"

I mean compared to what the rest of what they did. It was sensible by their standards.

Bill Quango MP said...

but I do agree that scrapping the Child Trust Fund was wrong.

Don't agree. The most useless government debt creator ever made.
Many families that have put money into the useless scheme have LOST money.
And it was unfunded. So money borrowed on the easy credit, added to the national, to pay for a 1/4 term's fees at uni or a 1 years insurance on a car.
dreadful scheme. And I speak as someone who gets it for two kids..its still a terrible,terrible,vote gerrymandering waste of taxes.

Labour was very keen to pay out people's own money to ensure that everyone benefited from their parties largess.

So, child benefit ensures middle classes vote labour. Or at least think twice about Tories if child benefit comes under threat.

A damn scandal!

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