Saturday, October 09, 2010

Johnson -The Sad Charade

Old generation Johnson is a product of Red Ed`s weakness in the Party .He will placate at first but hope to evolve his powerbase as he cements his leadership.
I rather like Johnson personally and I am not impressed with the supposed smarts of politicians , its mostly a bee-dance and barely counts as language .
Johnson is clearly less wrong than the Labour Party about the deficit but none of this is important. Gesture and internal strategy are the motives and Johnson no more than a cardboard cut out prop.

It has been suggested that his appointment would render atacks on cuts , rank dishonesty and intellectually insulting .Somehow I don`t see that as a problem for Ed. We know where he comes form and we have seen him in action. He is a calculating and ruthless liar with top down big state DNA. He will tell both stories natch and most core Labour voters are too ill educated to notice

Johnson is a loyalist but he must have been tempted to tell Ed to stuff his job . His position is hopeless .I take no pleasure in his humiliation , he is a good man


Auntie Flo' said...

Agree with you about Johnson, he's one of the least obnoxious among the Shadcab.

He was due to become a Barnado's boy at the age of 8, apparently, when Steve, his feckless father walked out and his hard working mother, Lilian, died shortly afterwards. Johnson's 15 year old sister, Linda, saved him by standing in as his surrogate mum.

Perhaps that's why Johnson seems to have a modicum of common sense. He nevertheless was (is?) however, a communist who knows and loves Das Kapital from cover to cover.

Johnson's appointment, as you rightly say, lays bare Red Ed's chasmic weakness for all to see. Yet this will not save Labour's socialist multi-millionaire new leader from the coming malstrom: only Cameron can do that, unless he quickly wakes his bl**dy ideas up.

Newmania said...

You know some stuff Flo coo. The Mail os saying he ios keeping the seat warm for Dave ?

Auntie Flo' said...

And before anyone says: remember, Flo', that Cameron must win and keep the Liberal vote...remember that I am one of the Liberals whose vote and support Cameron won.

Though I'm now a Liberal (and liberal) Conservative, I shall never be a Tory. I began to support Cameron and the reformed Conservatives because I detest crass extremes of right and left and had become appalled by the Lib Dems' leftward lurch.

Cameron will not keep the support of centre right liberals like me nor that of working class Tories and aspirant swing voters if he attacks those who are hard working and enterprising in favour of the idle and feckless.

Auntie Flo' said...

I think the conflict between Red Ed and Pink Dave goes a lot deeper than politics, newms. There is big family money at stake and Dave appears to have far more than his fair share of this.

I wonder if Dave might move to the US. He has family and political ties there - plus Blair - all of which will help him establish a shining American career if he needs one.

But perhaps he doesn't need one...

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