Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Race / Examination Results

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Electro-Kevin said...

This may be slightly off topic.

I'm afraid our educational demise started with well intentioned political correctness.

To pander to feminists - and also to the ghetto culture - white working class boys were (are) betrayed.

The sad fact is that there was no need for it at all. Differences are merely cultural and not intellectual.

Electro-Kevin said... fact there are no cultural differences at all now. In that respect the project succeeded in making all equal.

Blue Eyes said...

Have you read Freakonomics?

Electro-Kevin said...

Posted a vid of me playing guitar.


I know you play instruments, Newmsie.

Newmania said...

Hi Guys i am not really blogging buit its nice to virtually see you so to speak .

Not read the freaky book BE, feel as if I have though my bros is always on about it

Electro-Kevin said...

You too, Paul.

Happy Christmas to you and yours. I bet you're looking forward to all that excitement and mayhem at 6am on Christmas morning !

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