Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cameron`s Big Lie

Sir Paul Judge blew the whilst in a brilliant letter to the Daily Telegraph this week. Coalition plans include ,as we now know , a real increase in education spending including the Lib Dems soppy pupil Premium and the NHS ,as we know was ring fenced ( see below ) . Plans include a 15% increase in credits and social security,Defence has escaped almost unscathed and overall annual expenditure will increase from £697 billion in this financial to £757 billion in 2015 .Deficit reduction will not repeat NOT come from cuts they will come from taxes levied so as to increase revenue by 34% or £7000 per household .Thanks Dave , thanks a bunch would anyone mind if we got a Conservative Party to vote for at some point ? I`d like that

How Underfunded was Edukashun ?-It was a year ago I looked but at that time spending had gone up 68?% after inflation . 40,000 extra teachers ,100,000 extra class room assistants Literacy standards dropped from 3rd place to 15th in this period . Teachers pay went up 20% adjusted with all Spanish practices intact .

NHS- Desperate for cash ?- NHS Spending went up 75% 97 to 2004 which is a bit out of date but that’s from £1700 for every worker bee to £3000 per serf in that time . Bit old that but we had more splurge to come and there was one manager to every nurse even then .( Efficiency down 20% says ONS 12.5% says New Labour )


Auntie Flo' said...

Who was who said the coalition is the most left wing government in donkeys' years?

I'm pretty mad too, newms. Only one thing for it: stand as independents.

Blue Eyes said...

Did you really expect the Tories to cut the public sector by more than a few points? Lawson managed a reduction of the share of the state by 8% of GDP during the biggest, wildest boom we have had in generations.

The Left and the Right have some waking up to do.

Newmania said...

I did not BE but I did not expect them to pay back the deficit in one term by raising taxes whilst pretending they could cut their way out.

I take your point though

tory boys never grow up said...

The one thing that the Tories are actually doing that was in their manifesto is to reduce the deficit using the proportions of tax rises and expenditure cuts that they they promised. The LibDems of course promised to make greater use of tax cuts, but as we have now had confirmed LibDem manifestoes are meaningless documents even when they are in power.

A more valid attack on Cameron (aside from reducing the deficit too quickly where we no doubt disagree) is that he is not seeking to share the pain of tax rises fairly despite his ridiculous protestations that we are all in this together.

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