Thursday, January 06, 2011

Labour`s Fault

Milliband lies exposed and again


Bill Quango MP said...

Listen to him on Jeremy Vine.
Its quite amazing. He is pulled apart by everyone.

This line that 'its not Labour's fault' is ridiculous.

If he was a half decent politician he'd be saying 'of course we ran a deficit.We had too. 18 years of public sector neglect, by the Tories, meant we had to spend money we didn't have, just to keep our hospitals fro falling down. Then we modernised, then rebuilt schools and airports and.."

Its all bollocks but far more credible bollocks.

The man's an oaf if he thinks this Ed Balls strategy will work.

Newmania said...

Yes when I have seen Labour MPs wheeled out to defend that line they look rather shame faced.

The problem is that the message it sends is we`d do it again

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