Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Rat Is Delicious Mon Sewer

Hang on, hang on, there is something fishy here .The left are hugging themselves with glee that, courtesy of Brussels fat cats, their fans in Prison will be able to vote for lighter sentencing and beds of the softest down. Cameron is nabbing my child benefit to throw at the increased EU contribution, ( hmmm could we pay that out of increased International aid ?). British soldiers will be taking order from the fromage eating surrender monkeys, and that’s without even knowing the French for “Hide until its all over.”
Honestly you give £15 billion away and there are still people that don’t like you, I despair .
I smell a rat ,( and a fish). No-one looking at the history of exporting our rights can ignore the black-run slippery slope of lies that has been European integration . Cameron was only pushed into his Euro scepticism and Red Ed nailed him with the " No , maybe , oh go on then" gag.

Dr Fox insists that the deal to pool resources would not lead to a loss of sovereignty, no matter how much having the SAS eating Moules and Froggy orders might look that way. His denial is telling .
We know that the pan European elite conspiracy would dearly love an army so they can swank around the word distributing Nordic Socialism at our expense. Thus far it has been difficult to hide such an ungodly entity from the people who they supposedly they work for ,but this is the way to get it done. Stealth.
The European Coal and Steel Community ( oh how innocuous that sounds ) was first proposed by Les Grenouille ( un nom vernaculaire donné à certains amphibiens ), in1950 as a way to prevent further war between France and Germany. It was an essentially bilateral and pragmatic response to a perceived military problem.
The eventual Treaty of Paris (1951) however , was also signed by Italy and the three Benelux states. From here it was a hop and a skip to a United States of Europe telling us our convicted child molesters can vote for a lower age of consent .Am I paranoid ? In the Telegraph a letter supporting this Anglo French accord channel is signed by the following

Elite Patrician Swinish Traitors ...One Pace Forward !

Roland Rudd – PR magnate ,elite courtier ,close friends with Ed Balls and Lord Mandelson ,and Chairman business For New Europe (lobbies to support the UK's active engagement in Europe, and a reformed, enlarged and free-market EU – he also has Conservative ties at the top .
Claude Bebear - Claude Bébéar-founder and former CEO of AXA and a man with reaosn to fear the French liking for Socialism ( Keen Pro Community Campaigner )
John Grant – Director of Centre For European Reform ...and gravy train old boy (Permanent Representative to the EU 2003-2007).....

And there follows a long list of Euro –worthies not one of which care about the rights of little people to decide the fate of their Nation .

Now why would people like this be so keen on a bilateral military agreement ? I smell a rat, a fish and an assortment of smelly animals, served in a rich wine sauce and given a French name in the hope we will eat them.

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Electro-Kevin said...

The main obstacle to Franco-German-British integration has always been the British.

They couldn't destroy us from the outside - despite numerous attempts - so they did it from the inside instead.

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