Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who Are a Middle Britain

An old link from the days when I used to be up to speed


Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's an interesting argument, but the conclusions he/they draw from it are incompetent.

The thesis seems to be

(1) 80% of the population think those richer than themselves should be taxed more, so that they (the 80%) get more free stuff

(2) Therefore this is a suitable basis for economic policy.

What makes them think that the persecuted minority will simply sit there and pay up?

Personally speaking, if fiscal drag and eco-wibble take my taxes much higher - especially motoring taxes, since my work involves a lot of driving - I will just dust off my plans for a new house up the West coast somewhere, and give up.

I doubt I am the only one thinking like that.

Can you say Laffer curve?

Newmania said...

I can say laffer curve whilst drinking a cup of water

Auntie Flo' said...

Who are middle.....BRITAIN?!?


Holy Moses, Newms, you've not gone over to the other side hasve have you?

Now, if you'd have asked: who are middle England? I'd have answered the most put on people in earth. Though not here in Old Harlow, not any longer we're not. We've had enough and we're fighting back for all we're worth.

And I can't believe I've had to write that under a Conservative Prime Minister...

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