Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Never Again

A Comment of mine superannuated school-boy Iain Dale does not agree with . Gone right off him and Cameron.

Why on earth should a basic rate taxpayer on £20,000 a year contribute to benefits for someone earning more than £40,000?

Jesus Iain you have such a tin ear on this ,its driving me crackers.

1- This basic tax rate payer DOES NOT pay for me .WE PAY FOR OUR CHILD BENEFIT ...US.... OUR MONEY... .The state took it on the understanding it would be given back when we needed it Now it is keeping it and that was not the deal ! You will recall how the deal was still on prior to the election.
2 It has nothing to do with redistributing from one adult to another it redistributes from all adults to children.

Perhaps you do not think we ought not to after all it is only 50 years old .What Conservative would, when he could stick his head up his year zero ideological arse instead ...? Then who will be paying for the pensions and who will be buying your books and who will be keeping the place afloat fighting its wars, earning its money .It is already so appallingly expensive to have children that our birth rate is imploding What’s the answer Iain, more immigration ? Great you are a Conservative that does not care about either families children or the future ?
Perhaps you have a point . OK then seek election on that basis or sod off so we can have real Conservative would be good for me !
If you do not agree with the 50 year old concept of Universal child benefit then can those of is who have paid for the benefits other parents enjoyed please have our money back ? The deal has changed and it is not going to be just my bit of it
Why is the wasteful NHS ring fenced ?
Why are we actually increasing International AID?
Why are Public Sector wages not cut Private Sector ones have been?
Why are we paying benefit to Polish children in Warsaw ?
Trident ...stuff it... not with my money

£44,000 will be £42,000 next year that’s a nice slap in the face for anyone trying to get on and by 2013 that will be worth £40,000....Iain that is about the median wage for a 35-50 year old man with dependents in full time employment in the South . We are not rich people we are ordinary people with old cars no holidays. People who work , who have tried to get on people who vote Conservative in their millions ,people who trusted the Conservative Party PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEEN LIED TO

Does it mean nothing that we have been repeatedly assured this would not happen right up to last weekend .A foot on our necks for ten years of New Labour and the first thing those smarmy lying bastards do is exactly the same thing. What is the point Iain , what was the point of all those leaflets , you tell me ? To keep two invertebrate public school prats in a job?


Blue Eyes said...

I have always resented paying "national insurance" on the basis that I will never get anything other than a token state pension and that I will expect to provide for myself when I am older at any rate. For me "national insurance" is just a redistribution from my generation to the currently old. Am I angry? Not so much as resigned to fate.

The problem is, N, that the postwar generations gave themselves some very nice little state-funded perks which are totally unsustainable. Child benefit may or may not be one of the sensible ones (although single people like me could argue that we are already paying for the schooling of other people's children and ask how much subsidy middle-income parents really need) but the simple unavoidable fact is that the welfare system needs to be cut down to long-term-affordable size.

At least Cameron is thinking about this rather than just pretending that welfare spending can go on increasing as a share of the national wealth year in, year out.

What is your solution?

Newmania said...

Interesting comment and I was just coming to the same over-view of it.The baby boomer problem.
The problem here is not so much the way it has to go it is the suddennes and severity of the knock inflicted only on a quite small group mostly in the South East.
There were other options to graduate the shock and what about the other side of the equation.
When do taxes come down?

Your view that the welfare state has been living on fake money is right though, and has occurred to some on the left
Google the recovery position New Statesman for the future of socialism when it is poltically impossible.

Anonymous said...

"when do taxes come down"

You do understand that a deficit reduction strategy means that tax cuts will have to wait until at least the deficit has been cut to target, don't you?

And even then, only when further spending cuts are found, unless you are prepared to see the deficit go up again?

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