Sunday, October 03, 2010

Luke Akenhurst Blog Nazi

Luke Seems to have blocked my comments ...they learn so young nowadays. Anyway I spake thusly

You voted for the scarlet harlot because you are trying to shake off the rightist tag you acquired when that seemed handy for advancement. You are utterly transparent Luke honestly its funny as f---

I have watched the process with delighted glee over the last few months. I daresay you hoped the puce puppet would lose anyway but personal ambition was more important than anything else for you ...and for Ed

You now have a leader only a tiny minority of Labour members gave first preference votes to and whose campaign was bought by the Unions. Unite £250,000 , GMB £28,000 keeerching .They provided about 60% of Ed`s backing and finance the Labour Party . Ed`s weeeny little gesture was a like kidney Patient kicking his dialysis machine .Softly ..carefully

The Unions are not like the country because most of the country is not in a Union duh... 15% of the private sector as opposed to about 60% of the Public Sector. The fact that Unite is mostly private Sector has not prevented them calling for waves of (presumably responsible )strikes over Public Sector Job cuts

I might point out that only 7.5% of the balloted membership voted at all



It is frankly sad and pathetic that you ,as someone who presumably knows the South outside London chose to ignore the realities David Milliband was talking about. I know you are aware of them. On immigration , taxation trust in the welfare state the trust to run the economy New Labour poll lower than a low slung snake thats a champion Limbo dancer specialising in lowness

What the hell is going to happen to a rufescent pubescent lead Party there and without the South you cannot win.

Not left eh ... then why are Seamus Milne ,Neil ( The Cretin) Kinnock and Roy (The Dinosaur ) Hattersley crowing . Why is mummy`s ickle renta gob Hundal pontificating and why is David Ostler telling the right to suck it up.

Jesus Luke have you no shame , not one iota of self respect? I could not do it and if you did not get the coded direction from the Ruby Booby then you are ..well you are lying so it matters not how dim such a deluded child would have to be.





You have to know New Labour cannot win with a man who combines Blair's honesty, Brown's open generosity and Kinnocks brains.'As a Unite member' ... oh do please f--ck off

PS( I mean this kindly ...:) )

PPS See not one Red Ed...arrrrrgh)


Auntie Flo' said...

Lovely post, newms, worth getting banned for!

I may have to steal this.

david cameron's forehead said...

Does anyone else remember in 2008 when Akehurst was praising 42 days to the skies & slagging David Davis off?

I never liked Blair or Brown at any stage but I turned fully against that regime when I saw their loyalists' sneering attitudes at anyone who had the temerity not to mindlessly accept whatever "laws" they shoved down our throats.

On a lot of things I don't agree with the coalition but what else is there to do? To my mind MiliE looks better than Blair or Brown, as I am socially liberal (except on immigration) & economically centrist to liberal, so I don't necessarily hate him as much as a conservative would. Yet it seems to me that it's easy to wear a pretty face in opposition, I would want to see the evidence that he is not an authoritarian.

People vaguely assume that Conservatives are economically liberal & socially authoritarian, Labour vice versa. Yet in fact Camoron & Clegg are both less socially authoritarian than the last government. I saw an interview with Kenneth Clarke, he is actually top-drawer stuff apart from being too pro-EU, which he won't be acting on in his current job anyway.

MiliE can prove that he walks the walk if he, for example, supports this about welfare. I didn't like IDS before, I still don't as a person, but he might end up delivering the goods.

Newmania said...

DCF everyone is socially Liberal and immigration is not a social issue.

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