Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Me Generation Still At It

There is a small group, about 17%, of pensioners who live on very small incomes. I have no problem with them. At a time when Lewes is bound to be hit badly by Public Sector cuts and real distress around the country is unavoidable, I unimpressed that once again the Baby Boomers are fixing the game.

Universal benefits should be means tested should they? Well mine are, so why the hell are Winter fuel allowances, free bus passes, TV Licences and Winter fuel payments for the wealthiest group in the country being protected.

They hoard half of the Nation`s £6 trillion of wealth and, on average, two years ago, 55-69 year olds had £109,000 of assets. They rejoice on final salary pensions, got free dental and unlike any young person looking nervously at the future had free Uni. Then their inferiors paid for Ski-ing holidays. Now they take SKI holidays ( Spend Kid`s Inheritance).

In 2007 the average age for buying your first property was 34 in 1997 it had been 26.The Boomers have of course obtained fabulous unearned wealth from bricks and mortar Young people now are going to leave University with huge debts .If they bother going . They will certainly not sit around philosophising and getting stoned. It will be Electrical Engineering and noses to the grindstone.

We know why , at the time of the 2005 election MORI calculated that over 55s had 4.2 times the voting power of 18-34 year olds and we can only assume that their absence from the cutting room floor is focus group driven

So once again this group hog all the power and all the goodies .We even have to pay for their bleeding heart hobbies. It is quite astonishing at this time, that we are increasing Overseas AID by 50% from £8.4 billion for 2010-2011 to £12.6 billion for 2014-15 .Think of the agonies that borrowing £50 billion over five years to fund luxury politics will cause in the real world here .There is not a shred of evidence that it does one bit of good except to buy fleets of Mercedes for fat usless regimes happy to put off economic reform while we pay.

We have tested the "Throw money at it ",theory to desruction and beyond in this country so why in this one area supported by a wopping 4% of the country do we make it worse .Once again it is the boomers who hold the media strings and head up a powerful aging hippy Lobby.

If we are all in it together then it is unwise and unacceptable that one group is not

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Electro-Kevin said...

Technically you and I are boomers too.

My main gripe is not that they did so well for themselves but that they let standards slip drastically on their watch.

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